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Tips On How To Shrink Jeans That Will Blow Your Mind

Tips On How To Shrink Jeans That Will Blow Your Mind

We have all got around one pair of the jeans which we love absolutely, still, our hearts tend to be torn because they have stretched out as well as become very baggy.

Personally, I find that it happens constantly with less expensive jeans, similar to the ones which you purchase from River Island, Topshop, ASOS etc, they suit to start with and after that extend and also get saggy soon after a few wears.

How To Shrink Jeans

So, how to shrink jeans? What will you execute to shrink the jeans or prevent this from happening? You have probably searched online for tips and upon seeking to see exactly what ideas everybody else is providing, I was surprised by the truth that everyone suggests to just hot wash or boil them and then they’ll shrink. I want to reveal a few tricks and tips about it and also why it depends completely on jeans, stretch in denim, and exactly why it is unsafe for every one of them.

Is This Safe To Boil And Hot Wash Jeans To Help Shrink Them?

Your short reply is NO and YES, based on fabric of jeans. 100 % cotton itself may tolerate truly high heat, which means if the jeans tend to be 100% cotton as well as have become very baggy; having them on the “hot wash” and after that tumble drying on the high heat will shrink them definitely, without any damage to your jeans.

The “man-made” stretch fabrics such as Elastane, Lycra, and some other stretch fabrics are harmed by heat that is the reason you should not wash spandex as well as stretch fabric on the high heat. Not to mention, the fibers actually get worn and broken down, destroying the elasticity. In no way put the jeans with this sort of contents on the hot tumble dry or hot wash – you can easily damage stretch and trigger them to get extremely baggy.

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On the other hand, polyester is also a material that can be challenging where the heat is concerned. The polyester itself can shrink in the warmer heat, but since it is a kind of plastic, in case it gets very hot, then it will certainly dissolve the fibers. Hence again, be cautious when cleaning and drying the polyester mix jeans on the high heat. Ensure it is not boiling; therefore take the temperatures into consideration.

Can Heat Damage Color Of Your Jeans?

Of course, it can! Lots of designers suggest that you clean jeans on the “cool wash” and in case you do the tumble dry instead of air dry, perform it on the “low-heat” setting. On the other hand, the warmer the water, more the color of denim disappears. Therefore if the jeans are dark-indigo blue or black, you can anticipate to shed lots of color in case you “hot-wash” them.

Additionally, you can purchase color sealant or clean with the vinegar ingredients to secure the color that is a good idea to do in case they’re 100% cotton as well as you have to clean them on the high heat. If they’re “light-blue” in color anyhow, it will not matter because there is not anything to diminish really.

Are There The Jeans Which Do Not Stretch Out?

Of course! There are plenty! Save and purchase a high-quality pair with correct stretch. Not to mention, I know high-quality jeans may be really over-priced, but attempt and perform your research. You will find brands on the market which make jeans that are meant to stretch out never, and it is true!

  • Dl1961-Instasculpt: Needless to say, DL1961 was one of the earliest brands to present the “four-way” stretch denim. This never seems to lose its form or becomes saggy. Simply these are a few of the top blends I have found.
  • James-Jeans Twiggy-Dancer: Currently, these are designed for yoga and dancers, therefore they stretch as well as move with the body, however, they will not stretch out of the shape or get baggy.
  • Citizen Of The Humanity Sculpt: Nowadays it is very stretchy, multiple-way stretch denim which contours and hugs your body! This never tends to bag out at any cost. I have worn mine often and they are still as perfect as the 1st time.
  • Paige Transcend: It is a fabric blend which has a “multi-way” stretch to this in order that it shrinks back always, without stretch or losing the shape.

how to shrink jeans legs

Keep in mind – in no way wash these on the high heat!

If I Cannot Afford Them, Then How Will I Avoid The Jeans From Stretching Out?

It is a superb question! Actually, there are some tricks and tips which I have learned in the process, and it truly helps me because I dislike the thigh sag and dreaded butt!

Purchase a smaller size to start with. In case you know the jeans are likely to get baggy soon after use, purchase a “downsize” to ensure that they are very tight to begin with. As soon as they’ve extended, they are going to be the ideal size. Also, you can easily try purchasing them one size down as well as if they’re way too firm to extend from the general wear.

Attempt to avoid performing any over passionate squats or stretches etc. in the jeans. Worth mentioning, the more your jeans are pulled and stretched, the more they’ll loosen up.

Do not get them damp when you are putting them on. This is why because the water will act as a “loosener” and as soon as jeans are damp, they stretch out.

What Will I Do If They Have Stretched And Also I Can Not “Hot-Wash” Them?

In case the jeans are rich in elasticity that will get harmed on the high heat, sadly there is nothing fast and simple you can conduct for shrinking them fast. Possibly you can try cleaning them on the warm as well as drying on the warm and this may shrink them somewhat, but be cautious. Other alternatives are:

  • Tailor Them: Well. You can easily take the jeans to tailor and then have these taken in. It depends on exactly what places are loose, however, you can also have dart put in back in case the waist region is very big, or even you may have legs “unstitched” and cut, after that sewn back smaller together. Your tailor can know exactly what to perform if they are your much-loved jeans and they are simply too big.
  • Try To Use Leggings Underneath: In case it is winter, this may work nicely. Wearing the leggings underneath can make the jeans fit tight as there is a fewer gap between your legs and the denim. They bulk out them well. Simply ensure that your leggings tend to be cotton, therefore, the skin can easily breathe.
  • Rock Bagginess: With mother jeans trend, as well as looser fits, getting so popular nowadays, you could simply stretch out your jeans a little more and get them to appear loose intentionally.
  • DIY Denim: If not any of those ideas attract you, then you can DIY them in a couple of shorts or even make skirt from them rather if you truly cannot wear them any longer. It depends exactly how crafty you’re.

Top Techniques To Shrink Jeans:

If you are thinking to shrink your jeans then you can easily get that completed in a number of methods and perhaps, you can also choose to shrink only a little portion or even sides of jeans. Quite simply, what you need to do is actually to soak that part of your jean you need shrunken and then get them dried out and that’s all. Not to mention, “hot water” may be the most effective method you can easily utilize to get the pair of your jeans shrunken effortlessly. Here’s a short video for you.

How To “Shrink” The Jeans In Bathtub?

An extremely simple technique to get the pair of your jeans “shrunken” in bathtub is, although it can be completed in 2 methods.

You can easily get this completed by wearing pair of the jeans and go straight to bath. Wear the jeans when it remains wet on you. Needless to say, the outcomes of the 2 methods are similar.

  • Soak The Pair Of Your Jeans: First of all, fill your bathtub with the hot water. Now soak the jeans and then keep them in water for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Dry The Jeans: Dry the jeans using a towel right after removing the jeans from hot water. A dark colored or old towel is appropriate to prevent “negative effect” of dye from jeans on towels. At the same time, you can “sundry” your jeans when there’s no dampness left after the towel drying.

How To “Shrink” The Jeans In Washing Machine?

Well. You can opt to shrink the jeans making use of a dryer and washing machine. The good thing about this technique is it doesn’t take much effort and time of you. The “washing-machine” is an excellent help to get that carried out easily; even though this is more costly than other techniques since a dryer and machine are utilized.

How To “Shrink” The Jeans Using “Wash & Dry” Technique?

Utilizing a “washing-machine”, ensure that the setting of water is on the hot and include a fluid fabric softener. Putting other clothes in the machine along with jeans will surely spoil them due to “dye” on your jeans. You have to dry your jeans using maximum heat setting. Finally, leave this until your jeans are dry completely. One simple difference between unsanforized (preshrunk) and sanforized, jeans is preshrunk jeans don’t stretch while the sanforized jeans actually do.

How To Shrink Jeans

How To Take Care Of The Shrunken Jeans?

That’s an important question! Care for the “shrunken” jeans is very important after the procedure is done. Here is how to take care of the shrunken jeans

  • Frequently wear them
  • Don’t over wash your jeans. Only wash whenever it is required to avoid the future shrinkage.

Ultimate Tips To Keep In Mind:

I hope you have gone through all this and received your “answer” on exactly how to “shrink” the jeans in safe manner, and exactly what to undertake if you cannot “hot wash” your jeans, but simply to recap if a few of you just want cliff notes:

  • Just hot dry/boil/hot wash cotton jeans
  • Don’t hot dry/boil/hot wash spandex, Lycra, Elastane blends and so on- it destroys
  • “Warm heat” will be the maximum for the polyester blends, never boiling “hot-heat” – it will melt
  • Do not get the jeans wet while wearing them – actually, they stretch quickly
  • Try and purchase “4-way” jeans and stretch blends which are made not to “bag out”
  • Purchase One size smaller, therefore, they are super firm to begin with and extend to suit instead
  • The winter jeans – In case you are really stuck, then put on “leggings” underneath to bulk out them
  • If everything else fails, consider taking the jeans to the tailor for taking them in specific areas


We are constantly sharing tips and advice for the people who love fashion to a great extent.

The tips and tricks mentioned in this post will help you to a great extent if you’re looking to shrink your jeans. At the same time, don’t forget to keep the notes in mind while you put the techniques in real life.

Therefore in case you possess any tried and proven techniques yourself for exactly how to “shrink” the jeans safely after that tell us in comment box below!

Hopefully, this post has assisted as we were very shocked by the advice of hot washing and boiling them, without informing you that the damage this can conduct on specific fabrics!

However, thanks for reading this post. We hope we’ve successfully helped you get the job done. Make sure you share this post on social media with your friends. Have a great time.