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10 Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

10 Unnatural Hair Colors for Cool Skin Tones

You most likely heard that different hair colors go better with cool skin tones than warm skin tones. But in order to determine what shade will compliment your skin best, you have to identify what type of skin tones you have. 

There is a simple rule that will help you decide whether you have a cool or warm skin tone. Look at the veins on your wrist. If they are more of a green shade you have a warm skin tone while if they are more blue, you have a cool skin tone. 

Now that you know what skin tone you have, you can decide which color will go better with it. 

There are certain unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones such as silver, rose gold, teal or lilac and many others. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones! 

Ten unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones

Choose the best hair color that goes with your skin tone and fall in love with your look once again! 

1. Silver

Silver is one of the most elegant hair colors and it goes great for all ages. Not to mention the beautiful hairstyles you can achieve with such a shade! Silver hair gained a lot of popularity in the past years and it is a great option to cover those first strains of grey hair too, that might come as time passes.

It can be an elegant and attractive hair color, especially on long hair and if you style it with some waves or curls you will achieve a very romantic look in just a few minutes. Plus, silver is a timeless shade so it will be in trend even in the coming years as it is very classy! 

2. Rose gold 

Rose gold is a color that will charm you from the first time you wear it and most likely you will want to keep it for a while. It is just very difficult to get tired of this unique shade and you can play with the tones of rose and gold to make it suit you even better!

This shade is trendy and fairly easy to maintain because even when it washes out, it will still look interesting.

It compliments cool skin tones lovely and highlights the natural beauty of your fair skin. But rose gold can ultimately compliment all types of skin tone and it can be ideal for all events as well. 

3. Teal

The intensity of a teal shade will help you attract all the eyes in every room you step into. It is so elegant yet so vibrant that it will never go unnoticed.

The lighter shades of teal tend to go better with cool skin tones but you can play along with all the shades of it in order to see which one is best for your complexion.

Depending on your natural hair color, you might need to bleach your hair prior to applying the teal hair dye, especially if you are going for a light shade. 

4. Liliac

Liliac is a shade inspired by the flower with the same name and it is essentially a lighter shade of purple. If you can get it on your hair, you will notice that this pastel color compliments your cool tone in a magical way! This cool shade of liliac will go perfectly with cool skin tones and it is suitable for every personality type. You can style it in different ways as well to achieve a more interesting appearance.    

5. Mint green 

Green Hair

If you want a hair color that will make you feel fresh, mint green is a great option to try, especially if you have cool skin tone. You might find this color more suitable for the summer season but in reality it can be very impressive during winter as well.

This type of green has an interesting tint of blue in it which makes it have different reflections in the sunlight. If you want to get a shade of mint green that compliments your cool tone the best, have it paler than the regular shade. 

6. Scarlet red 

People with cool skin tones generally stay away from shades of red. But the truth is that the scarlet red can truly bring a spark of beauty to your overall look.

This shade of red is perfect for autumn season and you might like it so much that you will want to keep it even past this season. Even if this color has a little orange in it, it will still look beautiful on people with cool skin tones. 

7. Blackberry 

Blackberry is a dark shade but that doesn’t mean that it will not offer you an interesting look if you have a cool skin tone. It is not completely black so you will not have to worry about the contrast between this shade and your fair skin tone.

The blackberry shade has a mix of blue and purple which are tints that are recommended for cool skin tones. And if you would like a darker shade that will look amazing on you, this is definitely one of the best choices. 

8. Lime 

Lime is an attractive hair color that falls more into the neon shades. For those who are looking for a unique shade that will highlight their natural beauty, lime might be exactly what is needed.

It is a bold and bright shade that will add a lot of femininity to everyone wearing it. This shade is a popular choice for highlights as well since it tends to fade away gradually and beautifully too. A lime color hair will make you feel as vibrant and electrifying as you will look! 

9. Gold 

Gold is a more classic shade and if you don’t look forward to experiment with other shades, you can definitely give gold hair a try.

It is idealo for cool skin tones and fairly easy to maintain. As a matter of fact, you could dye your hair in a gold shade at home and keep reapplying the dye as needed. With a beige and icy tint, this color can be both elegant and modern without having to wear it for a season only. 

10. Coral 

Coral is not an easy shade to obtain on your hair so you will most likely have to go to a professional for it. But if you get it, you will notice that it is definitely worth the hassle.

Such a shade will add your face a lot of brightness and make all your features look even more charming. It will however appear slightly different on different hair color so if you want a perfect coral shade, it is best to bleach your hair first.  

What colors should cool skin tones avoid?

When you have a cool skin tone, you want to think twice before you dye your hair in black or an earthly shade such as brown or dark blonde.

These shades will create a strong contrast with your pale skin and you might not like that on the long run. Also, it is recommended to stay away from shades with a high concentration of orange even if a bit of orange can actually worth in the benefit of your cool skin tone. 

What colors look best on pale cool skin?

The general rule encourages people with pale skin tones to choose pastel shades of any color they might be interested in trying on their hair.

For instance if you like green a lot, go for a minty green that is lighter than the regular shade and do the same for any other color you might want to try. Pastel colors complete the beauty of your face by adding brightness and luminosity to your pale skin. 

Is purple hair good for cool skin tones?

Purple hair can go both good and bad for pale cool skin tones. A dark shade of purple might be challenging if your skin is very pale as the contrast will be significant.

Even so, there are people that appreciate a strong contrast after all so you can still give it a try. If you don’t want to take any risks, go for a light shade of purple such as liliac and you will fall in love with your hair color for sure! 

Final thoughts 

Ultimately, you decide what color to try next time you dye your hair and you are the main person that should love it. But taking into account the information in this guide will help you make a more educated decision.

Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to your hair color and you might discover unique combinations that compliment your natural beauty in a very interesting way.

We strongly recommend though, to stay away from dark shades and definitely think several times before you add black on your hair. These colors are difficult to remove if you happen not to like the result and you will have to go through a lot of hassle to get back to a lighter shade!