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About Us

“Living Gorgeous” is the type of “go-to” professional website to find answers to all your beauty questions. On our platform, you will discover interesting beauty tips and useful information to know how to take care of yourself better.

The quality of your life is our priority and we know that you can’t be happy on other levels unless you are happy with yourself. On “Living Gorgeous” you will learn how to love yourself and look at your very best at all times.

Every time you have a curiosity regarding a certain beauty product or you are looking for a quality editorial to help you fix a problem, check out our website! We are determined to be one step ahead of other platforms and keep up with the best trends on the market.


On “Living Gorgeous” you will learn how to take your looks and ultimately your life to a new level. Read our articles when you are concerned about a health problem that might affect your skin or your hair. You can also rely on our advice regarding the ways to deal with aging signs.

By consulting our website before you invest in a certain beauty product, you can be sure that you end up with the best one for you. At “Living Gorgeous” we understand that everyone is different and what works for others might not necessarily work for you.

This is why we touch all the aspects when it comes to the buying guides we offer as well as when we put together our editorials. Objectivity is a key element in a good beauty article and we made this our priority!

What We Offer

Our team of professional writers put together this platform in October 2016 and we are happy to notice how much our audience grew since then!

We base our articles on serious research so we make sure that you get only the best information regarding your concerns. On “Living Gorgeous” you will discover a wide range of articles that can change the way you take care of yourself for the better!

On this complex platform, you can read useful buying guides that will help you significantly in investing in the best products. Do you want the best iron for your hair? Or the best foundation to get that flawless look every day? Or maybe you are changing your hair color and you are concerned about how you can do that with minimum damage? At “Living Gorgeous” we have the answers to all your questions!

From hair styling tools, beauty tips, makeup tips, to haircare, skincare, and even fashion, “Living Gorgeous” is here to help you bring out the best in you! By reading our articles, you will know how to combine different clothes to end up with the perfect outfit for every occasion. You will also learn to find out what fashion trend functions best for your personality and body needs.

We believe that every woman is beautiful and needs to build her self confidence with every step she takes. And we are willing to guide you on this path of self-improvement that will make you be in charge of your own beauty! All of us have a unique style and you can discover yours with “Living Gorgeous” today!

Get to Know Us


To make all this possible and reach our mission every day, we have an amazing team to count on. All our writers are putting a lot of determination into their research so you can rely on the information you find on “Living Gorgeous”.

Team of Writers

We work with writers from different corners of the world as we know that the beauty industry is diverse. And for you to get the best advice, we mix all these cultures into perfect articles that you will love to read. Here is our team that stays behind the useful tips, guides and editorials you can find on our website!

Monika Dimitrovska

Monika Dimitrovska

I am a professional copywriter with 5 years of experience, a motivational book that sold in five editions, and a passion for makeup. I am also a vegan, a perfectionist, and a daydreamer who is fully dedicated to writing. Researching different topics about beauty, makeup, healthy lifestyle, hair and skincare is what I am best at. Follow our website to learn how to take care of your beauty and make the most out of life.

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Irina Maria Tracy


“I am a writer, journalist, and nonconformist blogger. I was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. When it comes to writing, I like to explore every topic I find to be interesting and I get out all the details about it. I published several books and wrote for national & international publications. Looking forward to sharing my writing with all you, readers so we can learn new things together with every post!”

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Keep in mind that you can contact us every time you have a question or you want us to cover a special topic, by using the Contact Us form on our website. We are here to meet all your beauty and fashion curiosities and satisfy all your needs in this matter!