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What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown, Black & Blond Hair

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown, Black & Blond Hair

Purple shampoo is a complete lifesaver for many women in terms of hair care products. In the past several years, more women decided to use this type of shampoo for the benefits it brings. But what can purple shampoo do to your hair according to your color?

Keep reading because we are going to explain every situation so you know exactly how to use such a product. And you will be amazed to discover that it can help both blondes and brunettes equally!

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Blond Hair? The purple shampoo will be most useful for blonde hair. This shampoo will be very efficient in neutralizing your yellow or brassy tones and leave your hair bright. It keeps your color looking clean for a long time and you don’t have to dye it as often either. 

What Does Purple Shampoo Do To Brown Hair? If you have brown hair, especially the light shade of brown, you can benefit from purple shampoo as well. It will reduce the orange strands that might appear in your hair and break through the brown. This will maintain your brown hair vibrant and intense without having to worry about brassy undertones.

But what if you have black hair? Well, the purple shampoo will not change your black hair significantly. But if you decide to add some highlights in your black hair, you should use this shampoo to keep them shining! Highlights get significantly damaged every time you wash your hair. But with the right purple shampoo, you can avoid this!

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Can Purple Shampoo Lighten Hair?

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Purple shampoo will not alter the color of your hair significantly. But the effects it has on your hair can make it look lighter, compared to your original shade. If you have brown or black hair, it will make no significant difference to it, no matter how often you use this product.

But it can correct your medium blonde hair and help it look brighter for a longer time. When it comes to very light hair such as ice blonde, the effect might be quite the opposite.

When you dye your hair blonde, gray or any other light shade, chances are that your undertones will break through the hair dye sooner or later.

This can give you yellow strands of hair or brassy ones that don’t look so good. If you use purple shampoo, you will neutralize these shades and keep a clearer blonde or gray shade longer.

At a certain level, you can consider this to be a way of lightening your hair. Reducing the orange strands will make your blonde look lighter even if it will not directly alter its color. It will work the same if you have highlights that you need to protect.  

Purple Shampoo

How Does Purple Shampoo Affect Brown Hair?

Purple shampoo doesn’t affect your brown hair in particular. But it can help you maintain your brown color even. You can use this type of shampoo if you have highlights but also if you had to bleach your hair to get the brown color.

First of all, if you have brown hair with highlights, you will benefit from purple shampoo just like regular blondes do. Highlights are prone to lose their shine and brightness over time.

They can become yellow or orange depending on the undertone of your hair. By replacing your regular shampoo with a purple shampoo, you can delay this risk and even eliminate it. All you have to do is use this shampoo every time you wash your hair to neutralize those brassy tones.

If you don’t have highlights you can still use purple shampoo for brown hair. Maybe you had to bleach your hair in order to get the brown shade you love.

In this case, chances are that your undertones will get through the layer of dye. By using purple shampoo, you will not affect your beautiful brown shade but you will prevent those tones from breaking through.

However, if you have naturally brown hair, chances are that you don’t need to use a purple shampoo at all.

Can I use purple shampoo on dark hair?

Yes, you definitely can use purple shampoo on dark hair and in some cases, you even should do that. We saw the situation in which you have brown hair with highlights. Also, the situation in which you had to bleach your hair to get the dark color you wanted.

But even more than that, you can use purple shampoo if your hair looks orange in the sun. This happens to a lot of brunettes and even if it might not seem like a big issue, for some women it can be that.

These orange or brassy shades could appear on hair that is naturally black or brown. All of us have undertones in the structure of our hair. These undertones can come out in the sunlight and even become more potent if we spend a lot of time in the sun.   

If you are bothered by those brassy undertones that make your brown or black color look different in the sunlight, you might want to consider using purple shampoo. It will not change your color at all but it will reduce those brassy shades significantly.

Can purple shampoo make your hair darker?

This fascinating shampoo doesn’t cease to amaze us. If you are wondering if purple shampoo can make your hair darker, the answer is yes. It actually can alter the color of your hair in a darker shade just like it can light it up a little. It all depends on what color your hair is to begin with.

If your hair is a very light blonde such as ice blonde, whitish or gray color, purple shampoo can slightly add to it and make it a darker shade. It will not give you a tone difference but it will darken your hair enough to notice it. This is happening due to the high pigment in the purple shampoo.

This pigment will get added to your hair cuticles and if you keep using it for several months or even for several weeks, your ice blonde hair will look darker. It will look more intense as well. So, while your color will become more vibrant, it will also become more defined and a little darker.

But if you are medium blonde or anything darker than the ice or ash blonde, you shouldn’t worry about this side effect. Purple shampoo will not make a visible difference to such hair colors.  

How often should blondes use purple shampoo?

If your hair is blonde, any shade of blonde, purple shampoo is almost a must. It will keep your color bright and looking fresh for a longer time. And it will clean your hair very well. So, there is no need to use other shampoos to clean it as the purple one will do it all.

But how often should you use purple shampoo? Well, the answer is not so black and white. It depends on the type of blonde you have and want to maintain as well. As we saw, purple shampoo can darken or lighten your shade. If your hair is a regular, medium blonde or a light brown, you can use this shampoo every time you wash your hair.

It will keep the yellow and orange strands away and it will not affect your color too much. In this case, you will simply have to replace the shampoo you would normally use with this purple type.

If your hair is a very light shade of blonde or gray, you want to alternate the purple shampoo with a regular one. Since this shampoo can visibly darken such light colors, you want to avoid using it every time you wash your hair.

Unless you are fine with ending up with a slightly darker shade of course. To stay on the safe side and enjoy only the benefits of purple shampoo, use it in moderation.

For instance, you can wash your hair once with purple shampoo and the next time with a regular shampoo. Alternating two shampoos like that will help you enjoy only the benefits of purple shampoo. You will also stay away from the side effects that could darken your hair color.


Purple shampoo was a revolutionary product since it appeared on the market several years ago. But you need to use it the right way if you want to make the most out of it.

This guide should help you understand the effects of purple shampoo on different hair colors. Next time you use your purple shampoo, take into account all these aspects.

And make sure to talk to a specialist if you notice any unpleasant side effects! It is crucial to choose the right products for your hair type and even try to invest in hypoallergenic ones.

Nowadays you can find all types of shampoo on the market so this shouldn’t be an issue. Get the purple shampoo that works best for you and enjoy a brighter color for a longer time!