Foundation brush

How To Clean Foundation Brush: Complete Guide!

We live in an era where almost every woman wears makeup on a daily basis (I am not an exception). Therefore, the market is overloaded with makeup products which make it difficult for you to choose the right for you. Speaking of makeup let’s take a look at a popular […]

Korean Foundation

10 Best Korean Foundations 2019 Buyers Guide

When it comes to Korean foundation, there are many that are purchasing the wrong foundation. Or, they don’t really know where to start with purchasing the right one. This can be hard to find the right foundation, with all the available options that you can find. This is why you […]

makeup primer

Substitute For Primer: 7 Alternatives For Flawless Skin

Prepping your face for a foundation is like preparing a canvas for painting. Applying primer before you apply your makeup can actually make a difference, not just for your foundation but eyelids, lipstick, and mascara as well. Still, the main question is: is it really necessary? No, using primer is […]

Eyeliner Vs. Eyeshadow

Eyeliner Vs. Eyeshadow: All You Need to Know!

When it comes to products that can help you empower the beauty of your eyes, both eyeliners and eyeshadows are essential for your makeup. It is necessary to use them properly and learn as much as you can about these two products before you create the look you always dreamed […]

primer for textured skin

10 Best Primer for Textured Skin

When it comes to makeup, there is one thing that many women forget. To use a primer. They don’t think that it is necessary to use a primer and to use a foundation. Or, they just don’t know which one to purchase for textured skin. Buying the right primer for […]