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Henna dye: How Long to Leave the Henna on Hair

Henna dye: How Long to Leave the Henna on Hair

Hair color is getting so popular these days. More people are dyeing their hair than having their natural hair color. However, the problem that we have is that there are so many different hair dyes available, that it is hard to find the best one for your hair.

This is where henna dye comes in. This is the best hair dye at the moment. When you know as much about this hair dye, you will realize that this is your best choice to have the perfect hair color.

How Long to Leave the Henna on Hair? For the best results, you should leave the henna for 2 to 4 hours before rinsing it off. But, there is other essential information that you need to know about the henna dye as well. To make sure that you are getting the most out of the dye. This is everything you need to know about the henna dye.

What exactly is henna dye and what is making it different from other hair dye

What is henna dye and what is making it different from other hair dyes and hair color that you can purchase? The main difference is that the henna dye is an all-natural hair dye that doesn’t have any chemicals as ingredients in.

Henna is actually a plant that is dried and grounded and turns into powder. This is then used to dye hair, fingernails, and skin. These plants are handpicked in India and only the highest quality plants are selected.

The main thing that is making this product so much better than other hair dyes, is the fact that it is all natural. There aren’t any chemicals or any ingredients in that can be harmful to your hair. In fact, studies have shown that the henna dye is making your hair stays healthy and shiny.

Benefits of using the Henna hair dye

One of the reasons why most people prefer henna hair dye is because of all the benefits. Benefits that you will not get from using another hair color. The reasons for all these benefits are because this is a natural and organic hair dye, without any chemicals and harmful ingredients.

The first benefit if the henna hair dye is allergic-free. Most of the other, normal hair dye has ingredients in that can give an allergic reaction to many people. With the henna, this isn’t going to happen.

While you are coloring your hair, you are also ensuring that your hair is healthy and shiny. The henna dye is more than just a hair dye.

This is also a way to ensure that your hair stays healthy and shining.  Using henna dye will also stimulate hair growth and it will strengthen the scalp. Making sure that your hair is growing faster and healthier.

As the henna dyes fade out of your hair, it ensures that it is looking more natural. It will not be obvious to other people that it is time to color your hair again. The best part is that the hair color will last for up to 6 weeks before it will start to fade.

One thing that you might not know is that it is cheaper than most of the other hair dye that you can purchase for coloring your hair. Especially, if you are going to a salon to get your hair colored professionally.

Type of hair that will benefit most with the henna dye

It is important to know what type of hair will benefit most with the henna dye. It is known that henna is great for all hair types, but that it is especially great for people with fine hair. There is henna dye available for the blond, red, light brown, dark brown and dark blond. A color for everyone.

If you don’t have fine hair, it doesn’t mean that the henna dye isn’t for you. It just means that you might want to use more than one packet of dye to get the right color. And, it might give the results of fuller, and even thicker hair.

Many are asking the question if the henna dye is going to cover gray hair. In general, it will cover gray hair, but there are a couple of general rules that you need to remember.

  • You might need to reapply the hair color after 72hours
  • Henna red will be better as a base color. Then coloring brown over it will cover the red and the gray areas much better.
  • Root touch-ups might be needed, but this is possible when you are using henna dye. And, blond is really hard to cover gray, and even multiple dyes won’t cover it correctly.

Guide in using the henna dye

To get the most out of your henna dye, you need to know exactly how to use the dye correctly. You need to know what to mix your dye with and what not to do.

Many people don’t get the results they have hoped for, just because they didn’t color the hair correctly. This is the best guide in how to use the henna dye correctly.

The first thing that you need to know is what you will need in order for you to start coloring your hair. It is always a good idea to get these things ready before starting to color your hair.

  • A ceramic or glass bowl. No plastic bowls.
  • Wooden, plastic or ceramic spoon. Avoid using the normal metal spoons
  • A Pair of hair dying gloves. The plastic, disposable ones
  • Dye brush that you can purchase anywhere
  • A wooden, wide tooth comb
  • Disposable shower cap or plastic film
  • A wool hat. Not necessary, but recommended

Now, that you know what things you need before you start with coloring your hair, using the henna dye, you can know to learn more about the steps in coloring your hair, with the henna.

  • You should only use hot, boiling water to mix your henna dye. Don’t use any other ingredients, because it will influence the final result. Many people believe to add ingredients for better hair color. But, this isn’t true.
  • Using the hot water, mixing enough with the dye to make a thick paste. Not too thick, or it will be hard to apply. But, also it should not be too watery. This can make it hard to use to color your hair.
  • Applying with a dye brush. Making sure that you are covering all the areas completely. You don’t want to have hair that isn’t colored at all.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic film, or a disposable shower cap. Put on the wool hat, if you want added warmth and humidity to the hair. This will leave the hair with better results.
  • You should leave the henna color on for at least 2 hours. But, you can let it sit for 4 hours if you want to have much richer hair color.
  • You should rinse your hair thoroughly and make sure that all the hair color is rinsed out. If your hair feels dry, you can use a soft conditioner afterward.

Henna dye

Should your hair be clean or filthy before using the dye

It is important to make sure that you know if you should have clean or filthy hair before you start dying your hair with henna dye. If you don’t know this general rule, you might end up with results that you didn’t anticipate and you might not like the end results.

The essential thing that you need to know is that your hair should not be dirty. You could have washed it the previous day, or just before you color your hair.

You can use henna on damp or on dry hair, this doesn’t matter. The thing that does matter, is that your hair should be clean and without any other hair products on your hair.

So many of us learned that the filthier the hair, the better the hair color will stick to the hair. But, this isn’t always the case. Especially, if you are using a lot of hair products on your hair. And, this isn’t the case with the henna dye. Clean hair is essential. The rest doesn’t really matter.

Can you leave henna in hair overnight?

There are a couple of things that you need to consider before we can answer this question correctly. The first thing that you should consider, is if your scalp is healthy and in good condition. Leaving henna in your hair for a long time can dry out your scalp. And, if you already have a dry scalp, this can just increase the problem.

But, in general, you can leave henna in your hair overnight. Many are doing this to get a more intense, and better result. You just need to remember that you should cover your hair, otherwise your bedding will stain.

And stains from henna won’t come out. No matter how many times you are washing your hair. This is safe to leave the henna in your hair overnight, if you have healthy hair, and if you are looking for a more intense result.

Can henna damage your hair?

This is good news. Henna can’t damage your hair. In fact, there are many studies that have shown that henna dye can make your hair healthier and let your hair grow faster.

When you are looking at the ingredients of the henna dye, you will see that there aren’t any harmful chemicals or anything unnatural in the color. Making this the best way to color your hair, if you have already damaged hair.

This is one of the reasons why so many women start to use the henna dye. They have seen that this is the best way to color hair, to ensure that no damage is done to the hair. There are even fewer women that will get an allergic reaction from using normal hair dye.

How long do you wait to wash hair after henna, and can I shampoo my hair after applying henna?

Another trick to get the best results with using henna dye. You should not wash your hair for three days after coloring your hair, using henna. This is the best way to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.

Because henna isn’t a chemical, it needs time to develop correctly. And, if you are going to shampoo your hair too soon, you are washing the henna out and your color won’t last as long as you hoped it would.

This also means that you should not wash your hair when you are rinsing the dye out of your hair. This is the biggest mistake that you can make. It is advisable that you should just rinse the dye out of your hair, with clean water.

And, you should make sure that you are rinsing it out completely. Especially on you’re a scalp. This can dry out your hair if you leave some of the dye on your scalp.

Can I use henna for getting lighter colored hair?

No. You can’t use henna dye for lightening your hair. Not if you want to go from brown to blond, or from black to brown.

As we said before, the henna dye doesn’t have any chemicals that you can use for getting lighter hair. You can get darker, more intense hair color with some red tones in.

However, making your hair lighter needs bleach or peroxide. If you want to get lighter tones, you should rather use another hair color, or you should visit a salon.

You should also not add anything to the henna dye like peroxide to lighten your hair. This isn’t going to work. And, it isn’t recommended for sure. You can use peroxide to lighten your hair, and then you can use henna to intensify your color.

Tips to make sure that your henna color stays beautiful for as long as possible

You have colored your hair with henna dye. And, you love the end result. How can you ensure that your hair color is staying fresh as long as possible?

We know that hair color fades over time. Even if you are going to use henna dye. But, if you know how to care for your colored hair correctly, then you will have a chance that your hair will stay perfectly, for longer.

  • The less frequently you wash your hair, the longer the hair will last
  • Don’t wash your hair before the first 2-3 days after a color. This will ensure that the color sets
  • Use a shampoo that is designed for colored hair
  • When you wash your hair, try not to use water that is too hot. This can damage your hair and ruin your hair color at the end of the day.
  • The quality shampoo is also important to ensure healthy hair. Healthy hair is ensuring color that is long-lasting

Conclusion. Everything you need to know about henna dye in short

We have discussed everything about henna dye. From why this is something that you should consider, to how to use the dye correctly. But, there is a couple of information that is really important and that you should not forget.

This is why we are putting everything you need to know about the henna dye in short. Just a reminder about all the things that you already have read.

The henna dye comes from a plant called henna and this is the best way to color your hair, without using any chemicals. There are different reasons why this is something that you really should consider using if you want to have healthy hair, and hair that is growing faster. It is great for all hair types but is especially great for those that have fine hair.

You can color blond, dark blond, light brown, dark brown, black and red. You can get a more intense color, but you can’t lighten up your hair with henna.

It is best to leave the dye on your hair for at least 2 hours. Most professionals recommend that you leave the dye on for 4 hours. There are women that are leaving the dye on overnight.

This isn’t wrong and will make the color more intense. You should never add something else to the dye. Only hot water is recommended.  Washing your hair just after you have dyed your hair isn’t recommended. The dye needs some time to set.

Henna dye. A natural way to color your hair. And, most professionals are recommending that you are coloring your hair, using this product. It can’t lighten your hair but will give it a darker, healthier looking color.

It will even cover gray hair. With this complete guide, you will get all the information you need about henna dye. From why you should choose this, to how to use the dye correctly. This is to show you that there is a hair dye that you can use that won’t damage your hair in any way.


Friday 30th of April 2021

Hi can I put aero vera, orange rind, ginger n coffee powder to boil n mix them into the henna powder into paste then apply to my hair?

Monika Dimitrovska

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

Hey Jasmin, Thank you for your comment. People who love henna have different hair henna recipes. They also tend to mix some natural ingredients with henna before applying it to the hair. Different people follow different recipes depending on the needs of their individual type of hair. If the combo you've mentioned works for you, feel free to add it. This article has other natural recipes you can try in the future, so please check them out. Hope this helps. Love, Monika.

Ika O

Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Thanks for the insightful read. My hair is thin so this works for me all the time. Can i deep condition my hair 2-3 days after i rinsed it off? I hear if you don't deep condition the hair after heena it breaks, true??


Sunday 18th of April 2021

Hi, you should apply hair oil after you rinse + dry your hair.. It deepens the henna color on hair... Here in india we always do it.. We apply hairoil on hair the same day after hair gets dry and shampoo the hair next day or after 2-3 days.

Naomi Nazi Mbela

Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Most of my questions have been answer by reading this article on natural henna.

Susan Schuler

Wednesday 12th of August 2020

What's your thoughts on using brewed coffee or adding apple cider vinegar to the mixture for deeper color. (Brown) Seems it just turns my grays, red. I'm not working so I'm trying to stretch out the time i go to the stylist.


Sunday 23rd of August 2020

Hi Susan,

I recommend using premixes from a place like I have been using their products for a few months now and definitely recommend them.

Their medium brown is a mixture of "natural indigo, natural henna, alma gooseberry, false daisy petals, neem leaf."