How Often Can You Dye Your Hair? (Complete Guide)

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Dyeing our hair is something that most women are doing these days. We don’t even think twice about it. But, are we damaging our hair in the process because we are dyeing our hair too often?

How often can I dye my hair without damaging it, is the one question that everyone is asking? The right answer is that you should dye your hair between 4 and 6 weeks. The shorter the time between dyes, the more damage you are going to do to your hair.

With this complete guide about dyeing your hair, the better you will understand how much time you should leave between dyes and how you can ensure that your hair isn’t getting damaged.

What would happen if you dye your hair too much?

What would happen if you dye your hair too much? Really, what will happen? Many hair colors have ingredients in that is feeding your hair, and that can ensure that your hair is staying strong and healthy. So, is it really so dangerous for your hair to be dyed regularly?

Yes, even with the beneficial ingredients, there are ingredients that are damaging to your hair. Peroxide is just to name one of the ingredients.

Your hair will get dry, split ends will form faster, you can get chemical burns, or you can struggle with hair loss. This isn’t problems that you will get all the time, but this is something that can happen when you are dying your hair too often, over a long period of time.

When you have damaged your hair, because of dyeing hair too often, it is hard to repair your hair again. Cutting your hair is the only solution at the end of the day, to get your hair healthy again.

Can I dye my hair every 2 weeks?

The answer to this question depends on a couple of things. If you are just dyeing the roots of your hair every two weeks, then it is not a problem, and damage will be limited.

Depending on the color that you are dye your roots. Making your roots blond, means using peroxide, and this is going to damage your hair.

However, if you are dye your whole head every 2 weeks, and you are using dye that contains peroxide then this is going to be a problem. You are going to damage your hair for sure. Especially if you are going to dye your hair at home.

By going to a salon, you will limit the damage, because they are using professional, high-quality products that will limit the damage. If you are considering dyeing your hair every two weeks, you need to make sure that your hair is healthy and that you are considering using a hair treatment on a regular basis.

How often can I dye my hair with semi-permanent color?

If you are looking for ways to color your hair on a weekly basis, then you can use most semi-permanent hair colors. This is safe to use weekly. The reason for this is because you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals that are used in permanent hair color.

It isn’t normally used in semi-permanent color. If you have colored your hair, you don’t like the color, you can just color it again, making sure that you are using a semi-permanent color again.

The downside to using semi-permanent hair dye is that this is going to cost you a lot of money at the end of the day. These dyes aren’t really cheaper than the permanent dye. But you are using it on a weekly basis instead of using it on a four or six-weekly basis. This can cost more than going to a salon for permanent coloring, doing it professionally.

Hair Dye

How often can I dye my hair with box dye at home

Make sure that you understand that we are talking about the permanent hair dye here. We already said that with the semi-permanent dye you can dye your hair weekly. However, with box dye, you need to be careful.

You need to make sure that you wait at least four to six weeks before you are coloring your hair again. Even if you are just using the box dye for covering your roots again.

This is the one mistake that is going to cause lots of hair damage. To dye your hair at home is bad enough. To do it more often than needed is just going to make things worse.

Yes, there are many box dyes that are high-quality dyes that aren’t damaging anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that you can now dye your hair more often than every four to six weeks. The more frequent you dye your hair, the more damage your hair is going to have.

How often can I dye my roots?

You might not like the answer that we are going to give you about how often you can dye your roots again. Just like box dyeing, you can only dye your roots every four to six weeks. You are still using the same chemicals, and this is still going to damage your hair when you are dyeing your roots too often.

You might consider using semi-permanent hair color if you have hair that is growing really fast so that your hair doesn’t look too bad, before you can use permanent hair color to dye your hair again.

Or, you can use the latest root cover-up spray that isn’t damaging at all. But, to dye your roots with normal hair dye before four weeks are over, isn’t recommended. You can talk to a professional if you really need assistance to cover up your roots before the four weeks are over.

How often should I dye my hair without damaging it

By now you know that it is safe to dye your hair between 4 and 6 weeks. However, there is still a risk that you can damage your hair if you don’t wait long enough. So, the question is how often should I dye my hair without damaging it?

It is preferred to wait until 6 weeks have passed. And, after you have done a hair treatment to ensure that your hair is still in good condition. We are saying that it is safe to dye your hair after 4 weeks, but this is in cases where women’s hair is growing really fast.

It doesn’t mean that you can dye your hair again, after 4 weeks, just because your hair color is starting to fade. How much hair has grown out, after the four weeks? If your hair hasn’t grown out too much, then you should wait until 6 weeks have passed. This is the perfect time to wait if you don’t want to damage your hair with dyeing it too often.

You can also speak to a professional to make sure that you don’t dye your hair too often. With some hair, you will damage your hair, the moment that you dye your hair, while with other hair, you can dye it every second week without causing any damage.

It differs from person to person and how healthy your hair is to start with. But in most cases if you don’t want to damage your hair in any way, you should wait until the six weeks have passed since your previous dye.

Things to consider when deciding when you should dye your hair again

You have dyed your hair recently and you are considering doing it again. But, the six weeks since the past hair color hasn’t passed yet. Before you reach for your hair dye, there are a couple of things that you should consider, before you decide to dye your hair again. Things that will mean the difference between having healthy or damaged hair. These are things to consider.

  • Is your hair still healthy, or do you have split ends and dry hair? The more damage your hair has, the more damage the next dye is going to do.
  • Are you going to a salon for your hair dye, or are you going to do it at home with a DIY box dye? Salon dye is safer because you are getting it done by a professional that will give you a hair treatment if needed.
  • Do you have fine hair that is prone to damage? The finer your hair, the easier it can get damaged by using too many chemicals or using chemicals too often. Thicker hair will stay healthier for longer before it gets damaged.
  • The type of hair dye that you are going to use when you are doing it yourself at home. The cheaper box dye is prone to damaging hair easier. If you want to dye before the 6 weeks are over, then using a high-quality hair dye is recommended.

My hair didn’t dye correctly. Can I dye it the next day again?

This might have happened to you before. You have dyed your hair at home with the box dye. But it didn’t come out the way you hoped. It might not have colored at all, or it ends up a completely different color. Now you are wondering if you can purchase another hair dye and color it again, the next day.

This is something that might not be a great idea. Yes, you can dye your hair again, the next day, but it isn’t recommended. You will have a high chance of getting some damage done to your hair. If your hair is in general in good condition and healthy, then this is something you might be able to do.

However, if your hair is already damaged, and you are using peroxide or other harmful chemicals again, then you are going to damage your hair further, and then it isn’t recommended to color your hair the next day again.

Rules to follow when dyeing your hair

These are the general rules when you are dyeing your hair so that you know when you are able to dye your hair without causing any damage. With putting these in short here, you will have a go-to-guide where you can see when you can go for your next hair treatment. This is according to a professional hairstylist to ensure that you don’t dye or peroxide your hair too often.

  • The full head dye is every four to six weeks
  • Foils touch-ups are every six to eight weeks
  • Balayage is necessary to get done every eight to twelve weeks
  • Semi-permanent hair color fade fast and can be done every week
  • Fashion colors like blue, pink, purple can be done every three weeks

Guide in repairing hair damage because of dyeing hair too often

You might have already dyed your hair too much, and you have done the damage to your hair. Now how can you repair the damage? Here are a couple of ways on how you can repair the damage that was already done to your hair.

It is hard to repair damaged hair, but with these tips, you can limit the damage and start the repairing process to get your hair in good condition again.

  • Stop dye hair immediately to start off. Any further dyeing will damage hair further.
  • Getting good quality hair treatment to treat damaged hair weekly with.
  • Go for a hair trim at the salon and ask for hair treatment as well.
  • Prevent it from happening again, by not dye hair too often and to do weekly hair treatments.

How often can you dye your hair? The general rule is that you can dye your hair every four to six weeks. However, there are different rules for different circumstances.

This is why you need to make sure that you know exactly how often you can dye your hair. It will depend on the type of hair dye that you are considering, and if you are doing it at home or if you are letting a professional do it for you. The only thing that you need to know is that if you are damaging your hair, it is really hard to repair it and make it healthy again.

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