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Eyeliner Vs. Eyeshadow: All You Need to Know!

Eyeliner Vs. Eyeshadow: All You Need to Know!

When it comes to products that can help you empower the beauty of your eyes, both eyeliners and eyeshadows are essential for your makeup.

It is necessary to use them properly and learn as much as you can about these two products before you create the look you always dreamed of having. And this guide will help you understand how eyeliners and eyeshadows work and how you should use them.

First of all, you should know that you can use eyeliner and eyeshadow together to create complex makeup. They compliment two different features of your eyes, and they can give you an impressive effect on your makeup. So, now that we established that let’s see how you can do it to have a perfect look.

What is the Difference Between Eyeliner and Eyeshadow?

An eyeliner will offer your eyes a defined contour and a new shape to accommodate the rest of your makeup. It will also complement the natural shape of your eyes elegantly by offering the contrast that you want.

On the other hand, the eyeshadow is used to add depth to your eye makeup. Depending on the color that you use for your eyeshadow, you can create different types of makeup and smokey eyes, which are still very popular now as they were years ago.

Can you wear eyeshadow without eyeliner?

This is a challenge at first, for almost everyone who loves makeup. Some ladies wouldn’t even consider wearing their eyeshadow without an eyeliner to go with it. But if you give this type of makeup a try, you might be surprised by the results!

If you use eyeshadow without eyeliner, you will enjoy a more youthful look, and you will also look a lot more natural. Getting that effect of undefined smokey eyes is essential, especially during the day when you still want to wear some makeup. If you are going for such a look, here are some tricks to get a successful one:

Use plenty of concealers

Concealer can cover all the dark circles around your eyes, and that is very important for your overall makeup. Your skin around your eyes and not only should look as good as possible to make sure that your makeup is going to have the effect that you want.

Don’t skip the mascara

Since you will not use eyeliner, you still have to define your eyes charmingly and attractively. And mascara can give you this effect if you choose a top-quality product. Apply mascara on all your lashes and use a color that will compliment your eyeshadow too.

Blend it perfectly

The main secret of right makeup when using eyeshadow is blending it correctly. Use your best and maybe your biggest brush and make sure that your makeup has no sharp edges. Your eyeshadow has to look as natural as possible!

Don’t neglect your brows

Any eye makeup is not complete without some nice eyebrows makeup. You can use a kit of makeup intended especially for brows, or you can go to a saloon and dye them to add that defining style that you love. Your eyebrows can make the difference between a well-done makeup or one that looks incomplete.

When you should skip using eyeliner

Eyeliner is an excellent asset to your makeup kit, but as much as you might love this product, there is a time to use it and a time to skip it.

To make it simple, you should consider using eyeliner when you create makeup for a special event that takes place in the evening. If you go to a dinner date, eyeliner can be a great choice as well. And here are the situations when you want to avoid using such a makeup product.

On a daily makeup

When you set your everyday makeup, you should consider skipping the eyeliner. You don’t want to have a composition that looks too “busy” first thing in the morning or during your lunch break.

Even if you have to attend a special event before sunset, you don’t need eyeliner to create dramatic makeup. You can do that by using your eyeshadow and some intense mascara.

At work or school

Makeup for work or school should be almost invisible. Your face needs to look clean and natural in such circumstances simply because you need to appear as a serious, neat person.

So, if you have to go to school or to your daily job you might want to forget about the eyeliner. If you do have an event to attend in the evening, you can bring your eyeliner with you and apply it at the end of the day.

At the gym

Working out is a time of no makeup, eyeliner or not. You should be more concerned about sweating than using a lot of makeup when you burn those calories.

But if you do want to look at your best when you are building up your perfect body, you can use foundation and eyeshadow but no eyeliner. Not only that, an eyeliner will look out of place at the gym, but it might not even stay in place with all the sweating going on.

eyeliner or eyeshadow first

How to apply eyeliner the best way

Using eyeliner on your makeup does take some skills. But you can learn those skills in time, and you can get much better at it the more you do it. Until then, here are some useful tips to consider that will ease your job a lot!

Choose the best eyeliner

Choosing the best eyeliner can be a challenge considering all the options you have on the market. You can choose between a pencil eyeliner, cream and gel one or a liquid eyeliner.

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All these eyeliners are great as long as you can use them properly. But they might not all be as resistant, so you might want to check that before investing in one. Depending on how much you will use your eyeliner, you can go for a waterproof one as well.

Decide what type of line you want to create

Before you apply your eyeliner, you need to choose a style that you are going for. You can use it in a think line or a thick line or even a line that is not even, and it gets thicker as you draw it. The type of line you want will determine the type of brush you need and how much of it you will apply.

If you want a thin line, you will need a thin brush. And you will need to apply not more than one layer of eyeliner. Thick bushes are meant for thick lines. But even if you don’t have an eyeliner with a thick brush, you can obtain that thick line by reapplying it.

Dot it first rather than draw a straight line

If you are a beginner when it comes to applying the eyeliner, you need to consider alternatives to the straight line that you might be tempted to draw. Drawing dots instead of a line might ease your job a lot.

Dimply draw little dots along the line of your eye and connect the dots. Your line will be perfect if you do this trick first and you will not struggle with it at all!

Apply your eyeliner last

Some women prefer to start with the eyeliner when they put together the makeup of their eyes. But the risk if you do that is to get color and another type of makeup on top of your eyeliner, and that can run it. If you apply your eyeliner last, as a final touch to your makeup, you can be sure that there will be no color getting on top of it and you will love the way it finishes your look!


As you can see, eyeliner and eyeshadow might be different makeup products, but they can be used together as well. With these two products, you can be sure that your eyes will look perfect in any situation.

Take into account the occasions that are calling for using just the eyeshadow and try not to end up with a makeup that is too dramatic.

No matter how much you like a makeup style or another, you will need to always adapt your look to the event that you are going to.

This is the secret of a successful makeup! And the fact that you can use eyeliner and eyeshadow both together and separate can only help you decide what look you are going for.

The thumb rule is that the eyeliner should be used at night more than during the day, while the eyeshadow works in almost all circumstances! Use your imagination and create the perfect makeup to enhance your beautiful features!