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How Much do You Tip for a Haircut?

How Much do You Tip for a Haircut?

First and foremost, let’s make one thing clear: tipping is 100% up to your discretion. Yes, I encourage people to leave tips. However, tipping isn’t mandatory.

That said, the general rule of thumb when it comes to how much you tip for a haircut is at least %20—whether you got a big haircut, a regular trim, or a blowout.

If your haircut cost $40, your tip should probably be $8. The hairstylist’s assistants usually shampoo and condition your hair so make sure they’re getting a cut.

Consult the receptionist and inform yourself on how tips are split. If they’re not, it’s common to tip them at least $5, depending on your service and satisfaction.

How Much Should I Tip for a Haircut?

If you like your hairdresser, it’s common to tip at least $20. This helps build a relationship with the salon which can help acquire a last-minute appointment.

Is There a Rule of Thumb When It Comes to Beauty Services and Gratuity?

Yes, there’s a general rule of thumb for all beauty services and gratuity. The regular tip is 20%—whether it’s a big haircut, blowout, regular trim, a massage, or manicure.

The price of a service is the price of the service, plus the tips. If you don’t feel comfortable with spending an extra $12 for a $60 cut, consider visiting a salon that fits your budget.

How Much do You Tip for a $15 Haircut?

If you want to show gratitude and follow the general rule of thumb, then tip at least %20. That said, for a $15 haircut, you need to tip $3. But you can always tip more if you appreciate your hairstylist and love their work. Tipping isn’t mandatory but it’s a great way to express appreciation and satisfaction.

How Much do You Tip for a $20 Haircut?

Tipping is optional. However, it’s always welcome and heart-warming. Tipping is also a nice way to show your appreciation for 20% of the total cost of the beauty service.

If your haircut costs a total of $20, you should add $4 in tips or more. It’s totally up to you! If you like the results and appreciate your hairdresser’s effort, you can tip extra.

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How Much do You Tip for a $30 Haircut?

If your haircut costs a total of $30, then you should tip $6 or more. If it’s a hairstylist that you have been seeing for a while and really like his/her work, you should probably tip extra.

If you usually pay $30 for a haircut, then you should surprise your hairdresser with $30 in tips before the holidays. It’s a nice way to show gratitude for a year’s worth of great haircare.

How Much do You Tip for a $40 Haircut?

The general rule of thumb in terms of tipping beauty services is 20%. Therefore, a $40 cut would call for an $8 tip thank you. You can tip more if you’re extremely satisfied with the results.

How Much Do You Tip for a $60 Haircut?

The rule of thumb when it comes to tipping beauty services is at least %20—whether you got a big cut, a blowout, or regular trim. If your haircut cost $60, then you should tip $12 or more.

Potential Haircut Price and Expected Tip Calculated

Potential haircut price Expected tip (20%)
$15 $2
$20 $4
$30 $6
$40 $8
$60 $12

Simple Haircut Tip Calculator

Calculating your tip can be hard while asking your hairstylist how much tip they expect can be awkward. You can start with a phone call while you’re confirming your meeting.

How Much Do You Tip for an In-Home Styling Session?

If you have an in-home bridal party, updo, blowout, or styling service through a salon or via an app, then you need to tip at least %20 in cash in person.

Should I Tip Extra During the Holidays?

It’s highly recommended to slip your favorite hairdresser, nail technical, or aesthetician a 25% tip during the holidays. You can also treat them with personalized gifts like a ‘thank you’ note or cookies to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Is it Rude Not to Tip Your Barber?

You should consider tipping at least %20 if you’re satisfied with the beauty service. It’s a nice thing to do.

My best friend is a hairstylist for over six years but when she started, she didn’t make much because she was too young to have her salon.

And she was employed at a local salon that belonged to someone else who only paid her %50 of the job she did. Meaning, tips helped her a lot. She had to buy her expensive equipment.

And pay for maintenance and the finishing items she used to style her client’s hair after the color, cut, or blowout service. She also had to pay for educational lessons to keep her technique up to date. That’s very expensive! That’s why I decided to write this informative article.

If your hairstylist is kind, hard-working, and provides top-notch results every single time, leave a tip but if they’re rude or do a poor job and don’t put effort into fixing it, don’t tip.

It’s not rude not to tip your barber if you don’t have enough money in your pocket or they did a poor job that you’re not satisfied with. Tipping is welcome but not mandatory.

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What if You Don’t Like How Your Haircut Turned Out?

First, professionals suggest that you always remember that it’s your hard-earned money you’re spending and if you don’t like the results, don’t tip. It’s not mandatory to leave a tip.

Tipping expresses gratitude to people who have served you well. However, it’s not a requirement. Often, stylists recognize that tipping is extended out of gratitude for good service.

And they would probably not accept your tip if you’re not satisfied with the results. If you don’t love the results, talk to your stylist and give them a shot to redeem the experience.

Explain why you’re unhappy. Your stylist won’t take it personally. No professional stylist will want people to leave their salon unsatisfied and should make adjustments to find a solution.

Do You Tip the Owner of a Hair Salon?

Again, it’s not mandatory to tip anyone! However, tips can be a way of saying ‘thank you’ for your effort and hard work. If you’re super excited about your haircut, and you’ve had a wonderful experience at the salon, it never hurts to show gratitude for the salon owner as well.

If the salon owner was also your hairstylist, you should tip at least %20. Just because they own the place, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a tip for their service.

Should You Ever Tip More Than 20% at the Hair Salon?

According to professionals, tipping more than %20 is a great idea in certain circumstances. For instance, if you’re a new consumer and the stylist is spending a lot of time on your design and consultation, leave a good tip. Or if it’s a holiday, leave at least %25 tip.

Also, if you’re running late to your appointment, tipping a few extra dollars is a nice thing to do. It shows your hairdresser you appreciate their time. Tip more if you’ve taken your kids to the beauty salon or feel like you’ve gotten exceptional results and/or service.

Final Words

Although tipping is personal, it doesn’t have to be awkward. The general rule of thumb is tipping at least %20. However, if you can and want to go higher, feel free to do so!

Just don’t forget that it’s your money you’re spending. Also, no one is expecting anything from you. How much money you spend is up to you and your relationship with your stylist.

Hopefully, you find my article helpful in some way. If you have questions related to the subject, leave a comment below. I will be more than happy to assist you and have a little chat.


Wednesday 11th of January 2023

My experience is that if you love someone's service and you request that person by name to do your service you should show your appreciation through gratuity as I'm sure they could have taken a random person and got shown the same appreciation. Not tipping or less than 20% for a stylist that you are requesting Is going to make them feel unappreciated. If you are requesting that person I'm sure you have specific requests or loved the service that you received previous visits so why not show your gratitude. Also some stylist avoid non -tippers 😉