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How To Curl Medium Length Hair With Flat Iron: 5 Steps

How To Curl Medium Length Hair With Flat Iron: 5 Steps

Curling your hair is a nice change of look that you should try every now and then. And there are many ways to obtain the waves and curls you want.

You don’t need to go to the beauty salon every time you want to curl your hair. And you don’t need special or sophisticated equipment either. Keep reading and you will find out how you can curl your medium length hair by simply using a flat iron!

If you ever wondered about curling your hair with a flat iron, this is definitely possible. All you need is some patience and skills to do so by yourself. And the flat iron you are using can be as basic as it comes and not expensive at all.

In the following paragraphs, you will discover the best way to curl your medium length hair at home. Because even if this is a simple technique, it still requires certain aspects to be taken into consideration.

You will need to protect your hair during this process and make sure that it stays healthy. So, let’s dive into the details of curling your hair with a flat iron!

What do you need to curl your shoulder length hair at home

Against what you might expect, you don’t need a lot of products to obtain those waves and curls at home. Here’s what you need to obtain the look you aim for at home!

  • Flat iron or a hair straightener. You don’t need a curling iron to get your hair curly. And as much as having one can make everything easier, you can obtain the same curls with your regular flat iron. You can obtain the look you want even if you are not an expert at styling your hair.
  • A good hairbrush. The hairbrush is a must because you need a untangle your hair before you start curling it. You shouldn’t style your hair in any way without making sure it is not tangled, to begin with. However, once you have the curls you want you shouldn’t comb or brush your hair at all. Doing so will only ruin the look you achieved.
  • Some hair clips. Hair clips help you split your hair into different sections. This is a strategy used by hairstylists as well. You can use any type of hair clips as long as you have minimum 3 of them and you are comfortable using them. The more sections you can split your hair into, the easier it will be to curl it. And you will feel more comfortable doing so as well.
  • Hairspray. The hairspray could be considered optional. The role of this product is to maintain the curly look for a longer time. However, if you don’t need to prolong the look, you can skip the hairspray altogether.

How to curl your medium length hair by using a flat iron

Now that you know that you can successfully curl your hair at home by using your regular flat iron, you might wonder how exactly you can do that. Here are all the steps you need to take and what you need to pay attention to!

1. Get all your tools handy

You will have an easier time curling your hair if you get all you need near you. Plus, you will not have to run around your house to get your clips and hair and other accessories. Get them all in one place and start curling your hair in front of a mirror so you can see exactly what you are doing.

2. Get your hair ready for this process

When you are curling your hair, you need to make sure you are not damaging it. This is why protection is essential. You should dry your hair completely, in case it is wet.

However, as a thumb rule, you want to avoid doing this as soon as you get off the shower. The best time to curl your hair is a few hours or even a day after you washed it.

Make sure it is well brushed and untangled by using your favorite hairbrush. You can also use a heat spray to make sure that there is a layer of protection over your hair.

This will help your hair to remain healthy when you expose it to the heat of your flat iron. This spray should be applied from the roots to the tip of our hair but don’t overdo it.

3. Use your clips to split your hair into sections

Splitting your hair into different sections will help you a lot when it comes to managing it. You can use the classic technique and split it into 3 different sections, one in each side of your head and one in the back.

By doing so, you can be sure that you will be curling your hair evenly. Plus, it will be a lot easier to curl each section at a time and you will avoid all the hassle that could come with it.

Make sure to split your hair into equal sections. This will be easier to do if you have two mirrors to use, one in the front and one in the back. The more you do it, the better you will get at it!

4. Curl it

Now you are ready to create those curls or waves. Grab a small part of your hair from one section and roll it over your flat iron. Make sure that the iron is already hot enough.

Hold the iron for a few seconds and then release it. In most cases, 10 to 15 seconds is all the time you need to make sure that your hair is curled well. Also, take into account that if you grab a smaller section of hair you will obtain tighter curls.

At the same time, if you grab a larger section you will obtain curls that look more like waves. Larger curls are great if you want to obtain that beach look you always dreamed to have!

When you wrap your hair around the iron, try to get as close to your roots as possible. Be careful to not burn your scalp in the process. Repeat this process until you are done curling all your hair.

5. Spray it and style it

It is very important not to brush your hair once you curled it. Instead of using a hairbrush, run your fingers gently through your hair to give it the shape you want to arrange its path.

When your styling is done, use your hairspray to fix it and get rid of any fizz effect it might have. If you have thin hair, you might need to use more hairspray than if you have naturally thick hair.

Related questions

Is it dangerous for my hair to curl it by using a flat iron?

If you follow the norms of this process, curling your hair is not something that can harm it. However, it is important to not overdo it. Think about the fact that you are exposing your hair to a significant amount of heat during this process.

Because this hazardous factor you don’t want to do it every day. However, for those special events or simply when you need a change of look, you can definitely go for some attractive curls!

Should I use special hair care products when I curl my hair with a flat iron?

During the curing process, you don’t need anything else but the tools and products listed above. However, if you are planning to do this more often, you should use a moisturizing hair mask at least once a week.

This will make sure that your hair receives all the hydration and nutrients it needs to shine and look as natural as possible. And it will take away from the side effects of heat exposure that might damage the health of your hair on the long run.

Is it any difference between curling natural hair and curling dyed hair?

As far as the curling process goes, there is no difference. You will be curling your hair in the same way regardless if it is dyed or not.

However, you should consider using dyed hair care products such as a good conditioner and a nutritious hair mask in order to maintain your color. The heat you will expose your hair to can damage colors especially if you have a blonde hair or a light shade hair.


As you can see, there are many reasons to curl your hair at home using your flat iron. You will save time and money and you will obtain similar results to those that come with using a curling iron. And as long as you take care of your hair and don’t compromise when it comes to its health, you have nothing to worry about!