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Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut?

Should You Wash Your Hair Before A Haircut?

It’s a question to cause controversy – we all fish for compliments at the hairdresser’s, we want our hair to be on its A-Game, we seek comments from the experts, and we are therefore tempted to wash our hair and make it look salon-worthy before even hitting the salon!

Should I Wash My Hair Before A Haircut? Of course, this depends on the salon – if you’re going for a quick cut on dry hair, obviously you want it to be clean, glossy, and easy to style. If you’re going for a full-on pampering session, then you don’t necessarily need to wash it. If you over-wash it, you lose all its natural oils, and you’re left with dull, lackluster hair. No one wants that!

When you think about it, it makes sense, you shouldn’t have to wash it as your stylist will cut, wash and blow-dry it, so don’t cause any damage!

How should I prep my hair for a Haircut?

Like with any hair or beauty treatment, you can always prep yourself, and pampering yourself is always enjoyable. Your hairdresser will be amazed by the look and feel of your healthy, luscious hair. Here’s how to prep it…

Don’t go crazy with products

One of the main reasons for damage is product build-up – hairspray, leftover hair dye, texturizing mousse… whatever it is, it needs to go.

On the day of your salon visit, don’t use any products as they transform the texture of your hair, even if it is temporarily, and therefore if you are getting the color treatment done, it can make the color spread unevenly. No one wants patchy locks! Hairspray is guilty of such sins so don’t put any in before heading to your salon.

Your hair still needs to be clean

We said above to not wash your hair just before, but that doesn’t mean to not wash it at all. There is a difference! This can also affect your hair’s texture and if it is too greasy, color treatments again will spread unevenly and cause patchiness.

Washing your hair the day before your appointment is perfectly fine and allows your stylist to have a clean, healthy base to work with, particularly for those of you with thicker hair. If you have thinner hair, you can wash your hair up to a few hours before your appointment.

This is also important if you are seeking advice from your stylist before getting the job done, it is very hard for a hairdresser to work out what would suit you best if your hair is greasy and frizzled.

Also, it’s not a pleasant experience for them to touch your hair when it hasn’t been washed in a while, so do them a favor!

Make sure your hair is dry

Never turn up to the hairdressers’ with wet hair – you will lose time as your stylist will have to dry your hair, before probably washing it again. This is another reason why you shouldn’t wash your hair too close to your appointment.

Come into the salon with everyday hair

Though you should lay off the products, it is recommended that you go into your salon with your “everyday hair”, how you usually have it styled, so that they can see what works best for you in everyday situations, and how you are used to presenting your hair on a daily basis. Coming in with freshly washed and/or dried hair may not help them capture the look you go for.

Keep away from pools

On the day of your appointment, do not go to the pool, especially if you’re going for a color treatment. If you do, you need to shampoo the chlorine out of your hair first. Chlorine can have a detrimental effect on your hair, particularly when paired with a hair dye – that would be a salon experience you would definitely not forget!

Things to remember

As well as hair-savvy tips, you also need to remind yourself of a few key rules and bits of advice when it comes to going to the salon. You need to be able to communicate your hair dreams and desires fluently, all whilst in a calm environment – rushing off the bus with windswept hair and watery mascara is not the key to a good appointment.

Read on to find out our tips for acing your appointment!

Go for a consultation

If you want to make a drastic change to your hair, don’t hesitate to go into your salon and see your hairstylist before the big day to see what advice they have to offer.

They can figure out what is best for your face shape, lifestyle, hair texture, and color. They will tell you if your idea is good or bad and can make some extra suggestions on what to do to look amazing.

Give them time

Always book an appointment properly, don’t just walk in at the end of the day and hope your hairdresser has a slot free for you. They may try and cram you in between appointments and chances are they are going to rush your hair and get you back out as soon as they can. If it’s disastrous – the blame is on you!

Don’t be afraid to dress up

If you’re making a big change to your hair, whether it’s a brand new cut or you’re freshening up your hair color, making sure you’re wearing one of your favorite outfits is key.

You can see how your hair will look when you truly look your best, and not when you’ve just rolled out of bed and into your yoga pants – this isn’t a true reflection of yourself.


Don’t be afraid to ask for a dry cut

Dry cuts may be more expensive in some cases, but they cause less damage to your hair as it allows your hairdresser to achieve more precision and therefore less split ends. You’ll have healthier hair, and in the long run, this will also minimize your trips to the salon, well worth the money!

Take your lifestyle into account

If you’re someone who’s on the go and doesn’t want a time-consuming hair and beauty regime, then opting for a fussy cut that requires constant attention is a no-go.

If you haven’t got the time, opt for something that’s carefree and stylish. Your hairdresser can advise you on what will suit your lifestyle, whether you’re the queen of hair or a laid-back soul. Keep maintenance into account when changing up your hair game!

Tell them if you’re unhappy

This is the awkward part that everyone dreads, but what if you sense that your stylist has quite grasped what you wanted mid-appointment? We know it’s scary and daunting but you have to speak up.

You can’t tell them at the end of the appointment, once you’ve sat through over an hour’s work! Hairdressers appreciate when you tell them openly what you want and what you dislike to achieve that perfect cut or color.

Bring an inspiration photo

If you have a (realistic) example of how you want your hair to be, bring it along! The stylist will be able to tell you if it will suit your face shape and hair composition, and will inform you on whether it needs a lot of maintenance.

Pinterest is your oyster – you can find so many realistic examples of hair cuts and colors without being bombarded with editorial imagery!

Be sure to think about why you like that particular photo – we are often tricked into thinking we like a hairstyle because we think the model looks stunning. So take a step back and think – do you want the model’s haircut, or do you want to be the model? Because the hairdresser isn’t a magician!

Don’t be afraid to bring a photo of what you don’t want, especially if there is only a fine difference between what you want and don’t want – the stylist will get the right idea of the look you’re after and will get it well and truly spot on!

Be prepared to spend

We have all done it – our stylist has recommended products and we are all ears until we see the price tag. We then tell them no, we don’t need it. However, we really do.

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They know what they’re doing, and though some hair products may cost 50$, you’ve got enough product until your next hair appointment, and even after that, so it’s money well spent.

Spend that money on one amazing shampoo that makes your hair look and feel fabulous instead of 10 cheap shampoos that make your hair look dull and lifeless.

Don’t lie about your hair

Hairdressers like to ask questions – if they notice damage, they may ask you what products you have previously used, or if you have had your hair colored and if so, who by. Traumatic and guilt-tripping though the experience may be, you need to tell them the truth.

They can help you find solutions to make those consequences on your hair vanish forever. We’ve all had a terrible set of highlights, we’ve all tried a packaged dye that didn’t go to plan, so don’t be afraid to tell them – you’ve learned your lesson!