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Pro Tips on How to Remove Wax from Skin

Pro Tips on How to Remove Wax from Skin

Every girl wants to have smooth and supple skin, especially in summer days when we wear summer clothes like skirts and dresses. Our topic today is familiar to all the girls out there – waxing. Now, before we start talking about how to remove wax from your skin, let’s first see what steps you should take before even getting a wax.

If you follow this simple guide on how to prepare for waxing, there is a high chance that this already painful experience could be a little bit easier for you. As you already know, this can be done at the salon by esthetician or you can do it yourself at home. After years of waxing I came up with little tips and tricks that I want to share with you guys. However you decide to do it, make sure to follow these steps to make the whole experience a little better. I hope you will find these steps useful! ????

1. Prepare your skin before waxing

If you decide to get hair removal treatment at a salon, make sure to tell your esthetician if you have any kind of skin problems (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis…), or if you just have sensitive skin. This way your esthetician will know how to treat your skin to make as little damage as possible.

Also, make sure to shower before the procedure to remove all the sweat from your body. Sweat is making it harder for wax to spread evenly, and sometimes it acts like a glue making it very hard to get the wax off. In these cases, sometimes bruises can occur. Of course, you should always hydrate and moisturize your skin, but on the day of your hair removal treatment try to use lighter and fast-absorption formula, which is not oil based.

Oil will prevent wax from sticking to your skin, and that is not something you want because it won’t be able to stick to the hair. Basically, oils dissolve wax on your skin, which is why they are great for removing wax after the treatment, but we will talk about it later.

Also, a good advice is to try to stick to one routine. What I mean is, if you decide to go with waxing treatments, try not to shave your body parts. If you constantly do both, there is a high chance your hair will not grow all at once, which means you won’t be able to remove all your hair by waxing. Trust me, I’ve been there.

2. Waxing process

I know this part is very uncomfortable and painful, and I never trust people when they say it doesn’t hurt. It always hurts, more or less, but it always hurts. Now, there are usually two ways of getting waxing done, by cold or hot waxing treatment. If I choose I usually go with a hot waxing treatment, because I believe it is less painful if it’s done properly. Be sure that the wax is not too hot so your skin doesn’t get burnt. I know this part is not pleasant at all, but you’ll get through it. ????

I recommend trying sugar wax as well, it works perfectly with my skin. I noticed that my skin is not very sensitive after it and sometimes it’s less painful.

If you are not tolerant and can’t stand the pain like some of my friends are, you can always take some painkiller around 20 minutes before the procedure, so it won’t hurt that much. I never tried it, but people say it really helps. ????

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3. After the waxing treatment

So, now that you got through the worse, you should feel great because you finally have perfectly smooth skin. ???? Now it’s time to give your skin some love and treat it right so you don’t have redness. A cold compress is a great way to calm your skin after waxing.

Of course, it is very common to have some wax left on your skin, and I will give you few tricks how to remove it without making any damage to your skin.

how to remove body wax from surfaces

How to Remove Wax from Skin

Now, the worst thing you can do it to try to peel off the wax from your skin. That is a big NO! Don’t try to scrape, rub with a towel or anything similar. The mentioned actions will only make it even worse: you will not get the wax off properly + you’ll have very irritated and red skin, and that is usually painful.

I recommend investing in good post-depilatory lotion. These days you can find so many of them on the market, from the cheap once to ridiculously expensive once, but there is something for everyone. I always go with these lotions because they are tested, and they always do the job for me. Every time after waxing session I let my skin calm itself for a few hours, and then I use post-depilatory lotion to get any extra wax off my skin.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to invest in products like this, you can always use old methods, that work just as well. I bet we all have these ingredients at our homes – oils. Feel free to use any kind of oil you have – olive oil, baby oil, mineral oil, and my personal favourite – coconut oil! Not only that it does the job perfectly, but is also very nourishing and it smells great, so it is a win-win situation. ????

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Use Coconut Oil to Remove Wax Residue

Before using oils to remove wax from your skin you should do few little steps. First, take a warm washcloth or a towel (always make sure that it is not hot because your skin is already very irritated from waxing) and gently press it against the skin. Keep the cloth on the wax for about a minute. This will help soften the wax, and sometimes if there is no too much wax left, you can just wipe it off with the washcloth without even using oils.

After doing this step your wax should be a little bit softer now. That is the right time to use oils. I usually take a cotton pad and soak it in the oil. Of course, if you use coconut oil like myself, make sure to melt it first because it comes in solid form. Be careful not to make it to hot because your skin is already very irritated, and it won’t be pleasant at all.

Then, just go gently over the waxed areas, and you will instantly see the magic. The oil dissolves the wax, and it feel very nice on the skin. If it is still hard to remove it, add more oil.

To be honest, sometimes when I am out of cotton pads (I am sure we’ve all been there) I just use my hands and give myself a massage using the coconut oil. (This way even my cuticles get a treatment which is a bonus!). I must admit this kind of wax removing from your skin is sometimes messy, but I promise it is worth it.

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After removing all the wax, I usually wait for few hours for my skin to absorb the oils and then shower using just a little soup. Of course, since we all have very busy lives these days, I understand if you don’t have time to sit around and wait for oil to absorb, in that case just take a shower right after. I personally like to wait because it makes my skin feel really soft, but it’s all up to you.

Also, another great tip for you is to try to wear wider clothes when you go waxing. If you jump into skinny jeans right after waxing, there is a high chance you will have blue marks on places where jeans touch the wax residue. Some of my friends say this is helpful because they can see exactly where the leftovers are, but I personally don’t like it.

After taking a shower make sure to hydrate your skin properly and wait at least 3-4 weeks before getting new waxing treatment. Let your hair grow a little, so the wax has something to attach to. You should also be aware of the fact that waxing actually makes your hair softer. The hair is not thick and strong enough to make it through the skin, so it makes small red bumps also known as ingrown hair.

Never try to pluck your ingrown hair, it can only make more damage. Try exfoliating your skin instead. Do a good scrub treatment once in 10-15 days (that is how I do it) and try not to have wax treatments more then once a month. Let your skin rest and always take care of it by applying moisturizer. Your skin will be grateful!

Before we go, you can check my favourite post-depilatory lotion(Amazon aff. Link).

It works perfectly for me every single time!