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How to Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes: The Only Guide You Need

How to Hide Grey Hair on Brunettes: The Only Guide You Need

The silver-grey hair trend is having a moment right now—think of frosty coloured strands and cool-toned hair colours those fashion-forward women are sporting these days. 

However, not everyone is ready to embrace the trend. If you want to keep your silver strands at bay, keep on reading for our tricks on hiding grey hair on brunettes.

Do Blondes or Brunettes Go Grey First?

If you’re a woman with a naturally blonde hair, grey hair is likely not a big deal for you since silver strands are not that visible with your light hair colour. 

In fact, blondes can leave their grey hair untouched for years since silver and blonde hair colours blend well.  Sometimes, grey hair even takes on the appearance of highlights.

Unfortunately, women with darker hair colour will have more noticeable grey hair. So what can you do to make your grey hair more manageable without frequent trips to the salon?

How Do You Cover Grey Roots with Dark Hair?

Choose the right hair colour for your complexion

Before focusing on your grey hair, think of your natural hair colour, eye colour, and skin colour first. Going too light or too dark might make you look older than you really are—and it’s not the goal why you’re covering your grey hair.

Instead of going for a drastic change on your hair colour, think of going for one or two shades lighter from your natural base. This way, your grey hair will look less noticeable while flattering your complexion.

Depending on the amount of grey hair that you have, you can go for semi-permanent, vegetable dye or permanent hair colour. Lesser grey hair will need lesser coverage, so you could go for semi-permanent hair colours that won’t leave a distinct line compared to their permanent counterparts.

If you’re a brunette, you have a darker hair that requires more maintenance since the contrast of your grey hair and dark brown hair is visible. 

But if you need greater coverage for your grey hair, better opt for permanent hair colour.

However, it is better to opt for lighter shades since darker hair colour will make grey roots more noticeable, and it will tend to give you a dull and flat appearance.

If you want to do the hair colouring job at home, try the Clairol Nice and Easy Permanent Hair Color that comes in more than 40 shades that will surely suit you. The hair colouring product is known for its good grey coverage and natural-looking finish.

Think of getting some highlights or lowlights to disguise grey hair

If you only have a few grey hairs, you don’t have to go for full hair colour, as highlights can camouflage them. On your next salon appointment, ask your colourist for strategic highlights or bass break.

Basically, highlights can blend away your grey hair by making your new growth less noticeable. A great thing, this hair colouring trick is more low maintenance compared to lightening your natural hair colour.

Remember, lightning or lifting your natural base colour will require bleaching. 

But depending on your natural hair colour, some highlights can even make your grey hair look brassy in the long run, making lowlights an option.

When it comes lowlights, your colourist will pick a few shades darker than your hair to bring out a natural look for you. Do you know that you can even get a multi-dimensional look with strategic lowlights?

The colouring technique can actually give you a natural-looking hair full of movement.

The key is choosing a highlight or lowlight colour that complements your complexion and blends with your base colour. This way, you’ll avoid getting a flat, overdone look, and you’ll be able to conceal your grey hair strategically.

If you opt for the right hair colouring and technique, you can actually make your grey hair look like highlights, giving you an unexpected yet fresh look.

Use hair products that mask grey hair between salon visits

If you have a hard time keeping up with your salon appointments, it’s time to invest on hair products like Color Wow Root Cover Up or Rita Hazan Root Concealer Touch Up Spray so you’ll be able to conceal your grey hair on your own.

These hair products are handy for covering grey hair and filling in gaps. A great thing, the latter is completely waterproof and free of harmful ingredients like ammonia and peroxide.

Add depth and playfulness to your hair with a flattering haircut

Apart from flattering hair colour, a flattering haircut can take years off your face. The key is to start with your face shape and personality and go for haircuts that suit you best.

If you’re a big fan of soft layers, think of a wavy bob that will add some dimension to thin hair while accentuating your jawline.

Are you interested in a shorter haircut? In this case, opt for a flattering pixie.

However, if you’re not a big fan of short hairstyles, you can still get a youthful look with layered mid-length haircuts or messy shag. The key is to go for face-framing layers, heavy fringes. And even flicked ends that will add some life and dimension to your looks.

A great thing, those layers will draw the attention away from your grey roots. You may even go for a new way to part your hair. Opt for sides with lesser or without grey hair showing.

Braids and soft bangs will instantly give you a softer, more youthful look, but you don’t have to go overboard.

Instead of going for baby bangs, think of getting some wispy bangs that will give you a more playful yet grown-up style.

If you think braids are best saved for younger girls, think again. Crown braids and side-swept braids will give you a more romantic look and can take you from office to parties.

What is the Best Hair Color to Hide Grey?

Since there is no one hair colour that fits all, you should go for hair colours that accentuate your natural skin tone, not fight it.

As a rule of thumb, a woman with a warm undertone should go for warmer colours. This way, you avoid getting a washed-out look. On the other hand, women with cool undertones should opt for cooler colours to avoid getting a ruddy look.

If you’re a brunette, you may think of saturated hair colours. Consider golden brown, toasty chestnut, butterscotch, rich caramel. Or even light auburn that will make your grey hair less noticeable.

If you want to get more creative on your hair, think of blending a few different shades of brown that will give you a more flattering look.

Do you know that you can even go for a “bronde” look—a brown hair colour with golden highlights—to camouflage your grey hair?

When switching from dark hair colour to blonde, make sure to take small steps to avoid damaging your strands, since it will take more than two or three salon appointments to get your desired hair colour.

Have you noticed that the texture of your grey hair is quite different than the rest of your hair? In fact, we can find those grey hair more dehydrated and coarser, adding more age to our face.

That’s the reason why we should also use good hair products and treatments at home—not hair colour alone. Think of hair serums, hair oils, hair masks and such that will keep your strands hydrated and nourished.

Hair Care

Salon Science Cellutensive Masque

One of the best hair rejuvenating products is the Salon Science Cellutensive Masque. Basically, it is a hair mask and treatment that protects your hair cells, improving its thickness and strength.

Did you know that the hair product contains plant stem cells of a rare Swiss apple? Along with wheat protein and keratin, these products nourish your hair. 

By using this hair product, you’ll cover your grey roots. Also, you will give your hair a healthy and youthful look. Indeed, covering your grey hair doesn’t have to be such a daunting task.

By heeding our tricks, it will be easier for a brunette like you to cope with your grey hair.


Why do we get grey hair?

Ageing might be the most obvious reason. But do you know that poor diet, nutrient deficiency, stress, and using harsh hair chemicals and heat-styling tools play a role in greying hair too?

You should have a healthy diet full of iron, vitamin B12 and copper. Those nutrients are needed to have healthy hair and skin. 

Melanin is the pigment that gives your hair colour. But as we age, our melanin production slows down too, resulting in grey hair.

You might want to take a break on using your favourite heat-styling tools too. They can weaken your hair strands, resulting in dull and frizzy hair in the long run.

How do you keep dyed hair healthy?

If you already made those hair colouring efforts to hide your grey hair, make sure it will last. Toss your clarifying shampoos that only strip hair colours, and go for ones that are free of sulfates and parabens.

Apart from using shampoos and conditioners for colour treated hair, add UV protection on your routine. This way, you’ll protect your hair from sun damage. You can also use hair masks that will add shine and moisture without weighing your hair down.