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Can You Use 40 Volume Developer on Dark Hair?

Can You Use 40 Volume Developer on Dark Hair?

Choosing the right developer for your hair is essential. If you don’t use the proper product, you will not get the colour you want. Plus, you might also damage your hair in the process.

But this guide will help you make the right decision when it comes to your developer and how to use it correctly! The short answer to this popular question is yes. You can definitely use 40 volume developer to bleach dark hair.

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As a matter of fact, if you want to change your hair colour in a radical way, this is the only developer to use.
But you have to be aware of how to do it right.

You also have to know the damage it will cause to your hair.

Because this might get you from being a brunette to being a blonde but it doesn’t come with no consequences. Your hair will suffer consequences once you start this process.

And it is important to know that these consequences might be irreversible.

What Does a 40 Volume Developer Do?

If you never used a strong 40 volume developer, you might wonder what effect will it have on your hair.

This is a strong solution that will change the way you look almost instantly. So, think more than once before you apply it on your hair. Once you do that, your hair colour will never be the same.

A 40 volume developer will definitely help you get from dark hair colour to a light one in one bleaching session. As a matter of fact, this is the only advantage of this strong developer.

The 40 developer is the strongest one you should consider using on your hair.

Anything more concentrated than this will burn your scalp and damage your hair. And this damage could be irreversible so don’t take chances you shouldn’t take.

The health of your hair should always be the most important aspect to consider.

When you use a 40 volume developer on your hair in order to bleach it, you will strip most of your hair colour out. If it is used right, it can get you to being a brunette to a blonde in one bleaching session.

You should also realize that such a strong developer will not give you the shade of blonde you want to keep. It is a middle step on your path to achieving that perfect colour.

Once you are done bleaching your hair, you will have to dye it into the colour that you want.

What Volume Developer Should I Use for Dark Hair?

There are several types of developers you can use to lighten your hair. It depends a lot on the shade of your hair and the shade you want to get to.

As a general rule, you should try with the lower volume developers first.

These will not damage your hair as much as the stronger ones. However, you might need to repeat the bleaching session in order to get the results you want too.

  • If your hair is a shade of blonde, you can get away with using a 20 volume developer. This will take between one tone and two tones off your hair. It works even better if your hair has a natural colour.
  • Brown hair, that is between a light shade and a medium shade of brown, will be easy to bleach by using a 30 volume developer. This will get your hair to a shade of blonde in only one session and you save plenty of time.
  • If your hair is a dark brown or even black, you will not be able to get your hair lighter with any other developer but a 40 volume one.

With a 40 volume developer, you get a maximum bleach for such hair.

If you are not sure what volume developer to use for your hair you should ask your hairstylist or a specialist in the matter. Do not underestimate the damage that a strong developer can cause on your hair and scalp.

How Do I Lighten My Hair With 40 Volume Developer?

In concept, lightening your hair with a 40 volume developer is no different than lightening it with another type of developer. But in order to help you through this process, here are the main steps you should follow!

Step 1: Split your hair into different sections

Splitting your hair into different parts will help you a lot if you are planning to bleach it yourself.

The ideal way to divide your hair is into four different sections. This will depend on the length of your hair as well. Set the sections two in front and two in the back.

If you find it easier you can go for two on each side of your head as well. By splitting your hair into sections you will be able to manage it easier. If your hair is too short, you might not be able to do this step.

Step 2: Prepare your bleach

This is a step that you will have to do according to the instructions. In general, you should mix the bleaching powder with the developer. The proportions should be one part powder to two parts developer.

But you have to follow the instructions to get this done properly. Make sure your final solution is not too fluid. If this happens, add powder until you obtain the consistency that you want.

Step 3: Apply the bleach on your hair

This is most likely the most important part. If you don’t do it right your colour might not end up even. It would be ideal if you have someone to help you. But ultimately, you can do it yourself as well.

Start at the back of your head. Here is where your hair is darker and it takes longer time to lighten. Make sure you move fast too. The bleach will not take too long to lighten your hair. You should see the first results in minutes.

You should also apply your bleach from the ends to the roots if you can do that. However, skip applying it on the roots, because you will go back to them later.

Step 4: Work on bleaching your roots

As we mentioned, the roots should be the last part you apply your bleach on. Start by applying the bleach on the roots of the back of your head.

Work your way towards the front by using a dye brush. It is important to avoid applying the 40 volume developer directly on your scalp. Such a strong developer could burn your scalp so avoiding it is the best way.

You should let your roots for last because once you apply the developer on your hair it will generate heat. This heat will accelerate the action it takes on your roots.

So, the developer should stay less time on your roots than on the rest of your hair. Also, your head generates heat as well. Because of this, your roots will not need as much time as other parts of your hair.

Step 5: Rinse your hair

Once the 40 volume developer reached the shade of yellow you want, you can rinse it off. Use lukewarm water to do that and rinse until the entire bleach is off your hair.

This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once you are done rinsing your hair, you can continue styling it how you want. Apply the dye you want to get your final colour.

You might need to start using a neutralizing shampoo to get rid of the yellow in your hair. The same goes for the orange shades that are hard to eliminate without such a shampoo.

So make sure to purchase that so you have it handy once you start this transformation process!

Bonus tip

Do not bleach your hair twice in a row!

You might be tempted to do that if your final bleached colour is not as light as you wanted it to be. But this will damage your hair significantly. Especially if you use a 40 volume developer!

Wait a few days until you repeat this process. You have to give your hair a chance to recover before you bleach it again.

Final Words

Even if you can bleach your dark hair by using the 40 volume developer, this doesn’t mean that you should do it often. You will notice effects on your hair such as brittle hair and frizzy hair.

You might also get more fragile hair if you follow this process.

The side effects depend greatly on the colour your hair has but also on how healthy it is, to begin with. Thin hair will get more side effects than a thick one.

If you don’t want to take any risks, go to a specialist in order to get the hair colour you want. Or, you can try bleaching your hair more by using a lighter developer.