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Makeup Ideas That Will Look Amazing on a Black Dress

Makeup Ideas That Will Look Amazing on a Black Dress

Figuring out what to wear isn’t only the challenging task when dressing up for an occasion, but also choosing makeup that will bring out the best in you.

Makeup is part of an overall look, and coordinating it to your outfit will make a big difference.

If you usually fall back on a black dress every time, keep on reading for our makeup ideas that will transform your dark ensemble.

What Kind of Makeup Goes with a Black Dress?

There are different makeup looks that will look best with a black dress, but it will depend on the occasion, your personality, and how you’ll pull it off.

You might want to consider the occasion you’re attending as there’s a big difference in dressing up for a black-tie affair and a festive holiday event.

If you want to keep your makeup suitable for formal occasions, go for classic shades and skip those festive hues. 

On the other hand, metallic gold eyeshadow, glittery lipstick, and jewel tones are perfect for holiday events. The Everfavor Eyeshadow Palette features galaxy colors that will give you a party-ready look.

Some women with trendy fashion personality opt for bold colors on their eyeshadow and lipstick—think of pastel shades and neon hues.  On the other hand, women who prefer sophisticated style stick with classic red lipstick and neutral shades.

If you want to create a glamorous look, gold eyeshadow, champagne highlighter, and glittery lipstick will revamp your black dress.

There are lots of makeup ideas that can inspire you to experiment, but you have to know the rules to avoid getting overboard.

Rules for Matching Your Makeup to Your Black Dress

women in black dress

Opt for makeup that suits your skin tone and eye color

It might be fun to coordinate your black dress and makeup, but looking good starts with what really looks amazing on your complexion.

Your face is the focal point of your overall look, so it makes sense to go for makeup colors that bring out your natural beauty.

Depending on your skin tone, some foundation shades might look too pale or too warm, as well as blushes that look too orangey and too sallow on you.

Most of the time, you have to know your undertones whether you’re cool, warm, or neutral, so selecting makeup colors will be easier.

Most people with cool tones look great in cool colors and silver jewelry while people with warm tones look better in warm colors and gold jewelry. On the other hand, people with neutral tones look great in both cool and warm makeup colors.

While fair skin tones look better in pale pink blushes, olive skin tones look more flattering in apricot-shade blushes. Remember, the shade of your blush should warm up your face, so it should look natural and effortless.

You should also keep the balance of color on your face when wearing blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow to avoid looking over-the-top.

Eyeshadow usually adds some pop of color to your black dress, but you have to choose shades that flatter your eye color.

While blue eyes pop with gold, coral, and pink eyeshadow colors, dark brown eyes look great in deep shades like deep plum, brown, midnight blue, and metallic shades.

If your eyeshadow color is too bright or loud, go for a nude lipstick that will look great with your black dress.

Keep the balance on your makeup colors

A black dress might be the perfect canvas to get smoky eyes and red lips, but be careful going overboard.

A bold lipstick or eyeshadow can add some pop of color to your black dress, but don’t wear colorful makeup altogether. If you’re already wearing a bright eyeshadow, keep the colors on your cheeks and lips muted.

Instead of bold red lipstick and blush, think of nude lipstick and bronzer to balance your look.

Lipstick will always be a showstopper, so if you’re wearing a bold red lip, keep your eyeshadow toned down. A simple swipe of eyeliner like LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Eyeliner or dark smoky eye will look better than jewel tone and metallic eyeshadow hues.

The key is to keep the balance in everything—if you want to highlight one of your facial features, keep the rest simple and muted.

Don’t be too matchy-matchy

We tend to match our accessories and jewelry when dressing up, but don’t think you’ll get a flattering look when you apply the same rule on your makeup.

Do you know that matching your eyeshadow and lipstick to your outfit is a faux pas? If you’re wearing a black dress, you could go for bold red lipstick, but don’t go bold on your eyeshadow and blush.

If you want to add some pop of color to your black dress, you can go for metallic and jewel tones on your eyeshadow, but keep the rest muted.

Yes, you shouldn’t be too literal when it comes to matching everything. If you want to get a flattering makeup, evenly distribute colors and keep everything balanced. If you wish to match your bold colored accessories together, keep your makeup toned down.

Think of your fashion personality when selecting makeup colors

Colour theories and fashion trends might be great for giving you some makeup inspirations, but everything will depend on your personality.

A black dress might seem neutral and plain, but it reveals more about you. While a lace black dress shows your romantic side, a black dress with a form-hugging fit gives you a sexy look.

There will be a big difference in wearing a bold red lipstick and cat’s eye, and subtle nude lips and bronzer even if you wear the same black dress.

While bold red lips give you a more aggressive and sexy vibe, nude lips will make everything classy and refined.

Instead of focusing on makeup that will look great with your favorite black dress, think of the image you’re trying to project when wearing makeup.

Ways to Create a Fashion Statement with Makeup and Black Dress

Get a fashion-forward look with metallic or bright colors

If you’re constantly keeping up with trends, a black dress might seem dull and monotonous for you. A great thing, you can always spice up your dark ensemble with your bold makeup choices.

Depending on your personality, you can experiment with pastel shades and neon colors—but save this makeup look on the weekends as it looks more casual than elegant.

Metallic and jewel-toned eyeshadows like Haus Laboratories Liquid Eyeshadow could work on evening parties, but make sure keep the rest of your makeup muted.

Keep everything timeless and classy with red lipstick

A swipe of red lipstick will make a big difference, especially if you wear a plain black dress.

Simplicity is beauty when it comes to this makeup look, so a swipe of red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner are all you need. MAC Lipstick Satin can take you from office to weekends, along with dinner dates and cocktail parties.

If you want to create a sexy, alluring vibe, you could add winged eyeliner or smoky eyes on your look.

Opt for a “no-makeup” makeup look that flaunts your natural beauty

A “no-makeup” makeup look doesn’t mean you’ll skip makeup at all, but it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty without looking you’re wearing makeup.

Instead of using bold makeup colors, this makeup trend focuses on neutral shades—brown, bronze, cream, beige, and such. The LORAC PRO Palette Eyeshadow Kit features neutral shades that will look great with black dresses with embellishments, lace trims, and dainty details, drawing the attention on your natural beauty.

Whether you’re taking on the town or attending a formal party, our makeup guide will make your favorite black dress look amazing for any occasion.


How to make your black dress and makeup choices appropriate for the office?

The key lies in modesty and simplicity when it comes to dressing up for the office.

Not all black dresses are professional to wear at work, so better save those shorter hemlines, plunging necklines, metallic designs, lace trims, and form-hugging fit for the weekend.

Black dresses in midi lengths can look professional at work when paired with a classic blazer and pumps.

If you’re working in a conservative or creative office, the environment calls for an elegant vibe, so keep your makeup simple yet polished.

A nude or pink lipstick will look more professional than a bold red lip, and a simple eyeliner than smoky eyes. Go easy on your mascara and skip false eyelashes.

There are times you can be creative on your office makeup, but avoid anything flashy and trendy.

Do black dress and makeup can make you look thinner?

The key lies in the flattering fit of your black dress, as too loose and slouchy silhouettes can visually add more pounds to your look.

Black dresses with drop waist won’t make you look slimmer, as well as ones with heavy details and embellishments.

When wearing a shift or tent style dress without waist definition, be strategic with layering. A structured blazer can add the illusion of a slimmer waist if you don’t want to accessorize with a belt.

When it comes to makeup, you can play the tricks of contouring and highlighting to balance your facial features.

Contouring is all about visually sculpting your face—enhancing your cheekbones, narrowing your wide forehead, thinning out your jawline, drawing the focus on your natural arch, adding definition to your wide face and such.

Contouring is more than just figuring out what makeup colors to wear, but how to frame your face shape and add definition.