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Layers vs One Length: Which one will Boost your Looks?

Layers vs One Length: Which one will Boost your Looks?

If you’re ready for a change and want to add fullness to your hair, layering is always a good option! I don’t know about you but haircut has been giving me the courage to change my life or break the monotony! So, if you want to make a change at this point, start with your hair!

What’s the difference between layers and one length? Well, the main difference between them is that layers give your hair texture, remove the extra weight and bring freshness! One-length, on the other hand, is simple and outdated.

Layers have many benefits you can enjoy. And yes, in my opinion, they’re way better than one length. One length screams boring! But if you don’t like your layers, you can always look at the tips I have shared at the end of this article and go from layers to one length again!

Now: let’s discover everything you need to know about layering and tell you why between layers vs one length, I would always choose layers! Let’s dive into the subject. Have fun!

Do layers make your hair look fuller?

One of the main questions before you add layers is: will they look good on me? I have to be honest, I don’t have the answer to that! This depends on your hair type and the different factors I will discuss in full detail later in this article. However, it’s mostly up to your hair.

Fine hair

According to my research, one-length bob above your shoulders or even shorter is one of the best lengths for fine hair. Fine hair supports light layering or a few light layers only.

If you have a medium thickness hair, the longer your hair, the shorter the shape will last! Meaning, you should always go with shorter hairstyles. In order to add volume to fine hair, you should add layers cut into the rounds of your head. But what if you have a thick hair?

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Thick hair

In this case, you should add layers above the shoulders in order to add movement, volume and improve your hair’s appearance. If you want a more subtle layered cut, ask your stylist to make a graduated or stacked hairstyle with layers on the sides in order to get rid of all the unwanted weight. Thicker hair handles one-length bobs! So, consider this hairstyle too!

Straight hair

If you have straight hair, it’s probably versatile. Meaning, layers will add some extra lift or movement. If you have a shorter straight hair, layering will ask for styling with a flat iron or blow dryer with a round brush. However, I wouldn’t recommend layers for straight hair. My research says that straight hair won’t look good with layers. It’ll lose shape after time.

Wavy hair

If you have wavy hair, you should feel blessed! Why? Well, you can style it however you want! Adding layers to longer and mid-length looks will add fullness to the hair. It’ll bring back your hair to life! If you have wavy hair, experiment with any type of layers you have in mind. No matter which ones you choose, you will look incredible with your new hairstyle!

Curly hair

If you have curly hair, layers can help you tame your hair! However, you should choose the length of your layers depending on your hair’s thickness and the places where it’s thick the most! If you have super curly hair, experiment with strong exterior shapes such as Afro.

And don’t forget, no matter if you have straight, wavy or curly hair, use hair products that will enhance your new haircut whether it’s layered or one-length and boost your entire look!

Should long hair have layers?

Again, it all depends on your hair type! Layers remain popular for decades, however, you’re not supposed to follow a trend that makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn’t align with the shape of your face!

If you have long but thin hair, I wouldn’t recommend adding layers but if you have long and thick hair, you could use multiple layers to cut off that extra weight!

However, consider your face! You should have a suitable face shape for certain hairstyles. If you have an elongated face, always pick short over long layers.

They will add roundness to your face. However, if you have a round face, pick long over short layers. It’ll elongate your face. If you have an oval face, both short and long layers will look impressive on you!

How do you go from layers to one length?

Now: we’ve all been there! Don’t feel ashamed if you added layers and don’t like them! Been there, done that! However, nothing’s lost. You can go from layers to one length very easily.

However, you have to be patient and follow certain rules. Growing our layers is the same as growing out bangs! You have to give your hair some time and just let it grow! It might take years until you finally get the shape you want, which in this case, is a one-length hairstyle.

The key to growing out layers faster is trimming! Also, using good hair products can help in the process. The more you take care of your hair, the less often it will require trimming! It is as simple as that. Also, follow these tips and you’ll get the wanted hairstyle in no time!

Tip 1: Razore the layers

Once you do this, your layers will be thinner and blend into your hair better. This will make them less noticeable until they’re gone and will help you get the wanted shape a lot faster!

Tip 2: Don’t trim the layers, but the ends!

Stay away from trimming as long as you can! And when you’re up for refreshment, ask your hairstylist to trim the ends and not the layers. This will keep your ends in good shape while your layers grow out completely! Also, this will help your layers blend into your hair better!

Tip 3: Cut hair one length

Although this step is drastic, it’s the only way to go from layers to one-length instantly. If the thought doesn’t scare you, go for it! I personally would choose this method. But I’m not forcing you to do the same. If you want to try out the other methods, feel free to do so!

Tip 4: Give up the flat iron

If you wonder why should you ditch the iron and any other styling devices that can damage your hair, the answer is simple: to prevent damage! Air dry is recommended when you want to grow out layers. The less the damage you imply to your hair, the less trimming it’ll need.

Tip 5: Adjust your hairstyle

Last but not less effective way of growing out layers is adjusting your current hair shape. Adjust your haircut,  so that the layers can slowly turn into the wanted hairstyle. This tip can be very helpful for those who want to grow out short layers and go one-length sooner.

What are long layers?

As I mentioned at the very beginning, layering is one of the best changes you can apply to your hair if you’re ready for a complete makeover! They add freshness and bring back the joy for maintaining your hair.

If you’re tempted to get layers, know that there are a few types of layers you can consider. For example, long layers! However, just like any hairstyle this one too has both benefits and disadvantages. Read on to learn more about long layers.

Pros of layers:

New hairstyle but same length!

Layers will bring freshness to your hair and allow you to enjoy a new hairstyle but keep the same length! They’re great for people who want to get a haircut but don’t want to shorten their hair.

Getting layers is one of the simplest ways to boost your self-confidence or feel good in your own skin again! Also, they’re flattering. Meaning, they will embellish your face.

Layers can distract from facial flaws

Layers have the power of shortening, lengthening and slimming your face shape, depending on the type of layers you choose! They boost your best facial features and hide your facial flaws. They’re the perfect distraction from your imperfections! Layers can boost a strong jawline. They can also bring attention to your beautiful eyes, hide your scars and wrinkles.

They add shape and volume to your hair

If your thin hair appears lifeless and boring, add layers! Also, if your thick hair feels a lot heavier than before, try layering! Layers create the illusion of perfect shape or give your hair the volume you’ve been dreaming of. However, layers have a few disadvantages too!

Cons of layers:

High cost and high maintenance

Hair with layers pulls additional cost for salon visits and hair styling products. Also, they need extra styling time. Meaning, one of the biggest cons of layers is high cost and high maintenance.

Layers also need to be trimmed or ‘dusted’ occasionally, so they don’t look unhealthy! If you want your layers to look good, you will have to take good care of them! However, if you don’t like your new hairstyle, you can grow them out and turn one length.

They take forever to grow out!

If you don’t like the layers you added to your hair, you can always grow them out. However, they take forever to grow. This is another disadvantage of layers. Keep in mind that it will take multiple months to go from layers to one-length before you change your old hairstyle.

Hard to tie back in a ponytail

Layers won’t allow you to wear a ponytail. At least, not as you’re used to wearing a ponytail. They seem impossible to tie back. They’re wild and they’re free, especially shorter layers.

Final verdict

I hope you find this article helpful and interesting! Layering is something I recommend for people who want to make a change but don’t want to lose their current hair length! I would love to hear your opinion on this interesting topic. Would you pick layers over one length?

Diana Marcum

Saturday 21st of March 2020

It was all very helpful. My hair is long, The longest it's ever been I do take very good care of it I love it but I am 55 I do feel like I am a bit too old for longer hair so I want a different new summer cut I do love the med. To long Bob cut thanks for all your help awesome. Diana Marcum Lexington kentucky. Great job