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Best Hair Color For Green Eyes: Expert Tips

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes: Expert Tips

Did you know that green eyes are the rarest of them all? In fact, only 2% of the world’s entire population has green eyes! This includes both men and women, which makes the green eye color unique.They are beautiful on their own, and can easily look stunning and eye-catching in a crowded room.

Women who have green eyes can often look gorgeous with minimal makeup on. However, when it comes to matching their hair color with green eyes and the skin tone/color, it can get difficult. It is challenging to successfully match all three of these factors, but with some instructions and pointers, you will manage it.

How To Match Your Hair Color With Your Green Eyes?

If you truly want to make your green eyes pop make sure that you follow these 5 rules!

Your Eye Color

Take a good look in the mirror and determine your color. Are your eyes completely green, or do they have some blue or gray tint? Brighter and warmer tones in your iris allow you to go really warm with your hair color. You can go with any warmer tone and successfully match it with your hair color, as long as it suits your complexion and your undertone. On the other hand, if your iris is filled with gray, blue, or black color specks you might want to stick to cooler hair options. Neutral and colder tones will, often, demand an icy and ashy hair color.

The Skin Color

Your skin color is really important, as well as your skin tone. Make sure you determine whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or just neutral. The little trick when it comes to determining this is found, believe it or not, in your veins. Take a good look at them. If they are slightly blue or purple you have a cool undertone. However, if your veins are green your undertone is warm. If you are struggling and you cannot pick either then you probably have a neutral undertone.

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Your Current Hair Color

Look at yourself in the mirror, how does your current hair color suit you? If you are not satisfied maybe you should consider switching to a completely different side of the spectrum. Also, know that going from one spectrum of colors to the other can get difficult. For instance, you shouldn’t go from black to platinum blonde in one try since this will damage your hair. Try going gradually and determine whether you should or shouldn’t go all the way. The most ideal option is choosing a shade which is 2 or 3 times darker or lighter than your current/natural hair color.


Take a look at your closet, what do you see? Is there a lot of red, yellow, orange, or green going on? If so, this means that you look and feel the best in your warmer color scheme, therefore warmer hair colors will suit you better. Warmer clothes usually mean that hot red, golden, and rich brown hair will look the best on you. On the other hand, if you feel the best in black, blue, violet, or white, you should go platinum, ash blonde, or anything that is sand colored.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes

Your skin tone has a lot to tell and is an important factor when determining what hair color will suit your green eyes the best. Here are your options:

Fair Skin Tone

Fair skin tone usually burns easily when being too long on the sun. Fair skin toned women almost always have got a slightly pink undertone, and usually look good with minimal makeup on. When it comes to your hair, know that you will look good with almost anything on. You can pull off any darker or lighter hair color, just be careful when going black. If you are a pale girl with a set of bright green eyes, here are your color options:

best hair color for green eyes and fair skin

If you want to go blonde this is a good idea since pale skin mixed with any blonde color will look lovely, especially with green eyes. You can go platinum, honey blonde, or simply with a pale yellow color.

If you want to go red go with a bright red color or a deep brown with some red highlights. This shade looks the best on those who are fair with green eyes.

If you want to go brown know that any lighter or darker brown will suit you. However, you may want to stick to cool and ashy tones if you have a cool undertone. Don’t go for some bright gold highlights on top of your darker brown color, this is a big no-no.

If you want to go black this might not be the best idea. Fair skin is very light and when mixed with a darker hair color it creates a weird contrast. This won’t look good with your green colored eyes for sure.

Cool Skin Tone

Cool skin tone looks really nice with green eyes. Cool skin tone is usually really plain and can look great with a lot of different colors. Luckily, this skin tone can pull off some darker hair colors, unlike the fair tone.

If you want to go blonde you can stick to pale white or platinum blonde options. These will match your tone the best since they are in the same shade of lighter pale colors as your skin tone.

If you want to go red or burgundy this will truly bring out your green eyes and make them pop. You can also go for some red with violet and purple undertones.

If you want to go dark brown or chestnut brown this is an option for you. However, make sure you do a few highlights here and there since this will bring back some life to your hair. This is the best option for cool toned skin mixed with green eyes.

If you want to go black you should try out a darker brown color at first. If you end up liking it you should gradually build it up and then move onto the black color.

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Warm Skin Tone

The main feature of a warm skin tone is its yellow undertone. If everything yellow based suits you the best then you have a true warm undertone. This means that you tan easily and look really bronzey almost 80% of the time. Here are the best color options that you can go for if you have a warm skin tone:

If you want to go blonde stick to honey or butter blonde colors. These will look really flattering when you are at the sea, at the beach, or simply during the entire summer season. Once the winter starts you can lose the highlights and stick to your honey color all on its own.

If you want to go red you can, as long as it is a warmer and brighter red. Dark icy red with some purple tones is not the most flattering option for you.

If you want to go brown stick to toffee and light caramel brown options. Darker brown is not really the best option for your skin and eye color.

If you want to go black know that it may not be the most flattering option. The black color can make you look washed out and really plane, especially next to your green eyes and warm and bronzed skin tone.

Olive Skin Tone

Olive skin tone, as well, tans easily when at the beach and almost always looks healthy and golden. Olive skin tone is often considered as a neutral tone since it is really simple and ashy looking. Here are the best hair color options if this is you:

If you want to go blonde you can, as long as it is a rich blonde color. This will compliment your skin, eye color, and give you an overall glow. However, definitely avoid going platinum since it will appear a little too ashy and will look unflattering.

If you want to go red this is a good choice for your skin and your eye color. Redheads with green eyes and an olive skin tone are very eye-catching and desired for the summer season.

If you want to go brown stick to chocolate browns. Everything that looks healthy, golden, and glowy will look amazing on you. Darker browns are an option as well, as long as they are complemented by a set of nice highlights.

If you want to go black you can do that as well. However, it would be nice if you had a set of brown highlights. This way you will still have some dimension and color that will match your olive skin tone.

Best Hair Color For Green Eyes


Other Types of Green Colored Eyes

As it is in life, there are always some exceptions. In this case, you may be that exception. Green colored eyes are not always, essentially, just green. There are some rare cases of green color that can be mixed in with some other elements, such as:

Green and Blue Eyes

These eyes are very specific, unique, and rare. There are also some cases in which a person can have two completely different colored eyes. For instance, actress Mila Kunis has got a unique mixture of green and brown eye color, but we will talk about this combo later below.

When it comes to your green & blue combo, know that you can pull off many different hair colors. However, make sure you match it successfully to your undertone. The safest option that you can go for is usually a light blonde or medium honey colored blonde.

If your skin has got a warm tone, you will look your best with anything that sparkles. Women with this eye color usually look their best with some beige, gold, or honey hair color, as well as chestnuts and Auburn. Highlights will look very sexy on the blue/green eye color as well.

If your skin is fair just stick to copper colors. Dark and rich red, as well as a copper brown, should be your way to go.

Green Hazel Eyes

Green hazel eyes can change color when exposed to the sunlight. You should observe your iris and look for some yellow color peeking through. There could also be some elements of amber, yellow, or golden brown with this eye color. If this is you know that you are in luck since you can switch up your hair color every now and then.

Women who have this unique color should stick to vibrant shades. Something that is really red or Auburn will look the best on you for sure. However, you should avoid platinum colors. These will look plane next to your bright hazel eyes.

Actress Mila Kunis loves her eyes and is proud of being so different. If this is your eye color just embrace it like she does.

How To Match Your Makeup With Your Hair and Eye Color

If you want to make everything pop you should adjust your makeup to your eye and hair color. Every eye color will look the best with another shade and with a different technique of applying makeup. For instance:

If you have green and blue eyes you should stick to gold and copper tones. Always use eyeshadows that are on the opposite side of the spectrum of your eye color. Make sure you apply as little or even none of an eyeliner. This color should pop and open up your eyes on its own and shouldn’t be hidden with any black liners.

If you have hazel eyes you are in luck since you have a variety. Apply your makeup based on the event that you are off to. Apply neutral shades if you want to look simple and natural, or go for bright colors if it is a big night out.

If your eye color is a true and simple green anything that is in earthy colors will suit you. A simple pop of bronze or brown will look dazzling on you. You can add some gold to your inner corner and call it a day!