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How Long Do Box Braids Take?(Compelte Guide)

How Long Do Box Braids Take?(Compelte Guide)

Box braids are very trendy. More and more women and even men are attracted by this hairstyle. Plus, box braids were highly promoted by celebrities and the fashion industry for years.

So, if you are interested in this hairstyle, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about it! Before you start getting to attached to the idea of giving your hair box braids, you need to know all the details.

How Long Do Box Braids Take? First of all, it might take between 4 and 8 hours to achieve the box braids look you want. It depends on the length of your hair and its density as well. Longer hair will obviously take more time to style into box braids. So, the best thing to do when you want this type of hairstyle is to free up your agenda for an entire day, or at least half of it.

How Long Does Your Hair Have To Be For Braids?

Your hair could be any length but obviously, the longer the better if you want box braids. They work well on medium length hair but definitely not on short hair.

You need to have enough hair to be able to create the braids. So, if you are dreaming to have this hairstyle and your hair is short, you might need to give it some time.

Let it grow until it reaches at least shoulder length. This will give you the chance to have some beautiful braids.

However, there might be a great compromise you can make if your hair is too short for box braids. You can use synthetic hair. Extensions will be the answer to your prayers in this case.

It will cost you more though, as you will have to cover the price of the extensions too. But it will also help you protect your hair and get rid of the braids easier if you do need to.

Your stylist might use extensions that already come in the form of box braids. Or they might make the braids once they attach the extensions to your natural hair.

If the extensions are already in the form of braids, it will naturally take less time to attach them to your hair. If they need to be braided it will take just the same amount of time as it takes to braid your hair.

How Much do Box Braids Cost

The price of getting box braids is one of the most important interest points for those attracted to this hairstyle. As a general rule, you can find salons that offer you this type of hairstyle for an amount between $100 and $300. This is a more pricey procedure as it is a more complex one as well.

First of all, it takes a long time and patience to get box braids done. It also takes some serious skills. All these braids have to be even and look the same.

Which means the stylist needs to use the same amount of hair for each braid. It takes a professional stylist to get box braids done perfectly.

Also, the length of your hair also matters. It will take that much longer if you have long hair compared to medium hair. Taking these factors into account sort of justify the investment.   

How long do Braids Last

When it comes to how long your box braids will last, the answer is not a straight forward one. Left alone and maintained well, they will last even for eight weeks and more!

So, you can really be set on this hairstyle for a long time if you so want. But the truth is that experts will not encourage you to leave them for any longer than that. Even eight weeks would be stretching it.

Keeping your box braids in for longer than two months will damage your hair significantly because naturally, new hair will grow out. This will entangle with the braids and cause it to break. Your braids will also get heavier as a new hair grows.

This can add pressure on your scalp and damage the roots of your hair making it more fragile. So, stick to enjoying your box braids for a maximum of eight weeks!

How long does it take to take out box braids

If you don’t like your box braids hairstyle or if you get bored with them, you can always undo them. But you will need someone to help you. Most likely you will need to make a new visit to the salon because these braids are quite sturdy.

You can expect the entire process to take anywhere from two hours to even four hours. This is half of the time you spent to have them made.

If you decide to be brave and take them out yourself, be ready to spend even more than four hours. You need some extra mirrors as well so you can take out the braids from the back of your head.

How to maintain your box braids

Keeping your box braids hairstyle neat and clean is essential! Taking care of your braids will not only make them look good but they will also last longer. Luckily, there are many tricks that you can apply in order to enjoy your braids for a longer time. And they will look like new!

First of all, you need to protect them. Braids or not, they are still hair and hair can get the flyaway effect. Your hair is never the same length all over.

You will have some rebel hair strains breaking out after a night of sleeping with your braids on. To protect that wear a scarf or a head cap to bed.

This will keep your hair protected and in place during the night. And you should get used to doing that every night for the entire time you are having your box braids hairstyle. Try to use a silk or satin scarf so you increase your comfort as well.

Also, you need to make sure your scalp is staying hydrated all the time. If you have box braids it can be easy to get a dry scalp. This is why applying moisturizer and hair masks can really make a difference.

These products will also maintain your hair roots strong enough. Give your scalp such treatment at least once a week. You can also do it twice a week if you notice your scalp is really dry.

A leave-in conditioner will help you with keeping your scalp hydrated as well. But such a conditioner should be used more often, at least three times a week to be efficient.

Keep in mind that the health of your hair and scalp shouldn’t be at risk. No matter how much you love your box braids look!

Keep your box braids clean! This is maybe the most important thing to do. You should wash your braids as often as you feel that you need to.

Braids can attract everything from sweat to bacteria. You don’t want that on your hair and scalp because it can get out of control fast. The good news though is that you can limit your washing schedule to once a week. You can even wash your braids once every two weeks.

But it depends on the type of hair you have as well as what you expose it to. Check your braids and scalp regularly to make sure you don’t need to wash them before you think to wait.

Each hair is different and you will have to find what works best for you. Once you discover a good schedule, you should do your best to stick to it.

Correct the edges of your head rather than redoing all your braids. As your hair grows out you will notice that your braids need adjusting.

They will not look as good and you might think you need to redo them completely. But a good trick is to redo only the edges of your hair such as the ones around your forehead.

This will keep your braids looking like new with less effort. It is also healthier for your hair and scalp to do that.


As trendy and modern as box braids are, they are not the easiest hairstyle to go for. You need to remember the aspects of this guide when you decide to invest in this type of look. And it is important to have your box braids done by a hairstylist too.

Even if you are confident that you can do them or your friend can help you, this is not a good idea. You might not get them even and you will waste a lot of hours.

The final result will not be the best either. Better to trust a stylist with this complex hairstyle. You will find that once you get your braids in, you will look completely different.

This hairstyle can be very nice at almost any age. But you need to take into account your other features to decide if it will suit you or not. Because once the braids are in, chances are you will keep them.


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