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How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 20 Vol?

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 20 Vol?

When it comes to hair coloring, you probably know how to utilize temporary and permanent hair colors. However, what’s your knowledge of the rules of bleaching your hair?

How long to leave bleach in hair 20 vol? This is one of the most common questions. If you’re wondering the same, you’ve come to the right place. The answer is 30 minutes tops!

If you’re utilizing 20 vol developer with a hair dye (as opposed to a bleaching agent or lightener) then 20 to 30 minutes is the perfect time to leave it on your hair but read the instructions.

It’s important to read the instructions and make sure that you’re not crossing the suggested timeframe. Otherwise, your scalp may begin to feel upset while the developer becomes inactive.

Will 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair by Itself?

A 20 vol developer won’t lighten your hair by itself. It will make a change but for noticeable results, you need dye or bleach to increase the developer’s bleaching effect.

How Do You Bleach Your Hair With 20 Volume Developer?

Hair bleach is like hair dye, it’s best applied on unwashed, dry hair. It’s because unwashed hair features natural hair oils that help protect your hair during the bleaching process.

Utilize a good quality bleach and a 20 or 30 volume developer. The bleach to developer ratio is 1:2 ratio. Utilize 20 volume developer for the regrowth spot and when you want to lift by 1-2 levels.

Utilize 30 volume developer when you want to lift by 3 levels. Keep in mind that a 40 volume developer can compromise your hair’s integrity. Leave the bleach in your hair for 30 minutes tops.

For the best results, always apply bleach first to the darkest or brassiest sections. This way, they will get a longer processing period. For complete head bleaching, always start at the back. This is where your hair is the densest.

If you’re blonde (level 7 and higher) leave the bleach in your hair for 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re light brown/dark blonde (level 5-6), leave the bleach in hair for around 30 minutes but use a 30 vol developer with fresh blend added in during processing time.

The color you’re targeting is more important than the time. Keep watching and rinse out when your hair has been sufficiently lifted only. Use a 20 volume developer for a second application.

Get rid of all the yellow and orange pigments before you rinse. When you reach your goal, rinse utilizing an acidic shampoo. This shampoo will close the hair cuticle after the harsh process. You can also utilize purple shampoo. It’s known to neutralize the color and remove the yellow pigments.

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Will 20 Volume Developer Lighten Hair Without Bleach?

A higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide represents a higher volume of a developer (10, 20, 30, 40, or volume). The developer helps open your hair cuticle and activate hair color.

However, if utilized by itself (without bleach or color), the developer won’t do much. It will lift your hair color. And you will notice some changes but not what you inspected or imagined.

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How Long to Leave Bleach on Your Hair?

Unfortunately, there’s no certain timeframe! How long to leave bleach in hair 20 vol developer depends on the next factors. Also, read the instructions provided with the bleaching kit.

Hair type

Different hair types such as virgin hair tend to lighten faster than others. If you’re doing this for the first time, I suggest following the instructions provided.

Starting color

If you’re starting with black or dark brown strands, you will need to leave bleach in your hair for a longer period to get the lightness you imagine. If you’re starting with a previously bleached hair or light-colored hair, you won’t need to leave bleach in your hair for too long.

Target color

Your target color plays a huge part in how long you should leave bleach in your hair. It depends on your preferences. If you’re looking to make a small change, the period necessary will be shorter than if you’re aiming for a dramatic change like going from black to blonde.

Type of developer

If you’re utilizing a bleaching kit for home use, just follow the instructions provided. They will guide your path. If you’re bleaching your hair at a salon, your hairstylist will combine developer and bleach and how long the bleach remains in your hair depends on the type of developer.

You can choose from different volumes. Often, a lower volume will need to leave the mix in the hair for a longer period. How can you tell when it’s time to wash the bleach out?

Set timers and check your hair periodically as it’s lifting to notice how the process is going. And whether it requires extra time. Don’t leave bleach in the hair for more than 30 minutes.

What if You Leave Bleach in Hair Too Long?

Leaving bleach in hair can cause unwanted results such as wrong color and scalp irritation. Also, you can damage your hair. This is why it’s important to follow the instructions.

If you’re using a bleaching set for home use, check for instructions on the box. And please wait at least 14 days between bleaching periods. If you leave bleach in your hair too long, it can turn too light. This is not the worst side effect. However, it’s still something worth mentioning.

If you leave bleach in your hair too long, expect orange tones. Usually, when starting with a darker color, leaving bleach in hair for too long may result in orange tones.

Lastly, if you leave bleach in the hair too long, it may stop working. Imagine it like this: if you never rinse the bleach, would your hair just keep on getting lighter until it disappears?

No, because bleach stops acting after a certain time. Once it begins to dry, the processing stops. Meaning, he strands won’t become any brighter from this time forth.

Wrap Up

If you’re new to this, bleaching your hair at home may seem scary. However, it’s not, as long as you have someone telling you what to do. The instructions can also help.

What’s most important is knowing how long to leave bleach in the hair. Leaving a bleach in your hair too long can cause hair damage, irritated scalp, or wrong color.

It’s a rule of thumb to leave bleach in the hair 20 vol developer for 30 minutes tops! Keep in mind that it depends on different factors long it takes to bleach your hair with 20 vol developer.

The thickness of your hair, as well as the starting and target color, play a part in the bleaching process. If you want to go from black to blond, leave the bleach for longer.

Leave the bleach in your hair for 40 minutes if you’re looking for a drastic change. If you have brown hair and you want to lift a few shades, leave the bleach for a few minutes.

Extra tips

To successfully bleach your hair, follow these tips:

  • Put on old clothes
  • Split your hair into sections
  • Prepare your developer and bleach powder
  • Start from the middle and work your way to the tips
  • Leave the bleach in your hair 30 minutes tops
  • Cover your hair with a bag or showering cap
  • Rinse and condition your hair

Also, don’t forget to set timers and check your hair periodically.  If you follow these tips, you will get the desired color you want every time.

Hopefully, this guide can help you bleach your hair properly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below at any time.


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