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Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes: We Found Out!

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes: We Found Out!

If you are having blue eyes, you are a lucky human being, considering how rare this feature is. Less than 10 percent of the global population has this unique eye color and even if you are one of this small percentage, your shade of blue might be even more rare that others.

And since your eyes are so special in their beauty, you need to find a hair color to compliment them. Which might not be an easy task, especially when you feel overwhelmed by the variety of hair colors that you can find nowadays on the market. Instead of doing experiments that are hard to repair on your own image, this article should guide you to find the best hair color for your blue eyes!

Take your skin tone into consideration

Your skin tone is crucial when choosing the perfect hair color, just as important as the color of your eyes! And the skin tone is not necessarily the same as the skin color. And it is essential to be able to tell the difference. You might very well have a pale skin but with darker undertones that get highlighted especially when you are exposed to the sun.

Or you can have a darker skin color with lighter undertones. You also have to consider that your skin tone, color as well as the color of your eyes can’t be changed so the rest of the modifications that you apply to your image must be adjusted to match them.

In case you were wondering how to decide the skin tone that you have, we are gladly letting you know some priceless secrets to determine that all by yourself. Make sure to clean your face completely before trying to decide the tone of your skin and apply the following tips!

  • The t-shirt test. Place a bright green shirt next to your face and take a picture. Then place a bright red shirt next to your face and again, take a picture. Make sure that the room you are doing this in is filled with natural light because artificial light can alter the result. If you look better with the green shirt next to your face you most likely have a cool skin tone. However, if your red shit compliments your face more than you have a warm skin tone
  • Take a look at your veins. Again, for this test is important to place your wrist in an environment filled with natural light. If your veins are visible enough try to decide the color that they have. People with purple or blue veins are more likely to have a cool skin tone. Similarly, those with green veins tend to have a warm skin tone.
  • If you have a neutral skin tone try the white shirt test. Let’s say your skin seems to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Chances are even if this is the case, it still has cool or warm influences in it. In order to determine that, use a white shirt and follow the first step again by placing it next to your face and snap a photo. If your skin looks a little yellow next to the white shirt, you are closer to the warm side of the spectrum. If it looks rose or pink, you are on the cool side. This will help you tremendously later on as you move on to pick the perfect hair color for you!

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Now that you know how to determine the skin tone that you have, combined with the shade of blue in your eyes, you can decide from a range of hair colors that will complement your features. Consider all the options you have before making the final decision and if you still can’t make up your mind, talk to a specialist. But the following tips should give you a good direction in the matter so let’s discover what goes perfectly with those beautiful blue eyes of yours!

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Blue eyes and Cool skin tones

If you have a cool skin tone with and blue eyes consider yourself one of the lucky ones. This means that your complexion most likely goes along with many hair colors so you definitely have where to choose from. Light shades of skin and eye colors, go perfectly with light shades of blonde. You will find these shades of blonde with the word “ash” or “platinum” next to it and sometimes with the word “cool” as well.

You might be tempted to risk an “ice” type of blonde but this is tricky as it can look very well on some women but not compliment other just as great. There are many options on the market and while all of them might seem just as beautiful for you, not all might be a great choice to make.

Blonde is not the only option you have for a cool skin and blue eyes. You can definitely try a darker colors successfully as long as you choose the shade well enough. For instance natural brown looking colors go great with features like yours as well as different shades of “chocolate” brown color.

But if you want something a little more drastic and you prefer some contrast, a jet black can be simply breathe taking on you! Be careful with the black shades though, because once you put them in your hair, they are a great deal of work to take out. But if you know that you will be consistent with it for at least several months, trying the black side is definitely an option for you!

You don’t want dark and you don’t want blonde either? Well, you can always go red. And by red, we mean as red as you actually want. Blue eyes go great with many shades of red and the cool skin only comes to add the right level of beauty to your appearance. For the ultimate success, try to choose red colors that are intense and vibrant.  

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Warm skin tone and blue eyes? No problem!

So you have a warm skin tone and want to know what hair color goes well with that considering that your eyes are blue. There are plenty of options for you to choose from as well. Chances are that you already realised that gold looks better than silver with your features.

You might also be able to catch a tan after just some hours spent in the sun so your skin will become a darker shade because of that, especially in the summer. While darker shades of skin combined with blue eyes are completely seductive, they also need a perfect hair color for the beauty image to be complete.

To start with, forget about ash blonde or platinum blonde and even jet black. Such hair colors simply won’t go as good as you might imagine with your features. Now, the good news is that there are plenty of shades of blonde to choose from. You can choose a darker shade of blonde such as a cognac style.

This will make you look natural and all your features will blend in with the complexity of your image. Highlights of blonde work great too1 Especially if you have a natural brown hair that you want to enhance with just a few blonde highlights in order to make it look more interesting. And don’t listen to anyone telling you that highlights are out of fashion because they would be so wrong!

Let’s say you see yourself more like a redhead. You have the option to try a cinnamon kind of red or dark auburn that will go perfectly with your warm skin tone and it will make your blue eyes sparkle like diamonds! A shade such as cooper red works just as great, especially if you have lighter skin with warm undertones.

But if your skin is more on the darker side or if you are planning to get a nice consistent tan, try opting for a bright red! With such features, is important to stay away from shades of red like strawberry red or light red-orange’ish colors because all they will do is to create a confusing contrast between your skin, hair and eyes. And that will not be very flattering.

Neutral skin tone and blue eyes? Lucky you!

Your skin might not be cool or warm but it might be neutral instead. And that is one of the easiest options, especially if you have blue shining eyes. Neutral skin tones are very beautiful in combination with all types of blue eyes, from the ocean blue to the sky blue ones.

Blue eyes and a neutral skin tone give you the freedom to try out any hair color that your imagination leads you toward. But if you want to determine the perfect hair color for you, try to pay a closer attention to your skin. Yes, it might be neutral but it most likely goes toward the cool or warm spectrum at least a little bit.

It is very hard to be perfectly in the middle. Look at your veins and try the t-shirt test to see which side of neutral are you. If you find that your skin gets a little into the cool side, try the colors from the cool skin tone and blue eyes. While if it leans into the warm side, try those shades.

Sure, you will look great in any color you want, but if you are going for perfection, pay attention to these details and you will look simply amazing!

Vibrant colors that look great with blue eyes and all types of skin tones

You might be a little unconventional and eager to try out some colors that don’t seem so natural. And if you have the confidence to do so, you should definitely go for it! These are the best vibrant hair colors that will simply make your blue eyes shine more!

  • Go white! Yes, it is a daring option, but after all why not? You might look just amazing with a white hair color that will compliment your blue eyes in a unique way. And yes, people will notice you but they will also admire you so you win!
  • Pink or blue! If you go for pink, you can pretty much pick any shade and it will go perfectly with your blue eyes and any type of skin tone. However, if you pick blue, you might want to try out a shade of blue that is as similar as possible with the shade of your eyes. It is true that your eyes might change shades according to the color of your hair but helping them a little can’t harm.
  • Purple! This color is considered a miracle one because not only it goes well with all skin tones but it also makes blue eyes look simply astonishing! It is however a complex color to maintain in your hair, especially if you go for the bright type of purple. You might take numerous trips to see your hairdresser if you want to maintain it but it is all going to be worth it in the end!


Now, you should have the whole range of possibilities for your features when it comes to picking up the perfect hair color. Blue eyes are some of the most attractive eyes that you will ever find and they need to be valued with a hair color that is just as beautiful.

Ultimately, the style that you choose will add up to your personality and make you feel more confident. But you do need to pay attention to your other features such as the skin tone that you were born with.

For the health of your hair, it is advised not to change the color radically every month, but if you do it twice a year in a professional saloon, you shouldn’t take any risks. Now, pick your shade and make those beautiful blue eyes sparkle!