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10 Ways to Regrow Edges Fast & Naturally

10 Ways to Regrow Edges Fast & Naturally

Whether you prefer wear your hair braided or slicked back or free in their fuzzy glory, if you aren’t too careful you might just face a natural hair nightmare! Yes, we are talking about the nightmare that leaves you with the ultimate question- How do I grow my edges back?!

Our edges are a determining beauty feature, the forefront of our appearance, but also one of the most sensitive components of our beautiful hair. It’s never good to see your once flourishing hairline transform into broken edges.

Frankly speaking, balding edges can leave you feeling incomplete and hopeless. Not even celebs are immune to the embarrassing comments and negative backlash they receive after their broken edges have been captured by the paparazzi

But fear not! We’ve come up with the perfect guide for those who find themselves falling victim to losing your mind over your edges:

Causes Of Thinning Edges

Before we get into the solution, let’s look at the problem and all the little things that we are guilty of doing on a daily basis that leads to the damage of our ends. Here’s our list of causes that may be leading your edges from flourishing to finished:

How to grow back edges

Excessive use of hair gel

Though gel is known to smoothen our edges, using too much of it can be more detrimental than beneficial. Specially using gel with alcohol will lead to dried out edges that without saying will lead to breakage and damage.

Replace the gel with gel treatments that use organic ingredients that are designed to style your hair without skimping on the nourishment.

Over Styling

Tight ponytails or buns may look super cute but they are your edges’ worst enemy! The tension caused by that Pintrest inspired bun will cause frayed edges and also long term damage.

Over-styling is not limited to over brushing. Usually, women who have natural hair are not advised to use combs often. The reason for that is that the edges cannot take the stress of being pulled by a hard bristled comb.

A good alternative is a softer brush comb that won’t damage your edges.


Sadly, the loss of your edges is a common side effect after giving birth. However this can at least help identify the cause of the problem. Pregnancy affects everyone differently and the same applies to post pregnancy. But the good news is that with the right care, you can bounce back to normal!

Increasing the intake of vitamins and water is recommended to strengthen your edges.

Nighttime maintenance

Your nighttime hair care routine is what makes or breaks your edges. Using a cotton scarf to tie your edges leads to hair loss and damaged edges. The movement during your sleep can cause friction between the edges and the scarf, resulting in potentially permanent hair loss.

Lace front wigs

Your lace front wigs may appear as your nearest and dearest friend but the truth is that they are evil enemies of your edges. The glue applies on top of the edges leads to damage and loss of edges in the quickest manner. Glue that is used to hold a wig in place can rip your edges out in a heartbeat. The glue also creates a buildup that result in hair loss when you remove it.

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As an alternative, try glues wigs and make sure to treat your edges before the glue and wig application.


Ignoring your hair and not taking care of it is one of the main causes of thinning edges. Just like any other part of our hair, our edges require a lot of care and moisture. Well all hope isn’t lost yet. Though it may seem super easy to damage your edges, it’s just as easy to grow them back.

How to Grow Back Edges

We’ve understood the causes, so let’s talk about the 10 tips that can help you regrow your edges:

Review your hair care routine

How many times a week do you massage your edges? Do you comb too often or not months without stopping. And when it comes to combing, make sure to use a wide tooth brush and gently detangle the knots only when your hair in 70- 80% dry after a shower.

Change up your usual hair style

Do you wear tight braids or weaves on a daily basis? You need to stop the damage that your hairstyle causes! If you can find new hairstyles to sport on a daily basis that isn’t tight, you have a solution! But if you can’t go days without that weave or braid, rush to the nearest hair store and get yourself a good quality wig. This way you can minimize the damage caused to your edges while still rocking that weave every day!

What goes into your hair care products?

Discard or stop using products that contain a lot of chemicals like sulfate and instead use natural products that contain 3 or more of these main ingredients that are growth activators: Shea butter, Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Biotin, Rosemary, Ginseng, Lavender, Zingiber, Centella, Moringa, lemongrass and Peppermint.

Wash your hair often

The hair products, natural oils, air pollutants build up on your hair which in turn makes your scalp dirty and restricts hair growth. Make sure to wash your hair once a week/ fortnight with a sulfate free shampoo. Condition your hair after shampooing it and watch your edges grow like crazy.

Know your hair growth cycle.

Did you know that shedding hair is natural and hairstyle could lead to more hair loss?

To put it simply, there are 4 stages of a hair growth cycle: Growing, Resting, Shedding and the Dormant phase. During the 3rd stage, the hair that dies without adequate nourishment sheds itself (approximately 50-150 hairs falling out daily is considered natural ). Pulling it out through your hairstyle is what causes hair loss which isn’t natural and of course is damaging to your overall hair growth.

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Take a look at your diet

Does it consist of fast food filled with grease and salt? Are you consuming food with nutrients good for your hair? If the answer to the first question is yes, it’s time to change your diet if you want to keep yourself from going bald! Substitute the junk for salmon which is rich in omega 3 and fatty acids; Nuts which are a great source of biotin and protein; eggs for a good dose of iron and zinc; carrots for some Vitamin A, Greens for vitamin C; lentils for a little Folic acid and some delicious poultry for protein.

How to grow back edges with castor oil

Castor oil is the perfect natural remedy for edge regrowth. It’s as easy as applying the oil to your edges daily/ weekly and doing a deep temple massage. The massaging in of the castor oil not only stimulates hair follicles but also removes toxins from the scalp. This creates a healthy and nourishing environment for the growth of the edges.


Document your progress

Document your hair growth journey by taking pictures at the beginning of it and every 4 weeks after it. Track the inches of growth to make sure that you’re going in the right direction.

Hydration is key to hair health

A dehydrated scalp leads to brittle, unhealthy hair prone to breakage.Hydrating your edges and body is important to promote regrowth and maintain health of edges. Spritz your edges with water and then add a little touch of oil afterwards to strengthen your edges and hydrate it.

Don’t give up!

Be consistent with the mentioned tips for at least a period of 2 months until your edges regrow. Once that has been achieved, continue this hair regime for, well…. Forever! Stay away from braids and weaved for at least 6 months until your scalp has regained its strength.

Do’s and Don’ts on How to grow back hairline fast

Now that we’ve discussed the tips to help regrow your edges, let’s talk about the do’s and don’ts to get it right!


Scalp massages

Massage away! Scalp massages not only stimulate the skin but also increase blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp. This increased circulation helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, enhancing growth. The miracle of a head massage lies in the fact that it can be done with just water as the purpose is to increase the circulation.

Scalp stimulating treatments and oils

Stimulate the balding areas with oils hat aid in regrowth of edges. These oil treatments will help in reducing the damage by repairing the follicles. Using oils like castor oil, coconut oil or Vitamin E oil is a great way to regrow your edges. Warm up a little bit of any of these oils and massage it on to the scalp to see wonderful results!

Use natural products around your hairline

Another definite do is to keep moisturizers, make up and facials cleansers away from your hairline to prevent damage to the sensitive area you are trying to regrow your hair. A few acne treatments come with a warning not to apply product anywhere close to the hairline so make sure to check the bottle.

Take physician recommended hair supplements

Even something as simple as taking a daily multi vitamin will enhance your hair growth. There is definitely no supplement or vitamin that will give you an instant result but taking biotin/ vitamins consistently will encourage the regrowth of edges.

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase

Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture and natural oils right out of your hair and the friction created leads to hair breakage and damage. Your edges need moisture and oils to regrow so pamper them at nighttime with a nice satin pillowcase.


Wearing protective and/or tight styles

Yes, we get it you want to look gorgeous with that new expensive weave but that may just have been the cause of the problem. The fact remains that tighter the hair style, the more pressure you are applying to your hair strands and those thinning edges may not be able to tolerate it for long. It’s time to face reality about tight styles and to stop it right away if you want to regrow your edges.

Using adhesives, wig caps or glues

These adhesives, wig caps and glues are not letting your scalp breathe! A lot of women experience allergic reactions to these synthetic products which do not always appear immediately.  Let your scalp get some air and steer clear away from these if you want to regrow your edges.

Say no to tight satin bonnets with non-satin borders

If your satin cap is too tight or does not have satin borders, you are damaging your hair big time! To remedy this situation, sleep on a satin pillow case or wear the satin cap out to prevent your edges from rubbing against the bonnet threads. Stay away from caps or bonnets that are too tight for you!

Back away from the gels and brushes

Stay away from both for your edges if you want to regrow them.


So far, we’ve talked about the patient person’s guide to regrowing your edges. But if you’re just as impatient as us, here are a few hacks that can help you grow your edges back in a week:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil (check price on amazon) is known for stimulating the hair follicles and promoting the growth of healthy hair.  JBCO contains omega- 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E making it the perfect natural hair treatment. The main difference between castor oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil is that the latter is raw and hence contains more nutrients and offers more benefits.

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What does the product claim to do?

The JBCO is a proven effective skin and hair product. It treats damaged, dry hair, strengthening it and re growing it from root to tip.

It works efficiently to lengthen and thicken eyelashes and eyebrows and even helps in the treatment of acne. With a variety of beauty benefits, the Jamaican Black Castor Oil is an all-around, good natural product to include in your daily beauty routine.

The original JBCO concoction has a medium consistency, high ash content, light ashy scent and is perfect to regrow damaged, fading or dry hair in just a week!

JBCO comes with the promise and goodness of roasted organic castor seeds, ground manually and then boiled to extract the 100% organic, dark brown oil.

It’s the best pick of organic oils to regrow your edges.

Features & Benefits of using JBCO

  • Authentic and organic castor oil processed in the traditional Jamaican way
  • Helps in stimulating hair growth for all hair types
  • Helps to rejuvenate bald spots from hair loss, stress and chemical treatment.
  • Stimulates eyebrow and eyelash growth
  • Very effective moisturizer for both skin and hair.
  • Natural treatment for acne and acne prone skin.
  • Rich and thick formula which is ideal for most hair and skin conditions.
  • Increases the length and strength of edges faster than most oils advertised for it.
  • No additives or salt added.

Product to regrow your edges

The process is as simple as applying it to the scalp or hair directly or dilute it with a carrier oil like avocado oil or Jojoba oil. Because of the amazing benefits it has for natural hair, it can also be used in the hot oil treatment.

After the scalp and hair have thoroughly dried after a shower, massage the oil onto your scalp. Make sure to use the oil every day for an entire week to see amazing results!

What results will I see after a week?

At the end of the week of using JBCO religiously, you’ll notice longer, thicker natural hair with edges that look transformed.

It is highly beneficial for those who suffer from alopecia and this product combats any hair loss.

Pros and cons of using JBCO for your edges

Just like any natural remedy, Jamaican Black Castor Oil also has its pros and cons. However, the pros of the product outweigh the cons.


  • Perfect oil to mix in with deep conditioners.
  • If you’re not a big fan of the consistency, thin it with carrier oil like mentioned before for everyday use.


  • The only slight con with this product is its smell. JBCO has an ashy scent to it which many do not like. However it isn’t very overwhelming. The smell can be reduced by diluting it with a carrier oil such as avocado, olive or jojoba oil.
  • Another way to hide the smell if by layering the hair with  another product after applying JBCO on your edges to the hair, and then layering on another product.


The bottom line exists that you can regrow your edges beautifully only if you are consistent with all the above tips mentioned as well as avoiding the don’ts. Combine all the mentioned tips with the JBCO treatment for results that will leave you stunned at your stunning edges!

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