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How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair?

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair?

Changing the color of your hair or improving your present shade might require you to pay a visit to your colorist. You can also improve your hair color at home if you want.

However, none of these two options comes for free. So, let’s see how much you can expect to invest in dying your hair when your roots are popping out or when you simply need a change.

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair? The short answer is that you can expect to spend anywhere from $100 to $400 if you decide to dye your hair. The prices vary according to the salon you go to but also the type of color you are aiming to achieve.

On the other hand, if you are brave enough to dye your hair at home, you might get away with spending even less than $50. if you decide to color your own hair you should research the market diligently before starting this process.

You want to invest in good products and nourish your hair just the way you need to in order to keep it healthy.

The following table gives you the average prices for different hair dye services at a glance. Keep in mind that these prices will vary depending on the salon you choose to go to.

Hair dye services Lowest cost Highest cost Hourly cost
Highlights $50 $150 $50
Hair dye without bleach $60 $200 $70
Hair dye with bleach $150 $300 $80
Pastel colors $200 $400 $80
Home hair dye $20 $50-$70

How Long Does it Take to Dye Your Hair at the Salon?

The process itself of dying your hair can take anywhere from 40 minutes to three hours. You might wonder why this large time window. It all comes down to the condition your hair is in when you get to the salon.

If you want to dye it in a color that should easily cover your original shade, it is not going to take more than 40 minutes to one hour. In this case, your colorist will just apply the hair dye and give it the right time to take effect on your hair. Once the time passed they will wash your hair and style it to your choice.

However, if you need to change your hair color completely and require bleaching your hair, you can expect to stay up to three hours at the salon. Bleaching itself can take up to one hour and your hair will be washed several times during this process of changing your look.  

If you are aiming to dye your hair in more complex shades such as pastel colors, you have to be ready to spend more time at the salon. Obtaining the ideal pastel shade for you might even take several hours.

This is a financial challenge if you are going to a salon that charges per hour. In this case, your cost might go way up so, it is important to try to find a good deal before you start this procedure.

Talk to your colorist about all the options you have and choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

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How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair at Home?

There might be times when you can’t reach your colorist or maybe you are on a tight budget and you want to change your look at home.

The good news is that you can easily do that as long as you follow the instructions on the dye. The bad news is that you might need to put in more effort if you are planning to bleach your hair in the process.

Hair Dye

Dying your hair without bleaching it

If you just want to dye your hair at home you can expect to spend less than $50. You will just need to invest in a hair dye that you can easily purchase online, shampoo, and conditioner.

Assuming that you already got the shampoo and conditioner, your only investment will remain the dye. Make sure to purchase enough dye for your hair. Short hair length can be easily died by using one tube of hair dye.

But if your hair is the medium or long length you might want to use two, three, or even more tubes.

Obviously, the longer your hair is, the more hair dye you will need to purchase, and therefore, you will end up spending more. You might get lucky and find a valuable package with a significant discount as you purchase your hair dye so pay attention to these types of deals.

Changing the color of your hair by bleaching it

You also have the option to bleach your hair and then dye it in the shade you want. Even if this tends to be more complicated, especially for people with little experience in the matter, you can still do it. The cost will be slightly higher as you will have to purchase your bleach powder pack and your hair dye pack.

Add to that your shampoo, conditioner and you might go over the $50 price tag but not with much. Either way, the final investment of bleaching and dying your hair at home will be significantly cheaper than attending a beauty salon.

If you are ready to go on this path, know that bleaching your hair is going to add some damage to it as well as is going to take some more time.

You should do some research before taking action and even talk to a specialist in the matter. Your goal has to be to reduce your hair damage to a minimum but it will be impossible to eliminate it completely.

If you intend to bleach your hair, though, you might want to consider going to a specialist.

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair Blonde?

Dying your hair in any shade of blonde could be challenging for more aspects. To begin with, you want to consider the shade of blonde you aim for but also the original color your hair has.

If you have dark hair, you will need to bleach it in order to turn it to blonde. Besides bleaching it, you might have to neutralize the tones or orange or yellow that result from bleaching.

On top of that, you will need to purchase the hair dye you want. Going from darker hair color to blonde at home might be too complicated so you should consider going to a salon for this.

You can expect to spend more or less $200 when you go to a specialist for such a color change. It will be cheaper than that if your hair doesn’t require any bleaching.

It is easy to avoid the bleaching aspect in certain cases. Your original color has to be lighter than the shade of the hair dye.  In this situation, you will not need to use any bleach. 

How Much Does it Cost to Dye Your Hair Pink?

When it comes to dying your hair any pastel color such as pink but also green or blue, you should expect the price to go up a bit. Take into account the fact that you might need to lighten the shade of your hair if not bleach it.

The cost of getting a pink shade hair will depend from one salon to another. Some salons charge per hour. Hourly price tends to be around $50 to $80.

Considering that you will definitely spend several hours at the salon, this might not be the best option. But you can also find salons that have a fixed price. On average, getting pink hair could cost you several hundreds of dollars.

One important aspect you should take into account when you dye your hair pink or any other pastel shade is the fading risk. These colors and pink in particular will fade rather fast.

Because of this fading effect, you might have to visit your colorist more often in order to keep the shade of pink you want. In the long run, you will spend more money and time maintaining the color.

So, acknowledging that shades such as pink are more of a long term commitment will help you estimate your budget the right way.

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Dying your hair doesn’t have to be more expensive than you are comfortable with. But it is important to find a good colorist that you can trust so your investment will be worth it.

If you want to save some money or you don’t have time to go to a salon, you can easily do it yourself. Get the right hair dye to obtain the color you want and bleach if you need to lighten your hair.

Now that you have a good idea about the cost of dying your hair at the salon as well as dying it at home, you should be able to make the right decision.