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How To Get Rid Of a Cowlick (Quick Fix Guide)

How To Get Rid Of a Cowlick (Quick Fix Guide)

You just woke up and looked at the mirror to see the cowlick showing up and spoiling your look. You obviously became frustrated as it may seem not an immediate thing to fix the cowlick.

Besides, if you have an intention to impress people with your appearance, you have to take an excellent care of your hair. The first things to notice in any person would be how well cleaned and brushed their hair is. The cowlicks may look as a disaster in good-looking appearance.

What is it a cowlick anyway?

This is the piece of annoying hair that lays in different direction than other part of hair.

This may be irritating sometimes. But, you can tame your cowlicks with some simple techniques and appropriate products easily with some patience and time. You may encounter with this inconvenience every single day. Have some patience to handle it in a fast way by above mentioned simple tips to fix the cowlick.

How To Fix Cowlick

You wish to know how to fix the cowlick without depending on which part of your head appeared your cowlick. This simple technique will aid you to fix the cowlick easily.

All you need is a brush and hairdryer for the first trial to get rid of cowlick. All hair while combing should go in one direction whether its front, side or the back… A Cowlick is certainly a piece of hair that stays in the different direction.

This obviously looks eccentric comparing to having straight hair.  It mainly can be resistant to being straight. You really want to fix this cowlick. Are you ready to start? Brush your hair to the multiple directions each side. Keep switching. This is easiest trick. After finishing use a spray. You should confuse your cowlick by brushing for the different directions all the time.

You may absolve yourself from the responsibility of taking care of it and contact with a professional stylist. They are, however, can be quite helpful. It’s also your responsibility to use easy fix techniques that will make radical changes.

Let’s consider individual cowlicks that appear in any areas of your head. Differently saying, the hair whorls may appear in the center, right / left side and top of your head.

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Do you struggle in removing a cowlick? The first aids should be follows:

Before your hair has completely cooled down, you should fix the cowlick. Take several hair clips to clip them the place where your hair swirls are. The most importantly, choose the ones that would not leave a dent in your hair. Then, wait some time after blowing cool air with a hairdryer. Make sure it’s cooled completely. Be careful n choosing hair clips to avoid having weird crease marks afterwards.

If you have little time to style or make hairdo, then you should try out messing the whole part of your hair. Messy look has always been stylish. This looks eccentric, but up-to-fashion. You can make it by vigorous rotations of your hands through your head for 2-3 minutes. Apply a scrunching mousse to create a messy look.

There is one of the effective methods to do with little effort. Utilize the root brush. This helps to adjust the direction of hair growth. In order to get rid of cowlicks, do it all the time after washing your hair.

When style your hair, strive to work with your cowlick. Ensure that while drying your hair, you should manipulate the direction of your cowlick by styling your hair back and forth all the way of drying by your hands.

The most essential part is drying by getting to the root of your hair. It lays perfectly flat when it is combed to the direction it grows. Comb your bangs appropriately. Put some gel to lay it perfectly flat. You can also use the alternative which is dry shampoo. By spraying the roots of your hair, brush it to the needed direction.

How To Get Rid Of a Cowlick

Get rid of cowlicks in the bangs

Flat iron will be also very helpful to remove the cowlick. After heating to a medium high heat, press the iron between sections of a cowlick by getting closer to the root and pull down the iron slowly. Repeat it twice by pulling to the direction where you would wish your hair lie.

You can take an advantage of having cowlicks to make astonishing hairdos to hide the cowlicks. This little change won’t get without admirations from your colleagues and friends. With a little creativity, you can make amazing winning look wherever you are decided to attend.

For example, you can figure out braiding your fringe. You can easily style your hair by yourself without family member’s help. Take 1 inch wide part of your hair to separate the taken hair into 3 sections. Begin tying them to make a beautiful braid. Use an invisible hairpin or bobby pins to secure your braid.

If your cowlick showed up around your fringe, then spray bottle is the best help. Take a middle sized comb, round brush, hairspray along with a styling product. Then, part your hair in the different direction by using styling gel and combing simultaneously.

The other look is to having headbands or short scarf. By folding up for ½ inch, you should tie it up in a double-knot around your head. This is the casual look will go with any styles and occasions. In the late evening after washing your hair, you should braid your hair to wake up with a lovely curly hair to hide cowlicks effectively.

You can give a try to use pomade. It may take a little longer than other methods. Comb your hair accurately, and then dry it with a hairdryer. Afterwards, take some pomade product to put it to the cowlick area of your hair. After covering this area with pomade, pull it to the direction you would like it to be styled. It adds density to your hair and makes it listen it to you. Then, comb it slowly to the back.

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Doing these mentioned little steps may gradually alter the situation.

Get rid of a cowlick in the back of your head

It was difficult for me to hide cowlick on the back of the head as I had short hair. In order to make it flat, I use gel or mousse. Do these several actions. After applying the substance, you should massage from the root of your hair and comb it to the needed direction. This works especially better if your hair is still wet. Then style your hair with a hairdryer. This helpful method adds some texture and weight to the roots of your hair.

You have a cowlick on the back part of your hair, and then you need to do this quick fix. Grab the large section of cowlick part and spray the hair spray for both sides of this taken section. Heat the flat iron to stretch for a couple of inches from the very root. Then hold a little. Finish up by teasing with a little hair spray.

You can cover your cowlick by taking longer part of your hair and do something to make it invisible. By doing this, you can be for 100% sure that your cowlick would be completely covered up without popping out at the end of the day.

You may shorten the area of your cowlick it is on the right/left side of your head. Let the other upper layer of your hair grow to cover up the cowlick. When you wash your hair, utilize the conditioner to maintain the healthiness of hair and seal the cuticle. Moreover, don’t forget to have an oil treatment as well.

You should try to make a lovely tiny ponytail as long as your hair has grown enough. With gentle gestures with your hands, run your fingers through your hair to gather it together. And then, press it with a small beautiful elastic tie. You can also use other accessories for your choice to make your look complete.

You can easily style cowlicks, so they do stay flat and as you want. It’s important to take a good care of your hair. If you don’t want to wake up with the part of hair being apart and lying differently than the rest of your hair, then you can either make pantyhose or tie a scarf before going to sleep. Don’t do it regularly as you should let your hair breath as well.

It’s up to you how to fix the cowlick. The best option is to have a great haircut that will hide your cowlicks. Hair swirls are easy to fight if you have a clear idea how to do it. The above mentioned methods have proven its effectiveness no matter your cowlick is a natural or the one after your evening sleep. Try out these ever working methods to have an amazing outlook.