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Does Coconut Oil Fade Hair Color?

Does Coconut Oil Fade Hair Color?

Many of us are using coconut oil on our hair to ensure that it’s staying healthy, especially with all the heat and the chemicals that we’re using on our hair all the time. However, when you have colored your hair, will the coconut oil fade your hair color?

The short answer is no. Only products that are designed for removing hair color will be able to remove or fade your color. However, there is some information that you should know about coconut oil and hair color.

Even if normal coconut oil will not fade hair color, there are some methods where it actually can change or fade your color. Here is everything you need to know about coconut oil and fading hair color.

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Does Coconut Oil Change Hair Color?

If you have permanent hair color and you are using coconut oil without heating it, then it won’t change your hair color.

However, if you’re using other kinds of hair color it might change the hair color, especially if you’re using it directly after you just colored your hair.

There are actually professionals that are saying that using coconut oil regularly on your hair after you colored it, will keep your hair vibrant and shining for a lot longer. Meaning that you don’t need to recolor your hair as often.

However, there are some risks when you are heating coconut oil and using it warm in your colored hair. Especially after the first week of coloring your hair.

Then, you are risking fading or even removing your hair color. Hot coconut oil or any other type of oil is used to remove hair color naturally or to lighten hair color naturally. There aren’t any studies that prove this as yet.

Will Coconut Oil Fade Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

This is where the risks start. Yes, coconut oil can fade or change semi-permanent hair color. This is because there aren’t any of the chemicals in the semi-permanent hair color as in permanent color that will prevent fading.

With semi-permanent color, the color does fade in just a couple of washes. And, if you are using coconut oil and leaving it on your hair it will remove the hair color faster.

One thing that you will know for sure is that it will fade after just one use.

If you are always using semi-permanent hair color, you will need to consider using something else than coconut oil to ensure healthy hair. Or, you are going to use semi-permanent hair color more often than what you normally would do.

Is Coconut Oil Safe on Colored Hair?

Coconut oil is safe on permanent colored hair. It can prolong the hair color before you need to recolor your hair. But, this is if you are using the coconut oil cold and not warmed up.

You should make sure that you are using the coconut oil after you have colored your hair, and your hair has been set for a couple of days.

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Don’t use the oil before coloring your hair. The oiliness of the coconut oil will prevent the hair color from setting in your hair. This can mean that your hair will not be colored evenly.

We all know that before you are coloring your hair, you need to get rid of all the chemicals in your hair. And, this includes coconut oil. This is why it’s recommended that you are not applying coconut oil to your hair a week before coloring.

Can I Apply Oil After Coloring My Hair?

If you want to apply the oil directly after coloring your hair, the answer is no. You shouldn’t apply coconut oil directly after you have colored your hair.

The oil will prevent the permanent color to set properly. You should wait at least a week before you are applying the oil to your hair.

For semi-permanent hair color, you should not apply oil after coloring your hair.

You should use an alternative hair product than oil if you don’t want your hair color to fade faster. With semi-permanent hair color, there aren’t any chemicals that will prevent fading like permanent hair color.

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Can Coconut Oil Get Rid of Hair Dye on the Skin?

For those who have accidents when coloring their hair and hair dye ends up on the skin, we have some good news. Yes, coconut oil can get rid of hair dye on the skin.

Any kind of oil will work as a cleanser to remove hair dye from your skin. Especially permanent hair colors like black, red, and dark brown.

When you are coloring your hair, you will always have some dye gets on your skin. This can be on your ears, or just below your hairline.

Normally get rid of it can be tough and a struggle if you don’t remove it immediately. However, now you know that coconut oil will definitely get rid of hair dye on the skin.

Why is Coconut Oil Recommended for Hair?

This is a question that many are asking. Why is coconut oil recommended for hair? By using chemicals, and heat all the time, we are losing protein in our hair.

When you are using coconut oil before you are washing your hair, you’re preventing protein loss from occurring. This has been tested by recent studies.

Frizz and tangled hair are also a common problem. And the solution is actually easy. By making use of a small amount of coconut oil after washing your hair, or on tangled hair.

Tips When You’re Using Coconut Oil on Colored Hair

To get the most out of your coconut oil on colored hair these are things that you can do.

Using coconut oil as a pre-shampoo before washing your hair. Or, you can boost your conditioner by adding a layer of coconut oil over your conditioner before you are rinsing it off.

These are all things that will ensure that you are getting the full benefits of the coconut oil but without any damage to your colored hair. Using coconut oil normally on your colored hair, will not fade your color.

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If you are making use of permanent hair color. It is quite different when you are using semi-permanent hair color, and you are using coconut oil.

Then there is a risk of fading color faster. There is no risk in using coconut oil in your hair. In fact, it is recommended if you want to make sure that you have healthy-looking hair.