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15 Tricks to Make Your Face Look Thinner

15 Tricks to Make Your Face Look Thinner

I don’t know about you but I have a round face and invisible cheekbones. Still, I like my face because I know that no one’s perfect and neither am I. However, I give my best to create the illusion of a thinner face with choosing the proper accessories and hairstyle.

You probably wonder why do I write this if I like my round face and know all the ways to create the perfect illusion of a thinner face. Well, for starters, I want you to know that most days, I do like my face. However, some days, it affects my self-confidence.

And I know I’m not the only one feeling this way, so I’ve decided to create an article in which I will present all the ways I use to make my face look thinner. Some ways include makeup, others haircut, but each one is effective and will give you that elongated face.

Make your face look thinner with contouring makeup

The first way to make your face look slimmer is with contouring makeup. However, to do it right, follow these few simple steps. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a clown.

Step 1: Start with your foundation and pick the one that matches your natural tone. Apply it with a sponge or brush. Some people use their fingers, but I don’t suggest you do that because applying with a beauty sponge or a brush will help you blend better.

If you want to make your face look thinner make sure that you cover all the edges, jawline and hairline. After applying the foundation, you’ll be applying highlight and bronzer. And the foundation will make sure that both stick to your face longer.

Apply concealer after the foundation. But not after bronzer and highlighter. According to some makeup artists, you will get the best results with liquid and cream foundation.

Step 2: Put on a highlighter on the cheekbones with a regular brush or buy one that’s made for applying highlighter. Blend it up in the direction of your eyes with a small one. Try to create reversed triangles. This will make your cheekbones seem more angled.

If you’ve never used a highlighter before, choose the one that’s two shades lighter than your natural tone. If you’re not a fan of highlighters, you can also use a lighter eyeshadow in ivory, white or cream. Apply a bit over the lips, in the center of your forehead, on top of your nose and chin. This will give you that beautiful glowy look.

Step 3: Apply bronzer beneath your cheekbones. It’s an essential step toward creating a thinner face. If you’ve never done it before, try sucking in your cheeks and pout like a fish. It will help you apply the bronzer in the right place. Always choose a bronzer that is 2 shades darker than your natural tone. However, if you don’t have a bronzer, you can use a warm brown eyeshadow instead. Contour your nose with a bronzer or eyeshadow.

It will make your nose look a lot thinner than it actually is. Contour the sides of your forehead. If you’ve never done it before, know that you should apply the bronzer where your temples are with a smaller brush. Apply bronzer under the jaw line to cut off the double chin. Focus on the middle and less on the actual chin. Blend it up under your chin in the direction of your neck in order to give your jaw a more angled appearance.

Step 4: Make sure you blend everything right and leave no sharp lines. If your makeup is cream-based, I suggest you use a beauty sponge. Otherwise, I recommend the brush.

Step 5: Spritz setting spray and you’re good to go. These simple steps will definitely help you make your face appear thinner than it actually is and make you look perfect.

Make your face look thinner with regular makeup and accessories

Although I just wrote a step-by-step guide on how to make your face look thinner with contour makeup, it’s good to know that you can get the same effect using your regular makeup and accessories. Just follow these simple tips and your face will appear thinner.

Tip 1: Make your eyes pop with mascara and eyeliner. Apply fake eyelashes if you want a more dramatic effect. Dramatic eyes make the perfect distraction when it comes to a round face. You can make the popular cat eyes. Or focus on the outer corners of your eyes because it will make your eyes look much larger and your face will appear thinner.

Tip 2: If you pluck or wax your eyebrows, it will give them a more natural look. Also, it’ll make your face look thinner. I personally prefer bushy and natural-looking eyebrows because they express my natural beauty and make my face look better and thinner.

Tip 3: Another way to distract people from the imperfections is boosting your lips. You can contour your lips with a highlighter or bronzer in order to make them look fuller. It will draw the attention from your chin and cheeks. It’s enough to apply a highlighter on the top of your cupid’s bow and below the bottom lip. After, apply a brighter lipstick.

Tip 4: If you’re a fan of long earrings know that they can make your face look thinner. However, you should pick the ones that go below your jaw. It’s the perfect distraction with fashion accessories. The angular your earrings, the slimmer your face will appear.

Tip 5: If you decide to go with an updo hairstyle, add long earrings to make your face look thinner. Also, always choose the longer necklaces if you want to create an illusion of a narrow face. Long necklaces will make your face and neck look a lot thinner. Short necklaces have the opposite effect. However, if you want to wear a short necklace, put your hair down. Or leave your long bangs to hang by your cheeks to create a distraction.

Tip 6: If you’re a fan of sunglasses or wear glasses every day, I suggest you go for the ones with wide frames, rounded corners, and rectangular shape. The wider the glasses, the narrow your face will appear.

Tip 7:  When it comes to clothes, always choose t-shirts with scoop-neck and V-neck. Avoid high-collars. Tops with long neckline will make your neck and face appear thinner. High-collars have the opposite effect. They will make your neck look a lot shorter.

If you want to learn a few more tricks on how to make your face look thinner, watch this YouTube video and apply the beauty tips, tricks and makeup advice shared in it.

Make your face look thinner with choosing the right hairstyle

You can make your face look thinner with doing a few tricks with your hair or choosing the right hairstyle. If you want to learn more, keep on reading and apply these few tips.

  1. Adding extra layers like a soft fringe around your face can make it look thinner.
  2. Long hairstyle will make your face appear a lot slimmer than any short hairstyle.
  3. If you have a short hair already and you want to get a haircut, go asymmetrical. Never cut your hair the same length but leave it longer in the front and shorter in the back. It will make your face appear thinner and your head a lot less wide.
  4. Curly hair makes your face look thin, so I highly suggest adding some wavy curls in your hair. However, bushy hair has the opposite effect. It can make your face and head look wider than they actually are. So, avoid bushy, voluminous hairstyle.
  5. Straight-cut bangs can make your face look rounder and shorter. But bangs that are longer on the sides will make your face look thinner and longer. No matter if you have long or short hair, try parting it to one side. This is just one more trick that will help your face look a lot longer, slimmer, symmetrical and less round.
  6. For girls with thin hair, I suggest you lift your roots because it’ll make the head look longer and not wider. And if you’re a fan of ponytails, I suggest you let some strands hang instead of pulling your hair straight back. A Ballerina Bun is also a good option when you want to make your face look slimmer.
  7. Low ponytail has the same effect. Dying your hair ombre can also help the face look more narrow. Make sure that your ends are lighter than the roots in order to make it look like your face is thinner. However, if you’re a guy looking for a way to make your face look thinner, grow a beard. Pointed or goatee beard can make your face longer.

Other simple ways to make your face look thinner

If you want to make your face look thinner without faking it, try these proven methods.

Method 1: Perform facial exercises. There’s no actual scientific evidence that facial exercises make the face thinner and longer. However, trying won’t cost you anything. Also, they might help you tone your facial skin. Try some of these facial exercises.

  • Suck in your cheeks. Pursue our lips. This is called “fish face”. Hold for a couple of minutes. This can help you boost your cheeks and strengthen your face skin.
  • Point your chin toward the ceiling. Drop and raise your lower jaw and hold this position for a few minutes. Repeat a few times a day and expect an improvement.
  • Shift your gaze to the right for a few seconds, then to the right. Close the eyes tightly. Hold this position for a couple of seconds, then open as wide as you can.

If you want to learn a few more facial exercises, feel free to watch this short video.

Method 2: Improve your diet. If your face is round thanks to your unhealthy diet and not bone structure, it’s best to change your diet. Eat more grains, fruits, vegetables or lean meats. Avoid alcohol and fatty or sweet food like fries, candy, soda, fried foods.

Method 3: Lose a few pounds. If you lose weight, it’ll help your round face look much slimmer. Try running, jogging, swimming or simply walking for a couple of times a week. Did you know that working out for 30 minutes per day can get you into a perfect shape?

Method 4: Go under the knife. If you’ve lost a few pounds and your face looks thinner but loose, maybe you should consider going under the knife. In other words, get plastic surgery or facelift. They’re both expensive methods. However, they’re not risk-free.

You’re left with a scar. But if you’re okay with that, feel free to make an appointment today. However, make sure you hire an experienced plastic surgeon who will review your medical history and tell you if you’re suitable for such a grip. And if you want to learn how to make face surgery with makeup, watch this short YouTube video.

Final thoughts on how to make your face look thinner

I will be honest with you. I personally believe that these methods work because I have tried them all. I also believe that every person is beautiful and unique in their own way.

And we should all learn how to love ourselves more. I know how it feels when you wake up in the morning wishing you were someone else. Someone more successful. Someone more beautiful, more talented. However, I also know that I don’t feel that way anymore because I’ve learned how to love myself. And I also learned how to improve constantly.

I want you to follow my example and start loving yourself. I know that these tips and tricks I’ve shared with you’ll boost your confidence, but I also know that self-love will boost it even more. Makeup does miracles and makes you more beautiful on the outside.

But it’s you who can make yourself more beautiful on the inside too. I hope you find my guide on how to make your face look thinner useful. See you in the next beauty article.