7 Tips on How to Sleep with Curly Hair

how to sleep with wet hair without damaging it

Curly hair and struggles. Sounds familiar? Oh, we know it does. We can all relate to having a perfect hairstyle throughout the day and then waking up the next morning with “what happened to my hair” question mark over our heads. The struggle is real, especially for women with curls.

You have to agree that even though they come in all sorts of length and shape, spirals and locks are so fabilicious! They look amazing on every girl’s head, so vivid and alive, full of life and glory. But only few understand what energy and work it takes to take care of those curls every single day.

Or better say, every single night. How to keep your hair look as just as amazing the next morning and many mornings ahead? Well, there are just a few routine steps to undertake right before you hit the bed. These little tips will help you save your curls from being flattened or fizzed while taking your night beauty sleep.

Although there are a few ways to keep your locks spiral and vivid, you still need to figure out which way works best for you. Because, let’s face it, no one has the same hair type. The length of hair, the thickness, and shape of your natural locks all pay a high role in how to take care of it and maintain its best look overnights.

How to Sleep with Curly Hair

Some will find that sleeping with wet hair gives better results in the morning. Some use air driers or diffusers, and some would not dare. And that is why we bring you some of the techniques and tips you can try out that will certainly do wonders to your hair.

Loose bun

This is probably the most common way used to keep the good curly hairstyle because it cuts down the frizz and saves many options for forming a new or preserving the same hairstyle from the previous day. You probably already found products that do wonder to your locks.

It is very important that they don’t dry your hair or make it fizzy or flattened. Many of these fluids are especially aimed at being used as leave-in conditioners at night or applied right after you wake up. This is a good thing as most of these conditioners keep the water retained in the locks, so they do not get dried out and fizzed. Just apply some leave-in conditioner to your hands and smoothly go through your hair.

how to wrap curly hair for bed

You can also rub some of it between your fingers and then gently define each lock by curling it around your index finger. Once done that, simply collect your hair high above your head and loosely tie a bun on top of your head. Make sure not to tighten the bun too much as it wouldn’t have the same result in the morning. Loosen the bun a bit by gently pulling your hair from it and whoala-that’s it. You will have no trouble sleeping with the bun and all you have to do once you wake up is to either air dry it a bit or shake hair between your hands and then once more define each lock.

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This is similar to tying a bun as it will also keep your lock from being squashed in the morning. You need to dry your hair after being washed and then collect all your locks on the top of your head and make a loose ponytail. Use a soft headband or a scrunchie to secure it or pin it with a large hair clip. You could also use a wrapped scarf made from softened fabric just to keep your hair from damaging.

Just remember-not too tight. You can divide your hair into halves and flip each half on the sides of the head, accordingly. The locks should follow the curl of your face rather than just hanging downwards. The shape of this ponytail should look a lot like a pineapple’s green crown-therefore the name.

This come as a handy solution for short hair styles and saves the volume of hair until the morning. On the other hand, if your hair is too short to tie it all the way up at the crown of your head, you can try tying more pineapples, two to three. This should even add some additional volume to your hair. Once you wake up, apply a lock refresher or spray your hair with some water.


There are so many types of braids you can make. Either you decide on a French braid, one loose or multiple tight braids, they all are going to keep your hair in place overnight and won’t get messy all over your face. However, you should know that each type of braiding gives very different results.

If your locks are loose in their natural look, then one big loose braid will work best for you. The natural pattern of your spirals will be saved and you pretty much won’t need any extra work in the morning. If you choose on multiple tighter braids, then expect tighter locks in the morning, as well. These locks will be strong and will last longer throughout the day, if your curls are prone to loosen under their weight.


Have you heard of plopping? We know that hair driers and gravity are the biggest enemies to curly hair, so plopping came as a very best solution to drying hair without heat or the effect of gravity. After washing hair, use a towel or a t-shirt to gently squeeze the water out of your hair.

You can then apply a leave-in conditioner or whatever product works for you best. The next step is a bit triggering. Spread a long sleeve or short sleeve T-shirt on the floor and flip your hair upside down. You should gather all of your hair in the center of your head while you do this. Put the bottom of the shirt on your neck and wrap it around your forehead supporting it with a clip.

how to sleep with curls and not ruin them

Now pull the arms of the shirt towards your forehead too, and tie a big knot using the sleeves. You will get a big T-shirt turban on your head. Tuck the rest of the shirt wherever you can. The downside is that your hair will dry more slowly, but it will be all worth it once you see that your locks retained volume, even at their roots.

Satin bonnet or satin pillowcase

Satin do wonders with curly hair. Unlike many other materials which cause pulling and friction of hair, satin is quite gentle and silky and will preserve your spirals. Even cotton is not recommended, as it absorbs the water from your hair and makes it look dry. You can either use a pillowcase or an actual bonnet, whichever is more practical to you.

Bonnet is pretty functional if you don’t want your hair get onto your face and become messy. It also prevents hair from rubbing against your neck and shoulders which can be problematic, too. Satin or silk pillowcases are the best solution for those of you who like to sleep with your hair loose. No buns, no turbans, no clips and ponytails. Reduce the friction of hair and nasty end splits by using satin covers and bonnets, or even combining both.

Twist and curl

If you desire tight and well defined curls, this is the method to try out. You can make a two-strand twist by dividing your hair into two and twisting each part of the hair all the way to the roots. You can do this with both dry and wet hair, depending whether you like your hair fluffy or bouncy.

Another way is to curl up each lock using your index finger and roll it upward and firm it using a bobby pin or a smaller hair clip. If you are not fond of clips, you can always use specially designed soft rollers, aka flexi rods. They will get you the same big soft locks, as well. Twisting is really intended for those with softer hair. Make sure that you use a proper style product if twisting dry hair, and a moisturized refresher if curling up wet hair.

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Sleeping with wet hair

All of the above mentioned methods can be both used on dry and wet hair. If you try both ways, you’ll see that the effect is way better when sleeping with wet hair. After washing your hair, use a style product to enhance volume and retain water in the hair, and then decide whether you want to sleep with your hair loose, twisted, braided, or pinned into a bun.

Sleeping with your hair wet does not have to create any discomfort, and if it does, you can always wear a satin bonnet to keep your hair in one place. Drying tends to be slower and you would probably have to do some air drying in the morning, or you can simply fluff your hair until it dries.

Curls are one of the best identity features one can have. It only takes a bit of routine before bedtime to be able to say hello to big, bouncy, and healthy locks.

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