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5 Easy Home Remedies for Flyaway Hair

5 Easy Home Remedies for Flyaway Hair

Flyaway hair is not a pleasant thing to deal with at all but it is a very common aspect. You might have flyaway hair due to a condition of your hair that could be natural or not.

Some hair types are more prone to have the flyaway effect because they have a flimsy texture. Others achieve this effect due to poor hair care such as dehydration or unaddressed static effect.

Regardless of what caused your flyaway hair, the good news is that you can keep it under control. And there is no need to purchase fancy products to have your hair look impeccable every time!

You can successfully use items you have in your household. Here is a complete guide on how to do that with a minimum investment by using remedies you might already have in your home!

Five Ways to Get Rid of Flyaway Hair

Here are the best ways you can try in order to reduce flyaway hair effect right away. You will be able to try all these remedies at home and enjoy your beautiful hair more!

1. Apple cider vinegar

You will be amazed to discover that apple cider vinegar is not only good for cooking but also for taking care of your hair. The most important ingredient in apple cider vinegar is the high concentration of antioxidants.

All you have to do is rinse your hair with this apple vinegar once a week. You will get away from the flyaway hair effect and you will have a shinier hair too.

There is no need to leave the vinegar in your hair at all. Just rinsing it will fix your flyaway problem. If you get the vinegar out of your hair with plenty of water, you will not have to deal with any unpleasant smell.

2. Almond oil

You most likely heard of the incredible benefits of almond oil. But did you know that it can help you tame your hair as well? If you need to get rid of flyaway hair, all you need is some drops of almond oil. Rub them over your hair and forget about the flyaway effect.

Do this after you wash your hair. You can use almond oil instead of any other type of oil you might be using for your hair. Twice as a week of this treatment will reduce your flyaway hair.

3. Yogurt mask

Yogurt is not only a delicious food to eat on a regular basis but it is also a great hair mask. You can choose any type of yogurt and simply use it like you would use any other hair mask. Use it twice a week for better results.

Yogurt will nourish your hair and make sure it stays hydrated for a longer time. This is perfect if you have dry hair as well. You will be able to reduce the dryness and hydrate your hair in a matter of minutes.

Leave the yogurt on your hair for at least 15 minutes and forget about flyaway hair. Rinse your hair with plenty of water once the time has passed.

4. Egg white mask with lemon juice

Eggs are also a great food to consume regularly. They are full of protein just like yogurt. But the best thing for your hair will be the egg white.

You can use egg white plain on your hair but you can also mix it with lemon. Lemon activates the benefits of the egg white and it helps it nourish your hair more profoundly.

Use one tablespoon of lemon juice for each egg white you treat your hair with. The longer your hair is, the more eggs and lemon juice you will have to use. Just make sure to keep the proportions right so you can enjoy all the benefits!

5. Honey mask

Who doesn’t like honey? But you can do a lot more with it than just consume it. You should use it on your hair in order to reduce the flyaway effect.

If you are wondering why honey is so healthy for your hair, you should know that it has amazing humectant benefits. Thanks to these benefits, honey will successfully moisturize your hair. It will do the same thing to your skin too!

All you need to do is add one tablespoon of honey to your hair mask every time you use it. A minimum of once a week will give you all the benefits you need to reduce flyaway hair to a minimum.

Flyaway Hair

The Best Treatment for Flyaway Hair

With so efficient home remedies, you will not have to worry about flyaway hair. But there is a certain ritual that you should follow in order to make the most out of these solutions!

Wash your hair as often as you need to

It is important to find the right balance when it comes to washing your hair in order to reduce flyaway effect. If your hair is more greasy, you should wash it more often but if you have drier hair stick to washing it twice a week as a minimum.

If you wash your hair too often, you get not only the flyaway effect but you also strip it off its natural oils. So, find what works best for you and don’t wash your hair on a daily basis unless that is an absolute must for your hair type.

Use the right products for your hair type

Your shampoo, conditioner and hair mask should be all compatible with the type of hair you have. You should also consider if you are dying your hair or not. All these factors will determine the right type of products for hair care that you could consider using.

By using the right products for your hair type you reduce flyaway effects as well as other issues. Always read the description of a hair product before using it and you can’t fail!

Apply one of the five remedies presented above at least once a week

By using any of the tricks presented in this guide, you will not only get rid of flyaway hair but you will also prevent it. Be careful to not overdo it, though! Use any of the remedies above once a week and you will have healthy and shiny hair.

At first, you might have to try out several remedies before you identify what works for you the best. Not everyone;’s hair will react the same and you need to identify the right remedy for your needs and your hair condition.

What Can Give You Flyaway Hair

As we mentioned before, flyaway hair is a condition that could have natural causes or it could be achieved. You can get this effect by not taking care of your hair the right way. Here are the main things that can be responsible for your flyaway hair!

Too much heat styling

If you expose your hair too much to heat, you might end up with brittle effect as well as damaged cuticles. These things will result in flyaway hair and you will have to repair the damage before expecting your hair to look better.

Resume your heat styling to special occasions and don’t do it on a daily basis. It is also important to use high-quality products in order to reduce these side effects. Using a hydrating conditioner when you do this type of styling is also very helpful.

Cold weather

You probably notice that you will have more flyaway hair during the cold season. During these cold months, there is a lot more static in the air.

This will not damage your hair per se but it will give it that flyaway effect. Hydrating your hair properly during these times is crucial to reducing the flyaway effect as much as possible.

Dehydrated hair

Dehydration causes a lot of problems to the health of your hair. It will leave your hair dry and you will get a flyaway hair as a direct consequence of that. Dehydrated hair is also a more fragile one.

Your hair cuticles are less resistant and you will end up with a lot of broken edges that will flyaway and compromise your hairstyle.

To keep your hair hydrated to make sure to use a mask at least once a week. There are many masks on the market and you should choose the one for your type of hair.

Using a hydrating conditioner will also help a lot. And make sure you drink plenty of water during the day. You can hydrate your hair from inside out as well!


Flyaway hair can be unpleasant but it is not impossible to treat. By using the five home remedies you will notice significant improvements! But you should also take the steps to prevent such a condition in order to have healthier hair.

Look at the main factors that lead to flyaway hair and do your best to avoid them! Once you learn how to tame your flyaway hair, you will not have to stress over that again!