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Blue Shampoo Vs. Purple Shampoo

Blue Shampoo Vs. Purple Shampoo

When it comes to taking care of your hair, there are plenty of products you can use. It depends significantly on the type of hair you have, the condition it is in, and if you colored it or not. But if your goal is to achieve and maintain the perfect blonde color, the shampoo can help you a lot more than you might think.

This is why you should get to know the difference between blue shampoo and purple shampoo. In theory. They both have to do with removing the brassiness of your hair. But they work in a different way and for different hair colors. This is what we are going to clarify in this guide!

Type of Shampoo Blue Shampoo Purple Shampoo
Natural Hair color Light blonde shades, gray hair Dark blonde, brown, brunette
Dyed hair color All shades of blonde, highlights, ombre, etc. All shades of blonde, highlights, ombre, etc.
Price Between $20-$100 Between $20-$100
Can be used at home Yes Yes
Frequency of use 2-3 times a week 2-3 times a week

The first thing you need to understand is that purple shampoo is different from blue shampoo, and they act differently on your hair. If your natural hair is a dark color, you will use blue shampoo while if it is a lighter color, you will use the purple shampoo.

Therefore, brunettes who bleach their hair and dye it to obtain a lovely shade of blonde should use blue shampoo to get rid of the brassiness that shows up sooner or later.

If a light hair person does the same process of bleaching and coloring, they will get rid of the annoying yellow shades by using purple shampoo.

It is all based on the theory that you most likely learned in school about complementary colors. Blue is the opposite color to orange and purple is the contrasting color to yellow.

With this in mind, you will know what shampoo to go for once you bleach your hair. Brunettes tend to have a more orange natural hair tone, which is why they should go for a blue shampoo. On the other hand, blondes will reveal a yellow shade of warm tone that should be neutralized with purple shampoo.

Who can use blue shampoo

As we briefly mentioned before, blue shampoo is intended for brunettes or people with really dark blonde shades. These people will fight shades of brassiness that go more in the orange type of color, and a great blue shampoo can do miracles.

As a general rule, if you are a brunette and you are thinking to become a blonde o have some highlights in your hair, always make sure to have a blue shampoo handy.

Blue shampoo will have the same effects for both men and women as long as it is used correctly.

Who can use purple shampoo

Purple or violet shampoo is created to even out the color in hair that is medium or light blonde. As purple neutralizes yellow, it will also cover it in a way that will make those yellow shades unnoticeable. The purple shampoo will also be efficient for gray hair or silver highlights, and it will give the best results on this hair tone.

Purple shampoo can successfully be used by both men and women, according to the hair needs they have.

purple shampoo

How to use blue shampoo or purple shampoo properly

Now that you know the main difference between blue and purple shampoo, it is essential to use these color shampoos correctly if you want to make the most out of them. The following steps apply to people who use blue shampoo as well as those who use purple shampoo.

1, Wash your hair with your regular shampoo first.

It is essential to have clean hair before you apply a color shampoo. Which is why you should always make sure to wash your hair with the shampoo that you usually use. Rinse your hair thoroughly after you washed it and skip the conditioner or any other hair mask at this point.

2. Use the color shampoo of your choice

Once your hair is clean, you are ready to apply you blue or purple shampoo. Pour a little in your hand and massage your entire hair and scalp with it. Make sure to cover your hair entirely, from roots to tips.

This type of shampoo will need time to take action to give it up to 10 or 15 minutes before you rinse it off your hair. You will find the exact time required on the description of your product. When the time passed, wash your hair with warm water and rinse off all the color shampoo.

3. Apply your conditioner

Now you can apply your conditioner or any other hair mask you might be using. Do this as you would normally do every time you wash your hair. Allow your hair time to dry o use your hair drier before you check the results.

Keep in mind that sometimes it takes more washes before you see a significant difference in the shade of your hair. If you are a beginner at this, you should use your color shampoo up to 2 o even three times every week.

How to decide what color shampoo you need for your hair

The thumb rule is simple. If you are a brunette with highlights, balayage, foils, streaks, ombre, or any other light shades colored, you need a great blue shampoo. If you are blonde with different shades of highlights, ombre, foils, etc., you need a purple shampoo.

Even if we established that natural brunettes and those with dark blonde shades should go for blue shampoo while those with light-toned hair should use purple shampoo, there are still things to pay attention to. Sometimes things are not as black and white as they seem when it comes to hair styling.

For instance, how is your hair tone in the sun? Is it more red or more yellow? For many of us, the hair will look different in the sun without completely transforming its color.

But you will notice certain shades and tones that you would not see in an artificial light o in the darkness. This is an essential hint regarding the undertone of your hair.

If you see orange shades, you know that you need to use a blue shampoo. On the same logic, if you see yellow shades o even white tones, you can confidently go for purple shampoo.

You should also ask your hairstylist before investing in a blue or purple shampoo. Sometimes, you will be amazed by the suggestions your stylist will make, based on their experience.

The undertone of your hair might be so in the middle of these two types that a professional could mix both kinds of shampoo to get just the right result. Plus, they will also recommend you specific hair masks that will help you keep it hydrated and offer it the proper nutrients.

How to choose the best color shampoo on the market

This is another dilemma women have when they need to invest in such a shampoo. There are so many bands, and types of color shampoo that finding the best one for you might be overwhelming.

However, if you take into account a specific factor, it is not impossible! Keep in mind that to choose the best color shampoo, you need to consider the natural color of your hair and not the shade you dyed it into.

Here are the most important tips to consider if you are shopping for a color shampoo!

Decide what color shampoo you need

You will have to choose between a blue shampoo and a purple shampoo. If you know your hair’s undertones, this should be easy. If you have questions about it, talk to you, hairstylist.

Finding out what color shampoo you need is essential to finding the best product. If you use purple shampoo for brown hair, you will be just as disappointed as if you used blue shampoo on light blonde hair.

The effects will be minimal, and you will most likely waste your time and money. So, pay attention to this important detail before investing in a color shampoo.

Check the ingredients

As there are many brands to choose from, you will notice that they all have their formula to reduce or even eliminate brassy shades. But try to go for a shampoo that has fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients.

You will not find an all natural color shampoo, but you can always invest in one that is less harmful to your hair. Look for natural oil extracts and vitamins when you read the list of ingredients.

If you choose a color shampoo that will also nourish your hair, you will avoid the risk of having dehydrated hair.

Make sure to invest in a shampoo that you afford for the long run

If you are a blonde, you know that a color shampoo will most often than not be a must-have product in your hair care routine. Sooner or later, you will notice some brassy or yellow shades in your hair, and you will want to eliminate them.

This is why you should keep your purple shampoo handy in your bathroom and use it around three times a week. If you do this with regularity, you can even avoid brassiness and keep your perfect color for a longer time!

Which is why you should invest in a product that you afford to buy every month. Check the price and decide if this is an investment you can make ad often as you need!

Once you find a color shampoo that works, stick to it

The temptation to switch from one brand to another will be significant, especially with so many options available on the market. But it wouldn’t be so wise after all.

If you are satisfied with a specific type of color shampoo and you see the results that you need, you should stay faithful to it. It is hard enough to find such a shampoo that takes away all that brassiness so once you did, don’t take the risks of trying something else because you will waste time and money in the process!

Related Questions

Does Blue shampoo work on natural hair?

All color shampoos are intended to be used on colored hair so they will not do much for natural hair. There is no reason to use such a shampoo if your hair has no brassy shades in it.

So, unless you dyed your hair in a blondish color, you should stick to using your regular shampoo. Just make sure that you use a shampoo that treats the needs of your hair correctly, such as a shampoo intended for oily or dry hair.

Needless to say that the same logic goes for hair that was dyed in dark colors such as brunette or dark brown. Such shades will not need a color shampoo to be maintained, and they are usually easier to take care of than blonde shades.

Does purple shampoo damage your hair?

When it comes to the quality of your hair, you can rest assured that purple shampoo will not damage that. However, it can have an unwanted impact on your hair color.

If you have dehydrated hair due to the number of chemicals used to dye it, you might also have porous hair. This type of hair, in this condition, might absorb more of the purple shampoo than it needs.

By that, it will also achieve a shade of purple that most likely you don’t want in your hair. So, purple shampoo can’t damage your hair, but it can alter your color in a way that you don’t want it to.

At the same time, it is essential not to overuse it because even too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect. So, use color shampoo in moderation but with the recommended frequency to reach the results you want to.

Can purple shampoo darken hair?

The purple shampoo will not make your hair darker, outside of the hazard of turning it into a purple shade if your hair is porous. It will even out your hair color by merely getting rid of the yellow tones that don’t look so great.

But because by using this shampoo, you eliminate yellow and brassy shades, your hair color might seem to be darker with a shade or two. However, the purple shampoo will not have these effects directly so you can use it with confidence.

Do color shampoos work?

This is a tricky question, no matter how you look at it. For some blondes, color shampoos do miracles while for others, the results are not so evident. The secret stays in more factors.

For instance, if you know your hair’s natural undertones, you have a much better chance of finding the right shampoo for you. These tones are there regardless of the color you used to dye your hair so; you can’t guide yourself based on that.

If you have this aspect covered, you need to leave your shampoo in your hair just the right time to take the effects you need. If you leave it in too long, your hair can get that purple shade, but if you leave it in too little, the results will not be so visible.

However, as difficult as it might sound for a beginner, you should know that the more you use color shampoo, the more experienced you get at it.

So, try it and learn from your mistakes. Eventually, you will end up making the most out of such a product, and you will get rid of those brassy shades once and for all!


The color shampoo is becoming more and more popular among blondes of all types. And there are plenty of products to choose from on the market.

By following this guide, you should have all the information you need to get the best shampoo for your hair and understand how to use it properly.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get rid of the brassiness from the first time you use such a shampoo. Even if you have the right product for your hair, it still takes time to see the results you want.

But if you are patient and you stick to your hair care routine, you will end up with that beautiful shade of blonde that will look so natural on you! In the end, it will all be worth it!

If you feel like you can’t find the right solution for your brassiness, make sure you talk to a professional stylist because they will most likely show you the way to get your to dream color properly.