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How to Stop Foundation Settling in Pores

How to Stop Foundation Settling in Pores

Foundation is my favorite makeup product. It helps me cover the flaws and imperfections. And I’m certain that you adore foundation as well. However, sometimes, it settles in pores.

And this makes me look older than I actually am. So, I started wondering, how to prevent this from happening? And I did my research on how to stop foundation settling in pores.

I found the main reasons why do I have pores in the first place. I also found natural ways on how to stop foundation settling in pores. And tips on how can I close my pores naturally.

How to stop foundation settling in pores?

Makeup gurus often recommend applying foundation where necessary. I’m full-coverage-type-of-girl, to be honest. Applying foundation all over my face makes me feel beautiful and more confident.

However, I totally get why they’re suggesting that we apply a small amount of this sacred product only where we really need it. And I will try it out tonight.

Too much foundation results in a cakey face. And all the makeup ends up right in the pores after. Applying less product might work.

However,  I will share 7 other useful tips I found on how to stop foundation settling in pores. It will surprise you how simple it is to prevent this from happening. Did you know that proper skin cleansing is crucial in reducing pores?

Tip 1: Cleanse your skin the right way

Cleansing your skin the wrong way results in an uneven finish. And this makes the product settle in pores and fine lines a lot faster. Proper cleansing is very important for a smooth and flawless finish.

Make sure that you always apply makeup on clean skin. It will remove all excess oil, dirt, and bacteria. And will prevent your whole makeup look from falling apart.

Tip 2: Exfoliate your skin regularly

Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis (at least once per week) results in smoother and younger skin. Exfoliants will smoothen your skin and prevent the foundation and the rest of your makeup from settling into the pores and fine lines.

And did you know that chemical exfoliants remove the dead skin cells and boost your skin cell renewal process as well? So, now that you know why exfoliating matters, make sure to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Tip 3: Moisturize your skin before you apply foundation

On the contrary, applying your foundation on rough texture will not only result in a cakey face but also make your skin appear flakey. Lack of hydration in your skin helps the makeup settle in pores and fine lines easily/ So, make sure you moisturize before every application.

Tip 4: Apply primer before you apply foundation

Most people underestimate the power of primer (including me). However, good primers can fill up your pores and fine lines and provide a smooth finish. But that’s not the best part.

Applying primer before you apply your foundation, it will not only prevent your foundation from settling in pores and lines but also keep your entire makeup in place for a bit longer. Knowing this, I will definitely purchase a primer and see if this statement is true or false.

Tip 5: Try out a lighter shade of foundation

Usually, foundations with lighter formula don’t get easily accumulated into pores and lines. So, if you’re a full-coverage queen (like me), consider buying a sheer/medium coverage and see if you notice any improvement.

However, if you refuse to break up with your favorite full-coverage foundation, call your moisturizer for help. Try mixing your foundation with a little bit of regular moisturizer in order to create a creaseless and blendable formula.

Tip 6: Blend your foundation with the right tool

Blending the product the right way using the right tool is very important. However, I can’t tell you which blending tool to use. I personally use a beauty blender, one of those cute and pink sponges. And they work perfectly for me.

However, if the brush is your jam, I suggest that you use your foundation brush for blending. And make sure that you evenly spread it. Blending your foundation will provide a smooth finish and prevent it from settling in pores.

Tip 7: Apply powder to lock up your entire look

If you want to keep your makeup in place for a long period, you should always apply setting powder. It will lock up your entire look and provide that creaseless look. However, always pick a lightweight powder. If you pick something heavy, it’ll make your foundation heavier.

This will help all the makeup beneath settle in pores and fine lines more easily. So, in order to avoid this from happening, apply something lighter and press the powder over your face instead of applying with a brush. It will give excellent results and provide a flawless finish.

How do you tell if you have large pores?

I have large pores because I have combination skin. And just for your information, large pores appear in oily and combination skin only. Lucky me!

So, if you’ve determined that you have oily or combination skin, you probably struggle with large pores as well. It will all end today! I have dug up different homemade remedies that will close up our pores naturally.

However, before I reveal them, I want to teach you something about the origins of pores. Have you ever wondered what causes skin pores? Why do they appear in the first place? Apparently, a few factors contribute towards the opening of pores. Let’s check them out.


Not washing your face on a regular basis might open and enlarge your pores. Make sure that you wash your face at least two times a day. After you wake up and before you go to sleep. This will not make your pores go away. However, it will reduce their size, at least.


You probably assume that applying too much makeup will prevent your skin from breathing. It’s natural. However, it will also clog your pores. And attract oil and dirt which will boost the shine of your current pores. And unfortunately, contribute to the enlarging, eventually.


I’m sure that you’ve heard that elastin and collagen in your skin cells are what makes them elastic. And they generate in your organism naturally. However, as you grow older, their natural production of collagen and elastin reduces. This can enlarge your pores over time.

Sun exposure

If you don’t use sun protection when going out in the sun, it might reduce the production of collagen in your skin. This results in reduced elasticity. And in open and enlarged pores.


Some facial scrubs and other cosmetics might act too harsh on your skin and contribute to the opening of your pores. This is why it’s very important to purchase the right cosmetics.

Hormonal changes and excessive oil secretion

Shifts in your hormones might increase oil secretion. And increased oil secretion creates clogged pores. And those clogged pores transition into larger pores. However, acne as well.

Unhealthy diet and smoking

Smoking boosts the opening of your pores. Unhealthy diet, especially fried food. However, if you want to make your pores appear smaller and close them naturally, keep on reading.

How make pores look smaller?

Open and large pores have the power of ruining our self-confidence. They can make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin. However, not anymore. Just follow these easy tips, as I did.

  • Wash your face, however, be careful not to overwash. Your pores open and enlarge when they clogged with bacteria, oil, and dirt. However, washing your face regularly will make sure that your pores appear smaller. This will boost your self-confidence.
  • Try with ice cubes. Apply them to your pores gently. And leave for 15 – 30 seconds. Did you know that ice has a tightening effect on the skin? It doesn’t hurt to try it!
  • Change your diet. Instead of eating junk food (it’s called that for a reason) consume food rich in lean proteins like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and omega-3 fatty acids. Avoid milk and dairy. They contain hormones that open pores and boost acne.

How can I close my pores naturally?

I will present three natural remedies I found online. I have tried the first two and they do work. If you want to close your pores naturally, try some of these three natural remedies.

Home Remedy 1: Baking soda paste

A lot of makeup gurus claim that baking soda does miracles for the face. It minimizes the pores and fights blemishes at the same time. It sounds amazing.

However, does it actually work? I confirm that it does! If you have sensitive skin, be careful when using baking soda because it can irritate your skin even more.

Otherwise, mix two tablespoons of warm water and two tablespoons of baking soda. Apply on your skin using circular movements. Massage your face for 30 seconds and rinse off with cool water. Turn this into your daily routine.

Home Remedy 2: Limon and pineapple juice

Soak a washcloth in pineapple and lemon juice. Put the washcloth on your face. Leave it for 1 minute. Rinse off with warm water.

Did you know that pineapple and lemon contain natural enzymes that firm and tighten the skin while brightening and purifying the face? However, if you have sensitive skin, apply moisturizer before you apply this amazing natural remedy.

Home Remedy 3: Light scrub

Last but certainly not least is light scrub. You can create your own face scrub. It contains tiny beads and different massaging elements which clean clogged pores and reduce their size.

However, if you use a scrub, don’t wash your face afterward. As I mentioned before, excessive washing might cause redness, irritation, dry and flaky skin, and enlarged pores.

Final verdict

As someone who has been dealing with large pores my whole life, I can assure you that it’s possible to close up your pores and feel confident about your look.

Just follow these simple tips and try out natural remedies I mentioned. And don’t forget to share this article with loved ones. I hope you find this guide on how to stop foundation settling in pores helpful.