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15 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Fast

15 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Fast

Frizzy hair can make the rest of your life seem completely frazzled, causing you to work and schedule around your hair. You long to go out in the humidity without the weather completely undoing the work you’ve put in your hair this morning.

There are ways to accomplish smoothing your hair and becoming confident in any style you want to rock. You can stop hiding your frizz with a hat or attempting to the only kind of smooth it with a headband.

With the help of some completely simple beauty tips, you can style your hair and not see it go POOF in five minutes. We even have some awesome home remedies to try right at home with ingredients laying around your kitchen.

Why Frizzy Hair Happens

So, a lot of complicated scientific things occur at our scalp. The texture of our hair is heavily affected by pH balances which can be swayed by anything from your natural oils, hair products or the elements outdoors. You may be unknowingly using a hair treatment product already that is simply upsetting the balance.

When your hair is dry, it is more attune to damage. This progresses with the constant use of heated styling tools. Heat and chemical treatments can dry out your hair, if you have any natural frizziness, these process will only amplify it.

Yes, all of that frizz is probably a result from you attempting to tame it so often. If you have a problem with frizz, some important steps should be trying to determine the cause, testing out new shampoos, and experimenting with possible remedies. Examine your routine to see if you can suss out the culprit.

Frizzy Hair Fixes

1. Coconut Oil

Coconuts have become a beacon in the beauty world. I mean, what can’t they do. Use them for your skin, your internal health, your hair. Coconut oils work as a moisturizer and its natural nutrients will strengthen its growth. Even your cuticles benefit from coconut oil as you work it into your hair.

2. Conditioning

For those who only condition their hair weekly, then we have found one of the culprits. Regular use of conditioner, as well as shampoo, is vital to preventing a build-up of oils and hair products.

However, don’t go overboard, depending on the brand too much of the chemicals in conditioner can weaken your hair and interfere with your scalps natural processes.

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3. Hair Masks

Of course, you’ve heard of face masks, but a hair mask? Well, once you try one you’ll understand why they are definitely here to stay and their popularity will continue growing. Hair masks are products that will need to sit in order to activate before being washed out. These products take time because they take a gentler approach to leave your hair looking its best.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair After a Shower

Leave in conditioner is a useful tool for some, for others, build up over time can weaken hair and motivate frizziness.

4. Say no to harsh brushes

If your hair is prone to tangles, try to smooth them with your fingers after a conditioning treatment. Ripping and tearing out knots leaves you with split ends and varying lengths of your strands. Take it slowly and work from the ends inwards while it is still wet to avoid accumulating even harder to smooth knots.

5. Wash your hair on a schedule

This does not mean to insist on using the chemicals on it every day. Overwashed hair becomes dry and even lifeless, if not, over-filled with life and frizzy. Everyone’s hair is different, so your schedule will be as well, add and subtract washes to find your perfect balance.

6. Say no to towel drying

Towel drying is common but can contribute to matting and knotting hair.  Air Drying is always a better alternative to anything with hair. That definitely includes a hairdryer. Blow drying can be a beneficial option but remember it is applying more heat, too much can weaken your hair.

Slowly using the cooler setting on your hair dryer, or simply air drying your hair if possible, can help cut out unnecessary damage. If you are blow-drying your hair, wait until it is almost dry, about 90 percent done. Even hair dryers that can operate with cool air are worse for your hair than air drying.

7. Use a diffuser

If you must blow dry, there are special diffusers designed specifically to be used while blow drying. Learning to blow dry without causing frizz will take time, but once you take to this art form amazing styles options can be yours.

A diffuser will restrict the damage done by hot air forcefully drying your hair to keep it smooth. The diffuser can also limit the movement of your strands while drying to create less friction and tangling and therefore frizz.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair After Straightening

Try to straighten your hair sparsely and using a product during the straightening. The least amount of heat damage you do is best and can be the difference between a beautiful curl or a ball of frizz.

Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Special serums have been designed to protect and strengthen your hair as heat is applied through straightening and after. Pick one that matches your hair type, using the wrong formula could be adding too much or too little extra chemicals.

Always straighten on a low heat setting, it may take longer, but it is easier on your hair. Because a low setting is not damaging bits of hair as it goes, low settings will provide an even more impressive style.

7. Awesome Straightening Serums:

Use a spray shine or straightening serum on your brush and run it through your hair after straightening to blend in any frizziness left behind. Brushing or combing your hair excessively, especially without the use of a serum, can ruin your straightening work and release unwanted frizz. Finger combing is a useful method to loosen straightened hair without disturbing it.

8. How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair in Humid Weather

Humidity can be hard to avoid even if your area is not heavily oppressive. Dealing with humid weather will take some planning ahead to overcome. Avoid the humidity when you can, but don’t let your frizz keep you from social situations. Styling your hair in a bun can help protect it in humid weather for upcoming events.

Heat protectants and anti-frizz serums can defend your hair for a few days, but, as always, chemicals can damage hair themselves if applied too often. Additional protein treatments are a good option to strengthen your hair for the future.

9. How to Tame Frizzy Hair Overnight

Your hair can heal while you sleep. But trying to fix your hair the night before the big event can be a gamble. There are some methods that can raise your odds. If you wake up with a tangled mess of knots and frizz then these tips can help you wake up a little more camera-ready.

  • Try switching your bedding. If your pillowcases are pure silk, they will not cause your hair to slump. The higher the thread count the less static will be involved as well.
  • Use a texturizing spray before you sleep to help hold the particular style you have planned, but nothing too strong like hair spray, this will only strengthen your bed head.
  • Detangle those locks before you go to bed and continue to do so throughout the day. Much frizziness can be caused by the breakage of tangled hair.
  • Well-oiled hair also has a much less likely chance of tangling, breaking, or frizzing. There is a line between well-oiled and greasy, so tread carefully.
  • Wet hair can be detrimental to fall asleep with. Even if you used to showering in the morning- change your plans, or give your hair an hour to dry at least before resting.
  • Use your head when deciding on a style to last from the night to the morning. If you spring for an edgy high updo, chances are it will stay more in-shape then soft curls left to loosen.

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How to Tame Frizzy Hair Naturally

Going green and staying away from harsh chemicals is a fantastic step to protect not only your hair but the planet as well. Natural remedies will generally work more slowly; however, they can aid in fortifying your hair as you use it regularly.

10. Almond Oil and Egg

Since the egg is high in protein content, its main function is damage control. Almond oil is a natural conditioner and hair emollient.

How To Use It

Whisk the egg while adding almond oil. When the mixture is smooth, run it through your hair from the roots to the ends. This can be performed best if you section your hair and do it piece by piece. Leave it in for 30 to 40 minutes. Shampoo and condition. Try to stay away from any treatments with sulfates in them. Use this once a week.

11. Beer

Beer is one of the weirder home remedies that can actual aid in moisturizing and strengthening your hair. It is full of proteins and vitamins, the most noticable is vitamin B.

How To Use It

So, this one takes a little preparation. Let the beer sit out overnight in an opened container to allow it to decarbonate, or, in other words, go flat. After shampooing your hair, let the beer run through it. While doing this, gently massage your scalp. Now follow this up with a cold water rinse. Only use this method once every two weeks.

12. Avocado Mask

The vitamin B and vitamin E in avocados helps it control frizzy hair. It works to repair damage and when paired with yogurt, it will serve as a deep conditioner. Yogurt also cleanses.

How To Use It

Fully remove the pit from the avocado and begin to mash it. Combine it with yogurt until you have cream. Put the mixture in your hair while splitting it into sections. You can leave this in your hair for up to one hour, but at least 40 minutes. After rinsing you’ll want to do a normal shampoo and conditioning routine.

13. Lemon and Honey

All little bits of dirt are cleansed from your hair and cuticles thanks to the rich vitamins in the lemon juice. Vitamin C can also spruce up colorless locks thanks to its small amounts of bleaching agents. Besides natural highlights, vitamin C promotes hair growth.

How To Use It

With this treatment, make sure to wash and condition your hair beforehand. Combine the lemon and honey, the mixture should be very loose (more lemon juice than honey.) Massage your scalp when it is saturated in the mixture for 4 minutes. Let it sit for 10-15 more minutes and rinse it. Shampoo hair one more time. Only use this every two weeks.

14. Mayo Hair Mask

Mayo, surprisingly, will provide enough nourishment to your hair to increase strength, and even shine.

How It Works

With the mayo, you’ll want to add a little almond oil and a raw egg to make the mask. Coat your entire head thoroughly. Really, cake it on there. Use a hot towel or shower cap to secure it. After rinsing, use shampoo and conditioner. This mask can actually be used two times a week.

15. Banana Cream

Honey is a known humectant. Bananas are almost a natural conditioner. They combine to make a smoothing and cleansing hair cream.

How You Use It

Let’s start by mashing the banana thoroughly and adding honey to make it a smooth consistency. You’re looking for a paste.

Leave The mixture in for about 25 minutes. Afterward, shampoo and condition your hair normally. It will work best if repeated once a week.

Reclaim Your Hair!

Since hair grows, it only makes sense that you can rectify the problems or mistakes you’ve made with it in the past. Use smart beauty choice to make your frizz go away whether it’s after straightening or after you wake up in the morning. Frizz happens to most of us, but it can be combated with natural remedies and perfectly balanced hair serums.