Style Identity

How To Define Your Style Identity

Style is personal, it is a unique way of expressing your personality and reflecting your mood, or empowering yourself, but let’s be honest, we’ve all been in a sea of stylish clones all wearing the same thing. Not only is it boring, but it’s unauthentic – how is dressing like […]

Shoes With White Dress

What Color Shoes Goes With White Dress (We Picked 7)

Wearing a white dress can be appropriate in a wide variety of occasions. And white is going perfectly with a lot of colors so, matching your dress with other accessories shouldn’t be a problem. Even so, there are specific colors that you should avoid while you are wearing white, and […]

Best Tank Top with Built in Bra

10 Best Tank Top (Camisoles) with Built in Bra 2019

When you think about wardrobe essentials, what comes to mind? We know, we know, you’ve seen it all before. There are a thousand and one articles with names like ‘The 10 items you must have in your wardrobe’, ‘Seven items for timeless style’ or ‘Closet staples everyone should own’. Are […]

Body Shapers

10 Best Body Shapers That Actually Work!

When women watch a movie or television program or read a magazine, they see women with perfect bodies, even after giving birth to multiple children. Such has a profound effect on most women.  How can it not? We all know those women have undergone multiple plastic surgeries, work out regularly […]

how to shrink jeans permanently

Tips On How To Shrink Jeans That Will Blow Your Mind

We have all got around one pair of the jeans which we love absolutely, still, our hearts tend to be torn because they have stretched out as well as become very baggy. Personally, I find that it happens constantly with less expensive jeans, similar to the ones which you purchase […]