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How Long to Leave 10 Volume Developer on Hair?

How Long to Leave 10 Volume Developer on Hair?

Using 10 volume developer is one of the best bleach options you have in changing the color of your hair. But you will have to use it correctly in order to make the best out of it.

The market offers 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, 40 volume, and even 50 volume developers. The stronger the developer, the more dangerous it is for your hair. This is why a 10 volume developer is the best type to use when it comes to the health of your hair.

When it comes to a 10 volume developer, you will have to leave it in your hair anywhere between 10 minutes and 30 to 35 minutes.

The amount of time you leave the developer in your hair will depend on the instructions. Each product will come with clear instructions and you should never leave the bleach on more than the recommended time.

This time will also vary according to the type of hair you have as well as the starting color you want to bleach. Let’s look into the important details of using such a product and what aspects you should consider.

After reading this guide you will understand if using plain developer is best for you or you should combine it with bleach powder. 

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Will 10 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

The common and most efficient way to lighten the shade of your hair involves combining developer with bleach powder.

In most cases, you will find these two ingredients in one product but you can also purchase them individually. So, what happens if you decide to use a developer by itself?

You might be tempted to use only a 10 volume developer to lighten your hair in order to skip the side effects of using bleach.

The bleach powder is famous for getting your hair dry and even damage it severely if you overuse it. The 10 volume developer, on the other hand, is one of the less strong developers on the market. It will also have fewer side effects on the health of your hair.

A developer is hydrogen peroxide in its nature, and it has the purpose to open your hair cuticles. Once your hair cuticles are open, the ammonia or activator in the bleach powder will enforce the lightening process.

If you decide to use a developer by itself, you can expect shier results. It will lighten your hair somewhat but not as efficient as it would if you use it with bleach powder.

The 10 volume developer might lighten your hair color with one tone if you leave it in for the maximum time. But the color you have to begin with is equally important.

For instance, if your hard is medium or dark brown, you can expect a less obvious lightening effect. However, if your hair is a lighter color, to begin with, a 10 volume developer might be all you need to lighten the shade.

For a complete change in hair color, using a ten-volume developer with powder bleach is the best bet you have. So, orientate yourself towards the products that contain both of these products and apply them according to the instructions they come with.

If you leave the developer in your hair too long, it will turn it into a brassy shade and it will dry it significantly. This is why it is always important to follow the instructions of the product. 

10 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair

In order to lighten your hair with just a developer, you will have to be patient and have realistic expectations. Without a bleach powder to activate the developer, you will not get a color that is as light as you prefer.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use a plain developer to alter the shade of your hair.

Be ready to allow the developer a longer time to take action. You might want to leave it in for the maximum time of 35 minutes in order to really see a difference.

A good trick to activate the peroxide in your developer more is to dilute it with water. But you will only have to add quarter water at three-quarters developer.

This will enhance its power and help it lighten your hair faster. But either way, you can’t expect to go from one extreme to another in terms of your hair color by using only the developer.

So, if you are planning to change your hair color in a drastic manner, you might want to use a developer with bleach. Depending on the start color of your hair, you might also want to increase the strength of the developer from 10 volume to 20 volume and even 30 volume.

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10 Volume Developer with Bleach

The best way to use a 10 volume developer is by combining it with bleach powder.

The developer will open your hair cuticles in order to receive the bleach powder which will activate the peroxide and lighten your color. This process will help you lighten your hair faster and with more shades.

In order to make the best out of this combination, you should purchase a set that comes with both the 10 volume developer and the bleach powder.

Such sets are available all over the market and they come with compatible ingredients. Therefore, you will save the hassle of finding the best bleach powder for your 10 volume developer.

How to Use Developer with Bleach Powder?

You will have to mix the developer with the powder in a bowl that you have in your house.

Use a hairbrush to mix the two ingredients until you obtain a uniform cream. If you apply your bleach cream at home, it is best to have someone helping you if possible.

The most efficient way to apply the bleach is starting with the back of your head and working your way towards the front. Also, make sure to not apply the mix on your root. Otherwise, you could damage your scalp in the process.

Leave one cm of root bleach-free and you will get the results you want. Once you covered your entire hair with the bleach powder, all you have to do is give it time to take effect.

Depending on your original color, you might see a lightening effect sooner or later. Usually, natural hair will get lighter faster than hair that has layers of dye on it.

Check on the color of your hair every five minutes to decide if you should allow the bleach to work more time. Or if you are safe to remove it.

Regardless of the results, don’t leave the bleach in more than the maximum recommended time. You will find this exact time in the instructions of the product. In most cases, you will get the results you want before half an hour but each hair type is different as well.

When you obtain the color you want, simply wash your hair by rinsing all the bleach off. This is very important as you don’t want any bleach residue left in your hair.

It is a good idea to use a moisturizing conditioner or hair mask to restore the hydrating level of your hair.

Final thoughts

Using a 10 volume developer alone will only alter your hair color with one shade. So, if you want a complete change of look, combine your developer with a compatible bleach powder.

Read and follow the instructions for the best outcome. It is also important to hydrate your hair after using developer but even more importantly, after using both developer and bleach powder.

Even if lightening your hair shade at home might seem like a brave thing to do, it is definitely possible. Get quality hair products and you will not have to worry about potential side effects.

Also, use the information in this guide to help you identify the best solution for your hair. Make sure to properly moisturize your hair at the end of this process as well. The health of your hair should always come first.