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Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo? (7 Baby Shampoos You Can Try)

Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo? (7 Baby Shampoos You Can Try)

Don’t know about your beauty routine but mine changes constantly. I’m tempted to get a little creative with my hair and body routine. One time, I even wondered if I can use baby shampoo.

I noticed that many of you ask the same thing on the internet. The answer is yes, baby shampoo is good for adults as well. It seems gentler than regular shampoo but is it better for adults?

If you can use shampoo on a baby, there’s no reason why you can’t use it yourself. If you’re looking for good baby shampoo, you’re at the right place but first, let’s talk about baby shampoos.

There’s no saying grown-ups can’t use baby shampoo. The same goes for baby body wash. They’re made for babies. Therefore, they lack chemicals. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

Which Baby Shampoo is Best for Adults?

When deciding which baby shampoo is best for adults, use the same criteria that you use when buying for your child. According to my experience and long hours of research, I detected 4 baby shampoos that are worth your consideration. Let’s take a closer look at these products!

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

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This shampoo is made by one of the most popular brands for baby products. Have you heard of their “no more tears” formula? It’s one of their high selling point for their products.

If you have sensitive skin, this shampoo is ideal for you. It’s free from the likes of parabens and dyes. Also, it’s dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic. Johnson is one of my favourite shampoos.

Johnson & Johnson aims to cleanse both your scalp and your hair, leaving behind a fresh scent. You will not only have hair like a baby but also smell like a baby. It’s great for adults.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

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Another company that produces a “tear-free” formula is Cetaphil. This baby product also utilizes a mix of useful ingredients such as organic calendula, aloe vera, and glycerin.

People who have used this baby shampoo, claim that it rinses off well and leaves no residue in your hair. Cetaphil baby shampoo is perfect for the scalp and hair that need hydration.

Glycerin helps lock in moisture. It’s also dermatologist tested and doesn’t contain colourants, parabens or mineral oils. If you’re sensitive to adult shampoos, this is the product for you.

Himalaya Baby Shampoo

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Another mild baby shampoo that’s dermatologist tested is the Himalaya. It’s clinically tested to ensure a gentle shampoo that’s still capable of nourishing babies’ hair.

It doesn’t contain silicone, parabens, and phthalates. Just like the previous two shampoos, this one also has a “no tears” formula which proves how gentle the components work in your hair.

The reason why I like this baby shampoo is that it has hibiscus and chickpea.

The chickpea increases the health and shine of your hair by acting as a protein and adding nourishment. The hibiscus, on the other hand, softens your hair. It acts as a conditioner.

Dove Baby Shampoo

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Dove is a popular brand. And although they produce the usual products that grown-ups can use, there’s also a long list of good baby products that both babies and adults can use.

This shampoo has a mild formula. Therefore, it shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions in both babies and adults’ hair and scalp. Just like the other products on this list, it has a “tear-free” formula.

It’s both hypoallergenic and ph-neutral. It’s safe enough to utilize it every day if you want. The hydrating agents will leave your scalp and hair smooth, soft and smelling fresh.

Is Using Baby Shampoo Good for Adults?

A shampoo is a shampoo. It doesn’t matter.

Adults can use baby shampoo without any concerns. It’s made for delicate baby hair. However, since it’s so gentle, you might want to lather twice to make sure it cleans your hair.

Common adult shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s a cleaning agent. However, ingredients like this can dry your hair so many people search for alternatives.

Baby shampoos have amphoteric surfactants. They’re also cleaning agents but they’re less harsh than a regular cleaning agent. Utilizing baby shampoo will clean your hair without leaving it dry.

The downside of baby shampoos is that their cleaning agents can be gentler on your hair. But also less effective. You will have to lather up to two times or more to get good results.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the preservative called quaternium-15 in baby shampoos. It releases formaldehyde which can cause skin irritation.

When buying a baby shampoo or any shampoo, pay close attention to the label.

Look for ingredients that have the letters “-eth”, some of which include polyoxyethylene, polyethene, polyoxyethylene, polyethene glycol which can also be labelled as “PEG”.

Is Baby Shampoo Better than Regular Shampoo?

Traditional shampoo affects your hair in different ways, some bad and some good. If you’re looking for a product that focuses on repairing damage, buy a regular shampoo.

Baby shampoos aren’t intended for such causes. If you’re searching for something that will act smoothly on your hair and leave a fresh scent, opt for baby shampoo. It’s great for sensitive skin.

As you can notice, which type of shampoo is better depends on what you need it for. They’re both good but respond to different needs. What do you want from your shampoo?

Baby Shampoo for Adults Dandruff

A few years back, I faced one of people’s worst nightmare. I experienced a lot of dandruff but I didn’t try baby shampoo. Instead, I mixed 2 tablespoons of unsalted lemon with 1 cup of curd.

I mixed it well and applied it before 1 h of my hair wash. After 60 minutes, I rinsed it well. I repeated this process every week.

You can also try Dove derma care, Neutrogena T/Sal or L’Oreal anti-dandruff. They’re great for dandruff. In my opinion, prevention is more important than cure.

If you want to prevent dandruff, protect your scalp from sun and dust pollution. And make sure it’s clean and well-conditioned. Know your skin type and utilize hair care products properly.

It’s also important to eat better. If you want to prevent dandruff, include more green and water to your diet. They’re good for your hair and skin. Baby shampoos aren’t made for curing dandruff.

Baby Shampoo for Adults with Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, don’t expect a baby shampoo to boost the volume of your hair. It’s not suitable for damaged hair. And can’t cure dandruff.

However, if you’re looking for a baby shampoo that will add freshness in your hair care and act smoothly on your scalp and hair, look no further than these products.

The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo

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The Moms Co. Tear-Free Natural Baby Shampoo is made of an ideal blend of natural oils and coconut-based cleaners. It’s clinically tested to be gentle, mild and hypoallergenic.

It’s ideal for sensitive skin because it’s toxin-free, parable-free, and sulfate-free. It doesn’t contain PEGs, mineral oil, parabens, sulphates, DEA/TEA, synthetic fragrances, etc.

The key ingredients of this shampoo include organic moringa oil, pro-vitamin B5, organic argan oil, and coconut-based cleaners. It’s one of the best-selling baby shampoos.

Lotus Herbals Baby Body Wash and Shampoo

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If you’re looking for a clinically recommended baby shampoo for grown-ups, look no further than Lotus Herbals Baby Body Wash and Shampoo. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals.

This baby product is 99% natural. It doesn’t contain alcohol, fragrance, synthetic colour, and mineral oils. It’s made of flowers, herbs, and super rare plants. It’s also safe for nature.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to the traditional anti-dandruff shampoo, look no further than this product. It’s perfect for both babies and adults with sensitive skin.

Can We Use Johnson Baby Shampoo for Adults?

Of course, Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is perfectly safe for adults. However, keep in mind that it’s for gentle hair which has amphoteric surfactants.

They’re less harmful than regular sulfates but also less effective. Johnson & Johnson is created with mild surfactants. Therefore, it’s not suitable for oily hair.


If you want to try a baby shampoo, washes, baby oils and lotions, go ahead. They’re baby products. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about possible damage or harm.

However, keep in mind that baby shampoos aren’t created with hair damage in mind. They’re not strong enough to repair your hair or cure dandruff but they’re perfect for sensitive skin.