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How Long to Leave Hair Dye on Roots?

How Long to Leave Hair Dye on Roots?

Think of your hair in 3 sections including roots, mid-lengths, and ends. Hair color needs to be applied to these sections at different times.

Most of the time, people apply their hair color on roots first whether it be for changing the tone of their natural hair color or gray coverage.

However, keep in mind that roots represent the freshest, newest hair. Therefore, it takes additional time for the color to work when coloring roots.

It’s recommended to leave hair dye longer on roots. For instance, if it says 20 min, leave it on for 10 min extra. Mid-lengths is where your hair is more porous.

This part of your hair has had time to be exposed to unnatural and natural elements such as highlighting, coloring, heat styling, and sun exposure.

Meaning, your hair shaft is a bit more open than your roots to absorb hair dye much easily. Finally, your ends absorb hair dye very easily.

They don’t require as much time as your roots. In conclusion, it’s always a wise choice to give your roots the most time to absorb dye.

Give your roots at least 20 minutes head start. It’s also recommended to comb color down through hair applying extra color to your mid-lengths and ends.

Do You Dye Roots First or Ends?

According to professionals, it’s best if you apply hair color a half-inch away from the scalp and work your way to the ends of your hair.

The head from the head makes the dye work faster at the roots. Then, halfway through the transforming process, return, and cover your roots.

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Do Roots Take Longer to Dye?

If you’re coloring your hair for the first time and there’s no colorant, it’s recommended to dye your mid-lengths and ends first.

Your roots will absorb hair dye much faster. Therefore, leaving that until last will provide your end style even smoother color.

How Often Should You Do Root Touch Ups?

Ideally, you should be doing root touch-ups every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s recommended not to wait later than 8 weeks. This particular timeframe should be respected for 2 reasons.

First, the result will look better. And second, it’s recommended for biological reasons. The scalp releases heat. And this heat won’t increase more than 2 centimeters past the root.

Is it Okay to Dye Roots Every 2 Weeks?

Yes, it’s okay to dye roots every 2 weeks. However, you shouldn’t color roots more often than every 2 or three weeks.  The issue is when you’re going blonde, you can notice your dark roots after seven days but if you dye your roots every week, then you will notice the damage.

Why Are My Roots Coming Through so Quickly?

If your hair is resistant to tin, your roots will come through quicker than usual, especially when your hair texture has altered as a result of bleaching.

What Happens When You Leave Hair Dye in Too Long?

If you leave dye in too long or longer than suggested, some dye rows are progressive and as they remain on, they will continue getting darker and darker. Also, leaving a dye in too long could result in brittle, dry hair.

How Long Should You Leave Hair Dye on Grey Roots?

If you want to dye your roots to even out the tone or because your grays are coming through, apply the dye in your roots only and leave it on for 25 minutes.

How Often Should You Dye Grey Roots?

You should dye grey roots every 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the natural color of your hair and speed of growth. Visit your hairdresser regularly for maintaining your grey roots. However, keep in mind that this method is the costliest and most time-consuming alternative.

Why Are My Roots Not Taking Color?

Likely, your roots aren’t taking because your hair is too “healthy” or undamaged.

It’s known that undamaged hair such as the new hair found at your roots has a strong exterior layer and doesn’t loosen up enough to absorb dye molecules.

And when those molecules can’t get through your hair can’t switch the hair color. And you might end up with a shade you didn’t want.

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Tips for Coloring the Roots

Coloring your roots isn’t as complicated as you think. Apply these 2 simple tips to get extra color on your roots and you will do just fine.

Tip 1: Leave the color solution on your roots longer

It’s recommended to leave the dye on your roots for a longer period before washing it off.  For instance, if the time on the package says 20 min, leave it on for 10 min extra. This will provide the chemicals extra time to get into your hair.

Tip 2: Color your roots twice

The first time you color your roots, follow the steps as usual but leave a small part of the dye (unmixed) to utilize for later.

After coloring your roots once, mix the remaining dye and color them again. This double process should damage your roots enough to get them to absorb enough dye.

However, keep in mind that everyone’s hair acts differently. Therefore, you will have to experiment with how long to leave the dye on.

How to Care for Colored Hair?

If you want to extend the vibrancy and life of your hair and keep your color for longer, utilize a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Also, select products that are made specifically for colored hair. Utilize leave-in conditioner treatments and intensive hair masks to hydrate your hair.

Stay away from the sun as sun exposure can cause your new hair color to fade. Wear a cap or sun hat at all times when you’re outdoor.

Wrap Up

Coloring your roots is a difficult but not impossible task. You can finish this task successfully if you apply the tips provided in this article.

Hopefully, you learned how long to leave hair dye on roots. Keep in mind that new undamaged roots will have a harder time accepting dye and changing color.

However, leaving the solution on your roots for a longer period, and repeating the action twice should cause enough damage to get them to absorb enough color.

As nasty as it may sound, it’s the only way to get your roots to the desired color. Visiting your hairstylist is another option but it’s expensive.