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How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Vol?

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Vol?

Sometimes we want drastic hair color changes, such as going from dark brown or jet black to platinum blond. In such cases, a strong 40 volume developer is needed to do the job. 

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Vol? 40 volume developers should be left in the hair for 20 minutes at most. They can be extremely damaging to your hair and scalp if left longer.

In fact, these developers should be applied without getting them on the scalp. You should use 40 volume developers only if you have dark brown or black hair and should do it at a salon. 

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Read this article to learn all about 40 volume developers on dark hair, and when and how you should use them. 

What is 40 Volume Developer?

Developers are a key component in dyeing hair. Without them, you would never be able to achieve your desired result. 

They are used along with the hair color to open the hair cuticle, thus making the coloring process more efficient. Developer assists in the hair lightening process as it contains hydrogen peroxide. 

Using developer while coloring your hair is essential if you are looking for:

  • A consistent overall color
  • Well-deposited hair dye
  • Removal of natural hair color to achieve a lighter shade

The mixing ratio of the hair color and developer varies depending on what result you want. The more lightened you want your hair to be the more developer you should mix in with the hair color. 

There are developers of different intensity on the market. The ‘strength’ of the developer is implied by the number next to the volume indicator. 

As you have probably guessed, 40 volume developer is rather strong. In fact, you will not even see a developer with a volume higher than 40. They are allowed to be used only in specialized hair salons. 

40 volume developer is 12% peroxide. It is not recommended for at-home coloring sessions as there is a risk of damaging the hair severely. It can also cause burns on the scalp which is why it should be applied avoiding direct contact with the scalp. 

40 volume developer should be used in conjunction with a lightening cream. Lightening powder is also an option as it works the same way. It will lighten the hair for up to 8 levels. 

Does 40 Volume Bleach Damage Hair?

40 volume bleach is used on dark hair that requires intense bleaching to lighten it a few levels. The darker the hair color is the more damage your hair will undergo as a result of bleaching. 

40 volume developer can cause major damage do the hair strands if not used correctly. It is also highly recommended to avoid putting it on the scalp as it may cause burns and irritation. 

To bring the damage of 40 volume developer to the minimum don’t try to bleach your hair at home. While it may be cheaper initially, you will have to spend much more money at hair salons trying to repair your damaged hair.

Not mentioning that you may not even get the result you wanted. The colorist will check your hair every few minutes to make sure everything is under control.

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How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Vol?

40 volume bleach is used only on dark hair as it is too intense to be used on lighter to medium hair. If you are wondering how long you should leave 40 volume developer in dark hair, here is what you should know. 

The lower is the volume of the developer, the longer you should leave it on your hair. As 40 volume developer is rather strong, you shouldn’t let it sit in your hair for longer than 20 minutes. 

The colorist will check your hair every few minutes to make sure everything is under control. Bleach your hair with a 40 volume developer only if you are doing it at a salon. Otherwise, you may damage your hair and scalp irreparably.

When Should You Use 40 Volume Developer?

40 volume developer is so strong that it is recommended to use only in cases where no other option will work. 

It is used for lifting color from dark brown and black hair. However, it should be noted that hair type is also something to consider while using bleach on the hair. Thicker hair is usually more suited for higher volume developers as it will not suffer as much damage as thin hair. 

Hair quality is also important. Even if your hair is dark brown or black but is severely damaged, it is not recommended to bleach it, especially with a developer as potent as the 40 volume one. 

40 volume developer is used in cases when you want to give the hair around 8 levels of lift. It is usually chosen in cases when the client wants to achieve a cold blond color. 

Will 40 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

There is hydrogen peroxide both in bleach and the developer. Peroxide is the ingredient that breaks down the natural pigments in the hair allowing us to go lighter for multiple levels. 

The hydrogen peroxide content in the developer is less than in lightening products to be mixed in with the developer. Thus, as the developer contains hydrogen peroxide, it can lighten the hair by itself. But the result won’t be satisfying.

The developer used by itself is technically capable of lifting your current hair color. However, not as much as it would if you mixed it with a lightening cream or powder. 

Using a 40 volume developer on its own will not reduce the damage on your hair. You will not achieve the desired effect and will have to repeat the procedure. Thus, it is recommended to refer to a hair specialist for the major changes in hair color.

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How to Prepare Hair for Bleaching?

Bleaching can do a lot of damage to the hair, especially if you are planning to use a 40 volume developer.

While you are recommended to bleach your hair at a salon to minimize the negative impact of lightening agents on your hair quality, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your hair for bleaching. 

Find the Right Specialist 

Many people, thinking about the final result only, and are ready to bleach their hair with a 40 volume developer just to achieve the platinum blond they have always wanted. But this not a good move in many cases. 

Find the right specialist to get recommendations on how you can achieve the color you want. The hair colorist may do a test bleach on a small section of your hair to see how it reacts to the strong developer. 

Give You Hair Time 

If your hair has recently been colored or bleached or is weak and brittle, it is not a good idea to apply a 40 volume developer on it. Doing this will have a major negative impact on the quality of your hair. 

Minimize the usage of heating tools and try to nourish your hair. Use masks, oils, and different treatments to make your hair stronger. 

Don’t Wash Your Hair Before Bleaching It

Wash your hair 24 hours before the bleaching sessions. By this time, your natural oils will be there to protect your hair strands and scalp. 40 volume developer spreads easily on oily hair. So, don’t worry about the final result is patchy or uneven. 


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