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How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach?

How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach?

Nowadays, there are many ways to dye your hair. You can use several types of hair dyes, some permanent, some semi-permanent and some demi-permanent.

You also have the option to get your new hair color at a salon or do it by yourself in the comfort of your home.

However, most hair dyes imply you bleaching your hair in order to end up with the shade you want. But if you have your mindset on using splat hair dye, could you do that without using bleach?

How to Use Splat Hair Dye Without Bleach? The short answer is yes, you can use splat hair dye without bleach. But you should take into account several aspects so keep on reading to find out everything you need to know.

Can You Use Splat Color Without the Bleach?

Spat hair dye is a semi-permanent hair dye that can last up to six weeks on your hair. But that doesn’t mean it will not fade away. As a matter of fact, chances are that you will notice a lighter shade every time you wash your hair.

Which is why you should wash it less frequently after you dye it with a splat hair dye.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article you can use splat hair dye without bleach. But you will have to be ready for different outcomes than you might expect.

The results you get will vary greatly on the original color you have on your hair, being it your natural color or a dyed one. Here are two common scenarios that you can focus on.

If you have a lighter hair color:

If your hair is blonde from a light to a medium shade, you might be able to get the pastel color you want by using your splat hair dye without bleaching your hair. An exception makes the red hair.

If your hair is naturally red, you might not get the color you want because red tends to be a difficult shade to cover even with regular hair dye. This applies to the hair that is dyed in a reddish color as well!

It doesn’t matter if you dyed your hair blonde or you were born with it. The splat hair dye will cover it for the most part regardless of the situation.

We say that it will cover it for the most part because your pastel color will still not be perfect. But depending on the shade you choose, you might end up with one or two tones darker than you intended.

This also depends on how light the color of your hair actually is. If you use an even darker shade of splat hair dye, the results will be even better as long as your hair is in a light color. 

If you have a darker hair color:

In case you are a brunette or a darker shade of blonde, the situation might be slightly different.

On such shades that are more on the darker spectrum, splat hair dye will not “catch” on your hair at all. You might end up with certain reflections that will be noticeable in the light but nothing more evident than that.

The reason for this is the fact that splat hair dye has no power to lift the color you already have in your hair and penetrate the hair follicle.

Because of that, the layer of splat dye will simply deposit on top of your hair and if you are a brunette, this layer will not make any difference.

General Rule to Follow When You Use Splat Hair Dye:

If you are still not sure how to evaluate your hair color before using splat hair dye, there is one golden rule that will help you.

In order to avoid bleaching your hair before using a splat dye, choose a shade that is darker than your original color. This will give you the results you want or bring you very close to them.

If you apply a shade of splat dye that is lighter than your hair, you will not get too much of a color change.

How Long Does Splat Last Without Bleach?

Another aspect regarding splat hair dye is that the time it will last on your hair will be affected if you are not using bleach beforehand. If on a bleached hair, splat colors could last up to six weeks, they will fade a lot faster on a hair that is not bleached.

You can prolong the shade of your hair by washing it less than you normally would wash it. Try using dry shampoo in between hair washes to get by and still have hair that looks clean.

When you do wash your hair, you could also use a shampoo that protects the hair dye. There are plenty of such haircare products on the market and you can choose one instead of your regular shampoo.

Another trick that will help you achieve a more vibrant and long-lasting color when you use splay hair dye without bleach is to prolong the time you leave it in your hair.

When you use a regular dye you should leave it in your hair for about half an hour, more or less according to the instructions.

In the case of splat hair dyes, you can even leave it in more than one hour but not more than two hours. Even if it will not penetrate your hair, splat dye will still impregnate better on the surface of your hair as more time passes.  

What Colors Can Brunettes Dye Their Hair Without Bleach?

Brunettes tend to be the most confused when they want to dye their hair. And the confusion becomes even more accentuated if they decide to use a splat hair dye while avoiding to bleach their hair.

If you find yourself in such a scenario, you can still dye your hair but in a darker shade than your brunette color. This works great if your original hair color is brown or a chocolate shade and you want it to be black.

But what if your hair is black? In this case, you could go for a vibrant color such as red, green or blue. However, don’t expect your hair to turn the shade you see on the splat dye box because this will not happen.

But you will get some nice reflections that will give your hair color a different shade in the sun.

If you are a brunette, especially if your hair is black, bleaching your hair or maybe lightening it with one or two tones is still the best option.

As long as you don’t overdo it, there shouldn’t be any permanent damage and you should be able to get the shade you want without too much hassle.

You will still have to choose a darker color of splat hair dye but at least you will know that the result will be a positive one. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are ways to go around bleaching your hair and still get a beautiful shade. We completely understand why you want to avoid bleach as it is the most toxic treatment you can offer to your hair.

But take into consideration that moderation is key, even in this aspect. In other words, if you are not going to give your hair this bleaching treatment more than twice or three times a year, you shouldn’t have to worry about side effects.

All you have left to do now is choose the splat color you want to try and decide if you will bleach your hair or not. Apply the tips in this article and you will most likely get an attractive and beautiful shade by the end of the process.

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