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How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix With Hair Color

How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix With Hair Color

Dying your hair can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. But there are ways to get the hair color you want without going to a salon. This complex guide will tell you all you need to know about dying your hair by using the right products. The hair developer plays an important role in this process.

How Much 20 Volume Developer to Mix With Hair Color? If you are using 20 volume developer, you will need to mix one part dye with two parts developer. This is the general rule but you might need to alter it according to the shade you want to obtain.

You need to know how much of it to mix with your dye in order to get the best results. Mixing the wrong amount of developer or using the wrong type of developer can have serious consequences for your hair.

And when it comes to the 20 volume developer, mixing it in the correct amount is a top key to obtaining the results you want.

How Much Developer do you mix with Hair Color?

The secret of a perfect color lies in the mixture of developer and dye. As we mention this is usually one part dye to two parts developer. But you might need to mix more or less depending on the volume of your developer, the brand you use and the color you want to achieve.

If you don’t want a shade that is too light, you can mix one part developer with one part dye. This is great for people who don’t have gray hair so they have less to cover in the coloring process.

If you just started to see a few gray hairs, go for one part dye with 1.5 part developer. This will increase the coverage power of your mix and mask those gray hairs successfully.

However, if you have about 50% gray hair you should use the classic formula of one part dye with two parts developer. With this combination, you get complete coverage of your gray hair and shining, vibrant color.

Also, try to stick with the 20 volume developer for gray hair as it is not so damaging as the 30, 40 or even 50 volume developer.

Different developers come with strict instructions and even pictures to guide you. If you are not sure how to mix them with your hair dye, checking these instructions can help you a lot in the process.

But take into account that the texture of your hair, as well as the color, will influence this process. If you have thick hair with a dark color you might repeat the process in order to get to the shade that you want.

Extra tip: Never mix the developer and hair dye in a metallic bowl. Use a plastic bowl so your mixture will not be affected by the material. Also, make sure the bowl is big enough so you can mix the two ingredients properly. The result should be a homogeneous cream that you can apply on your hair.

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What happens if you put too much developer in hair dye?

If you area beginner, you might take the risk of adding too much developer to your hair dye. Using more developer than you should is not a capital mistake but it will have certain effects on the final result.

Here are the main consequences of adding too much developer than you need for your mix!

– Your mixture will be runnier. This will make it more diluted and harder to apply on your hair. No one likes watery hair dye mix as it can stain your clothes, skin and other items around you if you spill on them. To obtain the perfect consistency, stick to one part hair dye and maximum two parts developer.

– Your color will not last as long. Since more developer also means less hair color, you might discover that your shade washes out easier. So, instead of enjoying an intense hair color for six to eight weeks, you might need to reapply it in four weeks.

– You will get a lighter shade. This could be both a benefit and a disadvantage, depending on what you want your final color to be. More developers will lighten your hair more than you might have intended. However, if you do want a lighter color, using more developer is not the best option you have.

20 Volume Developer to Mix With Hair Color

What does 20 volume developer do?

You can choose between a 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, and even 40 volume developers. From all their different concentrations, the 20 volume developer tends to be the most popular one.

This is because the 20 developer will match different hair colors and different preferences easier.

A developer, also known as an activator, makes the hair dye efficient. With no developer, your hair dye will most likely be useless and it will have no effect.

Furthermore, the volume of the developer that you choose will directly impact the intensity of the color. The developer leads the hair dye in the layers of your hair so it will penetrate it better. Here is what a 20 volume developer will do to your hair color!

– Use a 20 volume developer if you want to lighten your color with one or even two tones. If you mix the developer with your hair dye correctly, you will end up with a great coverage power.

– 20 volume developer id perfect for 50% gray hair. You can use this developer even if you have less gray hair but it will work perfectly for the 50% percentage.

However, if you have more than half of your hair gray, you should definitely use 20 volume developer or even a higher volume. In these cases, a 10 volume developer will not give you the coverage you want even if you increase the concentration in your mix.

-You can use a 20 volume developer if you need to bleach your hair too. This developer will open the cuticles of your hair and allow the bleach to get inside of them in order to remove the hair color.

Using this type of developer when you bleach your hair is better than using a higher volume. It will not damage your hair as much while it will still give you the results you want.

How long should I leave 20 volume bleach on my hair?

Let’s start with an important point: bleaching your hair is never a healthy choice! However, if you still want to remove your hair color to free the path for a new one, you should make it as healthy as possible.

And the most important aspect is how long are you going to leave the developer and bleach mixture on your hair.

Each hair type and color reacts differently to the bleaching process. Some will lose color faster than others. This is why you should check the shade of your hair every two or three minutes after you apply the bleach and developer.

You will notice that the color of your hair gets lighter as time goes by. In most cases, it is just a matter of minutes to lose tones off your initial color.

The bottom line, you should never leave the bleach and developer mix on your hair for more than 30 minutes. You will notice the results anywhere between 15 minutes and 30 minutes and as soon as you are happy with your shade you should rinse your hair.

Leaving the bleach on your hair longer than you have to can damage it significantly. You can have burned hair or one that breaks easily.

Plus, your hair will lose its healthy shine and texture so even if you dye it in your favorite color, you will still not like the end result. Plus, too much bleaching time can dehydrate your hair a lot more than it can survive to. Dehydrated hair is dull, lacks softness and it becomes a lot more fragile.


Using a 20 volume developer can help you achieve the color you always wanted to have without a lot of hassle. You will be able to change your look in the comfort of your house as well. You don’t need a lot of experience either as long as you follow the instructions of your developer and the information in this guide.

Keep in mind that bleaching your hair is not a healthy solution for your hair. If you want to bleach your hair, do it as rare as possible and follow the correct guidance.

After you change your hair color with hair dye and developer or you bleach it, it is crucial to apply a hydrating mask to replace the lost nutrients.

If you use the developer properly, you will minimize the risks and enjoy more of its advantages! Get your developer and your hair dye and give yourself the look you always wanted to have!