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Can You Use Baby Powder As Setting Powder?

Can You Use Baby Powder As Setting Powder?

If you like makeup tutorials you most likely noticed that there are many ways to do your make up. Different artists have different types of performing certain practices when it comes to applying the foundation, contouring, adding colors and even using the right powder.

And when it comes to powder, there is a big controversy regarding the use of baby powder as setting powder. Some say this should work while others claim it is completely not recommended. So, should you use baby powder as setting powder or not? This is what we are going to clarify here once and for all.

We got our experts working on this controversy and we have your answers. Even more than that, we have your explanations. Because it is important to understand the implication of using or not using baby powder as part of your make up routine.

Can You Use Baby Powder As Setting Powder? The short answer to this global dilemma is: yes. You can totally use baby powder as setting powder and even more than that, you will be in love with the results. But you need to do it right in order to get that flawless look in a matter of seconds!

Keep reading to find out how you should use baby powder instead of setting powder and what are the advantages and disadvantages to this makeup a strategy. Because many women try this and each one has their own approach. But there are certain general rules that will make your make up easier and looking a lot better!

Is it OK to put baby powder on your face?

Yes, by all means, you can use baby powder instead of setting powder any time. It will cover your face just as fine and it will give you the matte look that you are going for.

Baby powder is actually one of the best alternatives to setting powder, the only problem is that it will not come in a variety of shades to match your skin.

But if you use it as a translucent powder, you will not have to worry about this aspect!so, whenever you run out of your face powder or you want to save some cash on it, go ahead and use that baby powder with confidence!

How to use baby powder as setting powder

First of all, you should understand why to use the powder in the first place. The main advantage of face powder is that it keeps your face from looking greasy. It also adds a nice matte finish to your make up which makes you glow.

This is pretty much a sure way to perfect makeup. And if you use baby powder, you can enjoy all these benefits just like you would with setting powder.

But you have to follow certain steps! Keep in mind that your baby powder will be translucent so you don’t have to worry about tones or shades when you choose it. This is actually one of its qualities.

Try to go for a baby powder without talc

You probably heard that inhaling talc is detrimental to your health. Some studies show that this could even lead to cancer and other severe diseases if it is done on a daily basis.

And considering that your powder will be on your face for an entire day, and you will reapply it when necessary, you might want to take these warnings seriously.

Luckily, nowadays you can find several types of baby powders that don’t contain talc and they are made from safe, high-quality ingredients.

Leave your powder as the last touch to your make up

This step works only if you decide to apply an entire make up for the day. If you are just going to use some face powder to get rid of the shiny look, you can simply do that. But if you want to apply primer, foundation, and concealer, apply all these layers before finishing it with a layer of baby powder.

It is even recommended you wait around five minutes after you are done applying your foundation before you move to the face powder. This will give your face a chance to accommodate to the products you are adding to it.

Apply it and blend it in with brushes

Most people apply the powder with a special sponge that usually comes with the product. But when you use baby powder, you have more control by applying it with makeup brushes.

This type of powder is more loss and you will need to approach it differently to make sure that it stays on your face. Use a fluffy brush in combination with one that has stronger bristles.

You will use the fluffy one to apply your baby powder and the more dense one to blend it into your make up nicely in a way that looks natural.

Reapply when it is needed during the day

You will notice that your powder might need some fine touches to make it through the day. Which is why it is a good idea to carry a small dosage of it in your purse just in case you need to reapply it.

You will not need to bring the dense bristles to brush with you to reapply your powder during the day. All you need is the fluffy one to get a fresh and matte look again!

Take it off your face before you go to bed at night

This is a rule that goes for all your makeup but is very important when it comes to your face powder. Even when you are not wearing any makeup, you should make sure that you clean your face in the evening.

This helps eliminate all the bacteria and impurities that your skin gathers throughout the day. If you neglect this step, you might develop different forms of acne and blackheads.

And even if wearing makeup and face powder protects your face against these impurities, it is never healthy for your pores to sleep with it on because your pores need to breathe as well.

What can you use instead of setting powder?

There are several types of face powder that you can use as setting powder but if none of them is available to you, you can always use baby powder. However, as we stated above, try your best to get the type of baby powder that doesn’t contain talc. This will protect your health and the effect you will get on your skin will not be affected.

Also, cornstarch could work miracles when it comes to setting your foundation. You use it just like you would use your regular face powder and the results are not very different. You might even need to add less of this product on your face as it has a large coverage power!

Can you use loose powder as Setting powder?

Loose powder can be used as setting powder as long as you use it correctly. It has finer particles so you will need to get used to its texture before you actually become confident enough to use it instead of your regular setting powder.

But it is actually recommended to use loose powder rather than compact powder because it will be lighter on your skin and you will not overload your make up that much.

What powder do you use to bake your face?

Theoretically, you can use all kinds of powder to bake your make up. That is one of the reasons they are made for. You can also use baby powder, even if it was designed for other purposes. The best type of powder to bake your make up, remains the loose powder.

But makeup artists suggest that you indulge in this method when you are going to an event or you have something special going on.

On a regular basis, it might be too much for your skin. In time, you will find what type of product works best for you as things might get subjective a lot when it comes to makeup. Don’t be afraid to try different types of powders before making up your mind!

Can you use baking powder as Setting powder?

Yes, you can use baking powder as a setting powder. Initially baking powder and setting powders are very similar so you can use them either way. You can use baby powder as well for both setting your foundation or baking your make up.

You just need to brush it off a lot better since it tends to cover your skin really well and that can be both good and bad, depending on the type of makeup that you are going for.

Experts recommend using the baby powder as a setting powder and the loose powder as baking powder. However, if you have a compact powder that will work too. You just have to apply them accordingly and maintain your make up differently on each type of face powder.