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Can You Wear Red to A Wedding?

Can You Wear Red to A Wedding?

This might sound like a dumb question, but this is actually a question that you should be asking. Can you wear a red dress to a wedding? Not as the bride, but as one of the guests?

The thing about red is that this is a bright color and you will stand out in a crowd. And, this might ensure that you are getting more attention than the bride and bridesmaids.

So, can you wear red to a wedding? The answer is yes, depending on the type of dress that you are actually wearing. If it is a red dress that isn’t too bold and too formal, then it is fine to wear red. You also might want to talk to the bride if you are unsure about the red dress. Sometimes the bride and groom have a dress code for their guests. But in general, the answer is yes, you can wear red to a wedding.

Is it bad etiquette to wear red to a wedding?

Is it bad etiquette to wear red to a wedding? Some women might not even think about it, because they just love red and wear red all the time. However, if you are choosing a red dress to show off, then yes, it might be bad etiquette to wear red.

The other thing that you need to consider before you say that it is bad etiquette, is to consider the type of red dress that the person is wearing. If it is just a red skirt or a red blouse then this is perfectly fine to wear it.

However, if this is a formal red dress that is taking the shine off the bride, then this is really bad etiquette and even rude. This is the same if you are wearing a red mini dress that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Bad etiquette is when you are overshadowing the bride and getting the attention instead of the bride. Something to consider when choosing your red dress.

Woman in red long sleeve dress sitting on brown wooden bench

Can a woman wear red to a wedding?

It comes to the same conclusion. You can wear red if you are keeping it simple and “normal”. No outrageous dress that doesn’t fit at a wedding at all.

When you are considering wearing red to a wedding, you should ask yourself this question. If you are the one getting married and another woman was wearing this dress, would you mind? If you are hesitant about your answer, it might mean that you won’t like it if another woman is wearing such a dress at your wedding.

Meaning that you might not want to wear it to another woman’s wedding. Leave the dress for a date or a night out with friends. And, choose something that will be more fit for a wedding.

If everyone knows that you are always wearing shades of red, then no one will think strange when you are wearing red to a wedding. This is your normal color and your everyday wear, and then it will be fine without anyone even thinking twice about it.

Colors that you should not wear to a wedding

If this is acceptable to wear red and red shades to a wedding, what colors should you not wear to a wedding? This is something that you might find interesting, or that you were wondering about.

If a bright color like red is acceptable, what colors aren’t acceptable at all? White, off-white and any sequent dresses are off-limit. Any light color dress, that might look white or that is close to white isn’t great etiquette to wear at a wedding.

Especially, if you know for sure this is the color that the bride is going to wear. There are some people that are saying that black and navy are also not really acceptable at a wedding.

This is more colors that are worn at funerals, and not at a wedding. But, this rule of no black and navy is starting to fade away. If you want to play it safe, stay away from any white, or off-white clothing and black.

Woman wearing red mini dress sitting at cafe

Guest Wearing Red to a Wedding

It would be acceptable to wear red to a wedding as a wedding guest. However, there are some circumstances where it will be considered unacceptable and even rude. So, these are somethings that you should consider before you choose to wear red to a wedding.

  • The type of wedding. In some cultures, the bride is wearing red instead of white. This will get you into trouble if you are wearing red as well.
  • If the bride and groom have asked not to wear certain colors, or if they have given a color scheme that guests should be wearing.
  • If you know that the décor color of the wedding is red, and you are choosing red as your dress. You will know that you are going to stand out from the rest, and this might be rude.
  • When you are unsure about wearing red to a wedding, it is always best to rather choose another color that will be more suitable for a wedding than red. Especially, if you aren’t sure about the culture of the wedding.

How do you accessorize a red dress for a wedding?

This is the one secret that you should consider when you are wearing a red dress to a wedding. You should wear the right accessories to prevent you from being the middle point of attention instead of the bride.

Wearing small accessories that will not enhance your look is best. Normal, sandals and shoes are recommended with as little accessories as possible. Less is more in this case, especially if you don’t want to attract all the attention at the wedding.

Some of the Best Red Dresses You Can Wear to a Wedding

You really want to wear a red dress, to make a statement. But you don’t want to let it seem that you want to take over the bride’s shine. Then, you need to find the right red dress.

These are some of the best red dresses that you can wear to a wedding. Some great samples of dresses that will not get you into trouble.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Short-Sleeve Waisted Maxi Dress

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A beautiful red dress, but that won’t take the attention of the bride. A maxi dress with short sleeves and that isn’t too bright for a wedding. And, it can be worn afterward again. It is stylish, but still not too formal for a wedding, even if this is a red dress.

MISSMAY Women’s Vintage Floral Lace Long Sleeve Boat Neck Cocktail Party Swing Dress

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For a more formal wedding, this dress would be perfect. And, there are different red shades available, so you can choose one that won’t take the attention from the bride. It can be worn to date afterward.

Milumia Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Belted Knee Length Fit & Flare Scallop Party Dress

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Not too long, not too short, with ¾ sleeves. Making this a modern dress, but without taking the shine away from the bride. With different shades of red to choose from.

PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Casual Short Sleeve Party Bodycon Sheath Belted Dress

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Another casual dress, in red, that will be great for an informal to a semi-formal wedding. With short sleeves, knee-length dress, this is a great dress for any wedding.

Can you wear red to a wedding? Yes, you can wear red if you know how to choose the right dress. And, it depends on the style of the dress as well. In most cases, the bride won’t mind the color of your dress.

But, if you are choosing a red dress to try to be more beautiful than the bride, then you should rather not wear red at all. There are some rules about wearing red to a wedding that you need to remember.