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10 Best Nail Strengthener to Buy Right Now

best nail strengthener

Having long and healthy nails is something that we all wish to have, however, it is not the easiest task. Many nail professionals who work at private salons, and who have been to several masterclasses, advise doing different nail care treatments.

Women who have brittle nails can definitely fix their problem by using high-quality tools and the right type of oils, as well as nail strengtheners.

We’ve listed the top 10 nail strengtheners that you should purchase, as well as some helpful tips and tricks on how to maintain healthy nails. Interested in learning? Then keep on reading!

How To Apply a Nail Hardener?

Make sure your hands are clean, as well as your nails. Remove any previous nail polish with acetone, as well as dirt underneath your fingernails. Use your nail hardener and apply a thin layer by making 3 strokes. One stroke should go right down the centre, and other two should ”hug” the sides. Let it dry for 10 minutes and then go in with your favourite nail polish colour.

  • However, if you have extremely week and brittle nails, you should repeat the nail hardening process for the following 7-14 days.
  • Apply a new coat every day and then remove it with acetone when you get to the seventh day.
  • Then, redo the entire process all over again.
  • Once you start noticing improvements, you can start applying the nail strengthener only once a week.

Best Nail Strengthener

Their formula is a lot different than your common nail or gel polish and is filled with nail growth ingredients. If you are eager about finding out which polish you should purchase you can look into our top 10 choices.

1. Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment

This nail treatment claims that it can stimulate your nail growth thanks to its innovative formula. The product features oxygen technology, which allows the oxygen/air to flow 30% more onto your nails and your nail beds. Not that many brands can provide this, therefore, Julep is a leading brand when it comes to this innovation.

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Specifications: You only need one coat of this treatment, and you will notice the difference. The base is breathable and water resistant while it can protect your natural nails. Make sure you apply one coat of this polish onto your nails once or twice a week. Some women believe that you can achieve thicker nails even after 14 days, therefore the progress is quite visible.

Why You Should Purchase It: Your nails will look repaired and won’t feel dry at all. The formula is comfortable and is free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP & camphor. It is also vegan, and it can last you for 30 months. If you are picky, you will love the fact that this nail polish comes in two colours: sheer pink & sheer ivory, and that it looks very delicate and elegant once it’s applied.

2. Londontown Kur Nail Hardener and Base Coat

Although it is not one of the most popular brands, this Londontown Kur hardener is very good at achieving strong and healthy nails. Women love it since it has a multipurpose, and because it can be used at any given point throughout the day.

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Specifications: This is a thicker formula (gel-like) that allows you to achieve glossy nails even after one stroke. The formula is very mild and is not thick at all once applied and dried down, yet is efficient enough in preventing cracking or peeling of the nails. You will have strong nails in no time, just make sure you apply one coat on an everyday basis.

Why You Should Purchase It: It has a double purpose since it can be used as a base coat and a nail strengthener. If you are someone who prefers products that have multi-purpose then you should purchase this one. The polish lets you have healthy nails in time and with proper usage, while also holding the colour just as good as any other base coat.

3. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

OPI has been around ever since 1981 and is one of the best and most famous nail brands. Women love OPI since all of their nail care products are high quality, and they never disappoint. This nail strengthener, in particular, has been the Sunday Times best beauty product in 2015, and it even won several smaller awards.

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Specifications: You can say goodbye to weak and damaged nails with this nail strengthening polish. It even features a matte formula which many women love. Thanks to its calcium and protein features, your nails will appear long and healthy. You can have natural and beautiful looking nails with minimal shine, and with a perfect matte outcome.

Why You Should Purchase It: OPI products can act great as a treatment, or they can be used as a base coat. The brand is famous and used worldwide even by men, and it has a unique formula that can give you strength and length with your regular usage. Also, if you prefer options, you will have them a lot with OPI. In fact, this formula comes in 10 different shades/options. You can purchase several different colours, such as Bubble Bath, Hawaiian Orchid, Original, Pink Envy or Samoan Sand. Formula wise, there is the Dry & Brittle option, Matte, Sensitive, Peeling, or Soft & Thin nails.

4. Perfect Formula Repair Coat

For all the ladies that have experienced breakage, peeling, or severe damage, you are going to love this repair coat formula. It is so called ”perfect”, and is the best option for those who have short and hard to maintain nails.

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Specifications: If you’ve been doing gel UV polishes your entire life, as well as acrylics, you might want to take some rest and regrow your natural nails. This formula can help out with damaged nails and will reverse any issues that UV gels have caused. When applying it, you should add only one coat on top of your previously already applied and dried down nail polish. This acts a lot more like a top coat, but it penetrates into nails a lot deeper than other polishes.

Why You Should Purchase It: If you want to say goodbye to weak and thin nails, this formula will give you your given outcome. This product comes in a specific packaging which is not your typical nail polish, but more so a repairing treatment. It might be a bit harsh to use on its own, so make sure you have other colours underneath before applying it.

5. Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula

For those who are looking for some protein-based polishes, know that there is a lot of it in this little nail polish bottle. It is made by Nailtiques which is not a super famous brand, yet, they deliver and live up to women’s expectations.

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Specifications: The protein formula bonds all the natural layers together and creates a stronger nail. The nails will be resistant to peeling, chipping, or even splitting after some time. If you’ve ever had problems with inconsistent grow, you can experience new, healthy, strong, and hard nails in a few weeks.

Why You Should Use It: The formula has keratin and protein combined with calcium. Not that many brands have such high-quality ingredients, which only makes this polish superior and well made. The polish should be kept in a darker and colder area since that way you will prolong its lifespan. Application wise, make sure you apply it every other day by doing a thin layer.

6. Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner

For those who are looking for some nail magic and a nail conditioner, you are going to love this little bottle. Shaped like a genie bottle and full of bright and colourful details in blue, yellow, and pink, this repairing conditioner is the perfect option for thin nails.

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Specifications: The product is toluene and DBP free and is the best option for recovering weak and damaged nails. If you’ve experienced any peeling or splitting, then you are going to love this formula. This specific formula has been around since 1960 and is not going anywhere any time soon.

Why You Should Purchase It: You can apply the strengthener as a base coat underneath your nail polish, or you can use it on its own as a treatment. Many women love it, use, and purchase because they like its dual purpose. Once applying it, make sure you avoid your skin or cuticle area since you might cause some irritations (since the product is quite harsh). Apply it twice a week for the following 8 weeks, then take a pause and start doing one application per week.

7. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener

Sally Hansen is a world-famous nail care brand that provides quality and results. It is a USA brand that can be found at any corner, at many stores, online, as well as offline, and that many women love to use on their own since their products are house-friendly.

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Specifications: Due to its diamond strength and the titanium formula, your nails will instantly create an additional shield and prevent any splitting. Since the nail polish is the best for brittle and cracked nails, you can go even up to 10 days without redoing your nails and without experiencing any cracking. In time you will notice drastic results, and you will improve the quality of your nails.

Why You Should Purchase It: Sally Hansen has been around since 1957, and their Hard Nails formula has been award winning in over 55 countries, therefore this formula had to be outstanding as well. When applying it, make sure you apply 1 coat on top of your clean nails. You can use it alone as a nail strengthener, or as a base coat if you have super brittle nails. This is a great option if you demand diversity.

8. Prolana Nail Optimizer One Step Multi Use Nail Fortifier

This nail enriched formula has a lot of protein and calcium which can boost your nail growth. Your nails will be strong, flexible, and healthy with regular usage. If you’ve been experiencing thin or cracked nails during your lifetime then you can repair them with this nail polish.

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Specifications: The formula has no toluene or DBP. You can use it to fix any cracking or peeling with your regular usage. Also, the polish provides high shine on your nails while drying almost instantly on top, yet feeling comfortable and it does not dry out your nails.

Why You Should Purchase It: It can act as a regular base coat, or it can be your nail hardener. If you need some shine and you wish to have healthy looking nails then you will love it. Make sure you apply one coat of your polish onto clean nails. If you have really weak and brittle nails you can add even two coats on top. Women who have cracked and unhealthy nails will notice a significant change after 3 weeks of using this product.

9. Barielle Nail Strengthener Cream

Barielle came out with a nail strengthening cream which can prevent any unwanted peeling or breaking of your nails. Women of all ages love and trust this brand, since it does deliver results fast. The brand has been around since 1980, and this product, specifically, has been used by men and women who have weak nails.

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Specifications: You can say goodbye to cracked and brittle nails with this formula. It is also formaldehyde-free, and it has been formulated several times throughout the years just for your ultimate satisfaction. Make sure you give it at least 3-4 weeks if you want to see any difference and improvements.

Why You Should Purchase It: You can use the nail strengthener even twice per day and apply it in thicker coats. Make sure you massage this cream deep into your nails and cuticles with your fingers and let it sink into your skin overnight. The strengthened is filled with glycerin, vitamin E, as well as some protein, which allows it to deliver results sooner than other products.

10. Ella + Mila Nail Care

The brand Ella + Mila is a USA famous brand that women love to use. This is a first aid polish that you can use on any nail type and at any given time. Brand Ella + Mila is even certified by PETA.

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Specifications: The formula of this polish is vegan and cruelty-free. All of their products are free of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), while this strengthener is filled with vitamin B5. This vitamin, as well as vitamin A, can boost your nail growth. You will have healthy and gorgeous nails in 4-5 weeks with your regular usage.

Why You Should Purchase It: This treatment is a 4-week nail care process that you can do on your own. During the first week, you should apply 1 coat to bare and clean nails. During the second week continue applying one coat onto your nails. Week 3 will demand 1 coat every other day, as well as the fourth week. After these 4 weeks pass, you can use the nail polish as a base coat. The polish itself is chip-resistant and vegan while being comfortable and high-quality.

How To Get Strong Nails

In order to achieve, maintain, and enjoy your long and healthy nails, you should obey some simple rules. 


Moisturising is a must! Your skin, hair, body, as well as your nails, demand a lot of moisture. Our nails tend to become brittle and they dry out quickly during winter; therefore you need to moisturise them especially during this period. You can achieve this by using a bunch of different oils that are loaded with vitamin E, and this way you will prevent them from drying out. This means no more sudden peeling or breaking.


Be very delicate when you trim your nails. Cutting them is a lot like trimming the ends of your natural hair- if you don’t do it often enough, it will split on its own. Use a good pair of nail clippers, and trim your nails at least every two-three weeks. This way you will also stimulate the growth, and only maintain the healthy part.

Avoid Water

Try not to soak your nails with water of any kind since water can soften your nails. Sensitive, brittle, or dry nails, can look week, and the nail beds can expand once they absorb all the water. You should wear rubber gloves when washing the dishes since this way no water can come in contact with your nails. Also, you should avoid spending a lot of time at the pool, steamy saunas, or hot showers since these can weaken your nails and the nail bed.

Learn To File

Avoiding those poorly made metal files is a must since they can act too rough on your natural nails. Use a grit cushion or any nail file that has soft edges. Make sure your moves are slow and steady and don’t make too sudden movements. Always file in one direction since filing back and forth can cause your nails to tear or rip.

Nail Supplements

Biotin is the most used supplement when it comes to nail boosting and growing. Some researches believe that even up to 25% of women can improve their nail thickness in time by using supplements. However, it takes at least 3 months for you to notice the difference, although you should talk this through with your doctor before proceeding further. If you do end up purchasing any of these supplements, make sure you give them enough time to work and for you to spot the difference.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals are actually acetones, acrylics, nail polishes, gel polishes and other items that contain relatively harsh ingredients. Any of these ingredients can cause your nails to dry out and to appear thin. You should use non toxic nail polishes or some that are cruelty-free since they won’t strip off your natural oils. Also, always read those labels at the back, and only purchase polishes that contain natural ingredients.

Take Care of Your Cuticles

Some nail specialists recommend removing and cutting cuticles around your nails, while others advise avoiding it. Scientifically speaking, if you want to prevent possible breakage or damage, you should leave your cuticles as they are. They actually serve you as a protective barrier, and without them you might be exposed to some infections or ridges. The best advice is for you to push back your cuticles with the help of a wooden stick and let them stay as they are. Don’t trim them down with clippers, and always moisturise after being done with cutting.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy diet is the best option for your nails, hair, body, lashes, skin: basically anything and everything. Women who watch out for their health and who eat correctly will probably have the best looking nails. Any food that is rich in antioxidants will leave you with smooth and long nails. Also, anything that contains a lot of magnesium or calcium, as well as vitamin D, is an excellent idea for you to add to your everyday routine.

Go With Shorter Nails

Although many of us love long and sharp nails, sometimes shorter nails are the way to go. Avoid growing them out to extreme lengths since you can break them a lot easier. Another great plus when it comes to shorter nails is that they are low maintenance and that they won’t take too much of your time when you paint or cut them.