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How to use a Diffuser (Guide For Different Hair Types)

How to use a Diffuser (Guide For Different Hair Types)

Every woman wishes to get fabulous wavy hair! The good news is that you can get beautiful curls with the help of a diffuser. Back in the 80’s, it was the coolest tool for women to get the perfect curls. Wait! The trend of using the diffuser is back. The hair diffuser has made a come-back and women love the fact that they can get marvellous curls! You look at ads and magazines and you find women showing off their perfect wavy hair. It is not a miracle! It is the work of a hair diffuser.

What happens when you use a hair dryer? A blast of air reaches your scalp and you get frizzy hair! Do you want that to happen? Frizziness is not attractive, my friend. You require the famous 80’s tool! If you wish to blow dry your hair, use a diffuser because the sudden blast of air can cause damage to your curls and also, they would go out of shape. You do not want your hair to look like a disaster while you are out on a date! Do note that men notice women with great hair!

Looks like we got you interested! Well, most women wonder how the tool works. You may find it difficult to use it and may have doubts whether it works well or not. Here is a post which covers everything you need to know about a diffuser. How to use it? What is it? We have covered all that and more. In a nutshell, this is a complete guide for you to understand as to how the diffuser works for different types and length of hair.

What is a hair diffuser?

Before going forward, you must know what a diffuser is! Women hear about it but they have no idea as to what it is! The diffuser is basically a blow-dryer attachment which minimizes the frizz in the hair. When you air dry your curly hair, it may get frizzy but by using a diffuser, you get lively hair! It is attached at the end of the hair dryer. Most women use it to get fabulous waves!

How to use a Diffuser

Types of diffusers

  1. The round attachment (plastic one which is custom-made)
  2. Plastic universal diffuser (it fits most of the hair dryers)

There is a chance that the curls may go flat when they are air-dried. It is best to use a diffuser to give the curls some life! The tool disperses the air flow from the air dryer and it spreads over a larger area. These are ideally used for curly hair because the air does not disturb the waves of your hair! Plus you do not frizzy hair. How does that sound? It sounds like a miracle, right?

It is a must-have tool for women, who have natural curls because your hair is prone to frizziness!

Why do you need the tool?

Women with curly hair should use the tool because their hair is prone to dryness. When you use the tool, the air circulates around the curl. What is the result? You get defined curls which look amazing. Yes, it is a time-consuming process because the normal hair dryer takes lesser time. However, once you use the diffuser, you would get softer, defined and less frizzy curls.

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When the hair comes into direct contact with too much heat, the hair relaxes and gets frizzy. A diffuser has a low heat setting and you do not get frizz in your hair! It is a big plus because women with natural curls do not want their hair to appear frizzy and dry. Also, if you wish to add volume to your flat hair, you can use the diffuser which gives your hair a fuller look!

If you wish to get party-ready, you must get a diffuser home! The biggest question is – How to use it? Every woman has a different hair texture and length. How does it really work? Let’s cut to the chase!

How to use a diffuser on curly hair?

The attachment is best for curly hair. However, you need to use the proper technique to get the perfect soft and bouncy curls. For those, who have curly hair, they should follow the following instructions to get happy and bouncy curls.


The steps to get fabulous and frizz-free curls!

  • When you are taking a shower, apply your favourite conditioner. This keeps your hair moisturized! Avoid shampooing your hair daily because that is harsh on curly hair. However, conditioning is good for the health of your curls.
  • Apply your favourite hair product after showering.
  • Let your hair dry till about 75% before you use the diffuser.
  • You would need to set your dryer now. It should be on medium setting. Make sure you do not choose high heat setting. Over drying your hair can cause frizz and dryness.
  • Next, you need to hang your head upside down or sideways. Place sections of your curly hair in the diffuser.
  • Now you would need to move the diffuser towards your scalp. This way the heat will reach the roots of your hair.
  • It is time to diffuse to the larger section of your hair. You need to do it till your hair is 85% dry.
  • How about using a curl defining cream? This is always good for getting clearly defined curls.
  • You would need to fluff the roots to get that extra volume. Do not touch your hair as that would ruin the look!

Avoid using a blow dryer as the direct heat would cause damage to your hair. No woman in this world wishes for frizzy hair! By using a diffuser for your curly hair, you reap several benefits –

  • Your hair dries faster.
  • No frizz
  • No damage to your hair.
  • More volume and defined look

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Extra tips for novices – You just want to dry up your hair with the diffuser to 85% to avoid frizz.

How to use a diffuser on short hair?

Do you feel that it is too tough to diffuse short hair? Women with short hair are in dilemma whether they can diffuse their hair or not. If it is raining outside and you have to look fabulous for a date – What do you do? You cannot go to the parlour to get your hair set! Use a diffuser because that would give your hair a fabulous look!

How to use a diffuser on short hair? Is it possible? Yes, diffusing short hair is different from diffusing long hair. You need not worry because we are here to solve the problem. You basically need instructions to do it the right way! If you have short hair, you need to follow the basic instructions. Check it out!

Steps to diffuse short hair:

  • Start by washing and conditioning your hair. This is the most important step! You would want to use a good product which conditions your hair.
  • Next, you need to towel dry your hair. Use a soft towel to pat it gently. You would need to squeeze out the excessive water in your hair. If you are too harsh with your tresses, it would end up being frizzy and unmanageable.
  • Choose a styling lotion for your hair.
  • Now you would need to start drying your hair with the diffuser. Fit the tool at the end of the dryer. Always choose low or medium heat as too much heat can damage your tresses. Tilt your head sideways and place the diffuser near the roots of your hair. Hold it till the roots get dry. Using circular motions would be helpful to dry the hair.
  • Make sure you dry the hair with a diffuser for about 85%. You do not want to dry your hair completely as that would cause frizziness and dryness.
  • Do note that you should not use your hands while you are using the diffuser. It causes frizz which is not good for your tresses.
  • Heat can be harsh for your tresses. How about using a hairspray? A styling spray would be a good idea! It keeps your curls intact and your hair looks fabulous all day long!

How to use a diffuser on straight hair?

Most women with straight hair wish to try a new look! You can flaunt it any time of the year whether it is a festival, special occasion or just a day at office. The question is – How do you use a diffuser on straight hair?

We are here to guide you! All you need to do is follow the instructions and you would be ready to hit the beach or step out for a date!

using a diffuser

Do you wish to diffuse your straight hair? Here’s how! Check out the instructions –

  • Use a clean towel to absorb the water in your hair.
  • You would require a curl-enhancing hair product. Apply it to your hair. This is optional! You can skip this step.
  • You would need a hair dryer. Attach the diffuser to the hair dryer.
  • Now you would need to turn on the dryer at the lowest speed. Use slow circular motion to dry your hair. You need to diffuse your hair at the roots.
  • Now you need to hold the dryer above your head in order to give it volume.
  • Once the top of your head is dry, you would need to concentrate on the ends of your hair.
  • Lastly, flip your hair upside down and use a diffuser to dry your hair for a minute. This would add volume to your hair.

How to use a diffuser on wavy hair?

Looks like you have wavy hair! No problem! Wavy hair is difficult to style but it is not impossible. Blow-drying can cause a lot of frizz and so, you have to be extremely careful while handling your wavy hair.

We are going to tell you as to how you can diffuse your wavy hair. Are you ready for it? Read on to find out!

Here are the instructions for diffusing wavy hair.

  • Firstly, you need to shampoo your hair and then condition it. Use natural products and avoid harsh agents.
  • Use a soft towel to pat-dry your hair. Do not be harsh with your hair because that could cause frizziness. Do not rub your hair! Gently pat dry with the soft towel.
  • Once you are done with pat drying, use a styling crème or spray to prepare your hair for diffusing.
  • Attach the tool at the end of the blow dryer and get ready to diffuse your hair!
  • Flip your hair to the side or turn it upside down. You would need to place the diffuser near the roots.
  • Do not dry your hair completely. You just need to dry it 85%! Make sure you do not use your hand as that would disturb the curls and it would cause dryness as well.
  • Use small circular motions to dry your hair. Do not move from one section to another. Just dry one section and move to another section.

General recommendations and tips

Now you know about how you can diffuse your hair efficiently. You do not need professional help because you can get the diffuser and use it yourself! Here are some additional tips which would help you to get the perfect look! Take a quick look!

  • Use an anti-frizz serum before you start using the diffuser. This would save you from the frizziness.
  • Do not use too much of mousse or hair product as that can weigh down the hair and you would not get the desired look.
  • Try not to touch your hair too much while you are diffusing the hair. Do not disturb the process.
  • Always use natural shampoo and hair conditioner. Women with curly hair should focus on using conditioner on their hair before diffusing. This would conditioner their tresses and the results would be much better!
  • Turn your hair upside down to diffuse it efficiently.

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How to pick the best diffuser for your hair?

You have to be a wise buyer! Before buying the tool, you need to check reviews and hear out what other women have to say! If your friend has been using a particular brand then you must take her inputs. Never buy a product by seeing the advertisement. You should always compare and buy! Do not opt for the cheapest product as it is a one-time investment. You want the best tool for your gorgeous hair!

What are you looking for? Are you looking for a particular feature? Do you have a brand in mind? There are many brands out there which offer the tool. You can read reviews on Amazon. There are ratings as well which will help you decide as to which product is best for the purpose.

What should you avoid doing?

Long shiny or short and funky hair is a girl’s best friend. A girl loves her hair and we care about them too! We do not want you to unknowingly damage your hair. How to avoid the worst situation?

You must avoid diffusing a particular section for too long. Too much heat can cause damage. The purpose of NOT using a direct blow dryer on curly hair is because there is too much heat on one section. This causes dryness and frizz. You must avoid drying one section completely.

Excessive diffusing is a big NO! Do note that you should avoid setting the heat to high. High heat is a NO for curly hair. Your hair is prone to drying quickly and you need to avoid that. Firstly, use a good conditioner and then apply anti-frizz serum. Once that is done, you need to set the heat on low for curled up hair.

Make sure you are not using the diffuser too often! Just like using a straightener can damage your hair, you should not make it a habit to use the diffuser too many times! Your hair is precious and it is your asset! Make sure you are not doing anything that is mentioned above because you should protect your hair.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! Women should avoid blow-drying their hair and use a diffuser. The diffuser has been around since the 80’s and women are still using it to get the bouncy, soft and frizz free curls. Who doesn’t want perfect hair? The diffuser designs have evolved and it helps in defining curls.

Make sure you spend a lot of time to find the right tool for your hair. It should be of a good brand and always check the reviews. Follow the instructions mentioned above and we are sure that you would be party-ready! Your hair is your prized possession and it is your duty to take special care of it. Do you want people to compliment your curls? If the answer is a resounding YES, you must get a diffuser and follow the instructions!