BB Cream vs Foundation: What’s Best for your Skin?

BB Cream or Foundation

There is probably high consensus amongst beauty enthusiasts of the world that your skin performs one of the essential roles in your daily beauty regime. A beautiful and flawless skin is everyone’s desire. However, with today’s fast-paced and stressful life it no longer stays to be a cakewalk.

Thank god for the revolution that the beauty industry has undergone in the last few decades. Today, you have two of the most important contributions of the makeup revolution at your bae to take you to the path of flawless skin at your own ease; foundations and bb creams.

However, still there lies a chink in the armor. Although the two products are a definite boon for giving your skin a swift makeover, it varies with its long-term benefits.

Thus, for understanding which caters better to your skin’s needs and wants, we need to start from knowing them well.

How much do you know your BB Cream?

A blemish balm or a beauty balm, popularly known as the BB CREAM, is an all-around make-up essential cream that caters to almost every kind of care that your skin needs.  An ideal BB cream is often engineered to act as a foundation, moisturizer and most importantly a sunblock skincare cream.

Long gone is the period when it was considered a beauty counter new launch. Today, BB cream stands strong with its slow yet steady accreditation amongst beauty enthusiasts with special crowning for its coverage power.

Now let’s try to understand what exactly a foundation is close.

Are you well aware of your foundation functionalities?

A foundation is a makeup essential that is primarily used to groom your facial skin making it all clear and flawless. It not only corrects unevenness of your skin tone but also acts as a flaw corrector altogether giving your skin a ramp-ready finish.  You may also find some moisturizers on the market that have teamed its main properties with moisturizer, sunscreen and astringent.

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Well now as it is you can decipher that the two products do resonate a heavy similarity with each other, let’s find out the little changes that make the cut of distinction in between the two.

BB Cream vs Foundation


When it is about coverage for your skin, you would certainly find that your foundation is the unchallenged winner.

You are most probable to find that most of the BB creams possess a consistency that is only ample to cover up redness of your skin, failing to meet expectations of good coverage for any kinds of flaws like pigmentation. However, on the other hand, a standard foundation serves you an all-day medium to full coverage for every kind of flaws on your skin.

Best application: Choosing a BB cream goes best when you are in search of something light on your skin just on a regular day or some beach walks. However, a foundation would be the perfect choice when it comes to a party time or any special events like that of a birthday bash or wedding.

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Here, the BB cream truly stands way ahead of the foundation you wear daily. Although there are a few numbers of foundations in the market that are available with this property in them, the level of the spectrum they offer is considerably low for your daily usage.  On the other hand, a medium quality BB cream is able to render you with a high coverage with a spectrum as broad as 50 SPF.

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Best application: If your shopping spree is primarily around finding an all in one skincare product, the answer has to be BB cream. However, if you are finding a product with more of skin quality correction properties, a foundation with SPF is your choice.


A BB cream is an unrivaled winner of this factor against the foundation.

Although there a few numbers of foundations that have this property infused in them,  a BB cream stands strong along with a few more number of skincare arrangements.

  • Best application: While you choose a foundation, you can go for something that contains hints of moisturizing in it. However, if you are up for choosing something truly for making your skin breathe and opting for daily wear, the BB cream is the perfect match for you.
  • Color range: While you take color shades into consideration, it is not at all BB creams forte. However, it is the strong point of your foundation.

One of the major shortcomings, while you struggle to choose with your perfect shade with BB cream, is that it does not allow you to access your true skin match easily. Often you need to mix the whitest shade with the darkest in different proportions to get your true match.

Best application: While choosing for the BB creams what you can go for is opting for a close to skin color and a whiter color to match your skin color. However, if you are searching for a foundation, be pretty sure you would find a lot of brands offering a huge shade card to choose from. One exemplary brand is the mac foundation range.

Protection of Acne-prone skin

If you have acne concerns, the BB cream is your pick for sure. Although a good foundation can give you good coverage for your zits it fails grandly to treat your blemishes. On the other hand, there are lots of good BB creams that cater to give this service to your skin.

Best application: While choosing your BB cream to try to pick the one that has tea tree oil as one of its elemental properties. For instance, the Body Shop Tea tree BB cream is a nice pick for the acne-prone skin.

BB Cream vs Foundation


When it comes to multi-tasking, the BB cream happens to be unbeatable. A balanced combination of sunscreen, skincare ingredients, antioxidants and light coverage is what you get in a pack of BB cream. However, on the other hand, a foundation many times fails to serve all these at one time.

Best application: If you are choosing for daily skin care with an added mix of makeup, BB cream is your goal. However, for special occasions, you may like to choose a foundation.


Here, a BB cream is more powerful than a foundation. While putting up with a makeup process, you may like to agree that primer is something that we cannot skip out. It does not only provide that extra lasting power to your base make-up but also helps to glide it smoothly in your skin. A BB cream comes in an inbuilt format with a primer, which your foundations lack to possess.

Best application: Although a foundation happens to be a specialist in many cases like coverage, true matches etc. there lies the BB cream to be a true winner when it comes to its user-friendliness. It gives you the benefits of the most important elements of skincare and make-up all in one together hassle free.

The final verdict

More power to BB cream.

Although it was a very close match between the BB cream and the foundation, a personal recommendation would stand with BB cream all along. This is with good reasons!

When considering the amenities that a BB cream facilitates you, the ball is 100 percent in its court. Although, a foundation is true, truly the flag bearer of perfection when it comes to special skin flaws issue. For instance, a BB cream can meet up taking care of an already flawless skin while keeping its beauty intact.

However, this majorly fails to veil up a tampered unhealthy skin. This, on the other hand, is handled by a foundation like a pro. It not only masters in evening out a skin but also brings a good form of fresh and lustrous skin void of any kind of flaws.

However, after all this discussion the question remains still the same. Can a BB cream clearly oust out a foundation?

Is it worth replacing your foundation with BB cream for permanent?

Well, with the above discussion and a final verdict played on BB creams you may happen to be convinced till now with the power of BB creams. However, if you are in a delusion that you can totally bid your foundation cream a happy ‘adieu’, then sorry to say, you are wrong!

Amidst the helluva of major benefits that BB creams draw for your skin, they are also not devoid of loopholes. Let’s find out where they fall short.

BB creams moisturize, altogether providing mild coverage and a range of UV protection

BB creams promise to develop a brighter looking skin while evening it out and diminishing wrinkles on it in the process. However, if you meticulously go through the ingredients, you would realize that all that there is hardly any presence of ingredients that cater to diminishing wrinkles with time.

BB creams are akin to the foundation, however, lack the intensity of their functionality:

BB creams hardly differ in their properties to that of a foundation. The only reason why you would choose is that of the overrated working that the cosmetic is claimed in the market to be having on the skin.


BB cream is more a make-up and less a skincare:

Many times it is seen that consumers mistook on the basic essence of a BB cream. It is majorly a make-up product that is infused with skincare elements. Thus, if you are planning to put it on while you go to your bed, that is the worst thing that you can do to your skin.

BB creams are not essentially ousting sunscreens:

While major BB creams have a wide range of SPF spectrum to cover yourself, it may not suffice amply that allows you to skip your sunscreen regime. You can always use it as an additional protection after your application of sunscreen.

Never ever rely on its miracle properties blindly:

Although formulated and claimed to cater to an all-around requirement of your skin, you cannot really depend totally on its skin care effects totally. There is ideally no cream or cosmetic that can give you a complete skin care in one simple step. What you ideally need to follow is a simple daily regime of 3 to 4 steps of essential elements: cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing and finally treating.

It will be an injustice to only pointing out the drawbacks that you face while using a BB cream and not considering the ones that a regular wear foundation can give you.

The major hurdles of foundation:

While foundations are the best quick fix to any problem skin, it can be immensely excruciating for your skin in the long run as well.

  1. Improper skin care regime can lead to degradation of skin quality over time.
  2. Many times choosing the wrong foundation can lead your skin to suffocation finally giving rise to pimples and other irritable skin.
  3. Foundations are often found to be heavy and thus inapt for everyday use.
  4. Long use of foundation can also result in dryness.
  5. You can even get allergies and rashes due to the reaction that your skin undergoes with the chemicals of the product.

Now let’s see if we can overcome this problem with the use of the best of both the products.

Can we use BB cream and foundation together?

Although, technically it is pointless to use a foundation at all if you are already undergoing a BB cream regime. However, having a  closer look, you may find a very promising idea of having the best of both the products.

A BB cream as it is made to replace many of the skin products by one can do the function of a lot of things like that of a moisturizer, a low impacted sunscreen, skincare minerals to improve your skin and finally a primer to keep your makeup stay longer.

If you go on combining this regime with a thin layer of foundation on top you can cover up where a BB cream lacks out. If you have a problematic skin, you can easily cover up those small irritating zits with the thick coverage of the foundation.

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To complete this look you can always take help of the loose powder. The Final Thoughts: Thus, although the combination of BB cream and foundation looks frivolous, it can make the best of the skincare make-ups team.

CC creams the new sweethearts of your skin:

Not long after the grand success of BB creams, the color correction creams popularly known as CC creams followed its path.

While there are not many differences that lie between BB and CC creams respectively, you can still figure out which one to go for while you are in a fix to make a choice. If your skin is prone to redness very easily, then a CC cream would be a better choice for your skin.  Thus, a CC cream renders you the benefit of color correction along with all the benefits of a BB cream. Here, again the question pops in if this new introduction can replace foundations from the market.  Let’s find out the answer.

Are CC creams potential for replacing your favorite foundation bottles?

While a CC cream does color correction better than any foundation, it fails to give you an overall super smooth and pore-free even look. Thus, you can use a CC cream as the first step to your full base make-up regime. However, on daily basis, when you just need a slight coverage and something in which your skin can openly breathe in without feeling heavy, a CC cream goes well.

The best pick for oily skin: foundation or CC cream?

Although there are a number of advantages of having CC cream as your daily usage cosmetic, there is a factor to be kept in mind before you go with your final decision.

If you are someone with an oil-prone skin, then a CC cream might not be the best choice for you. In spite of having a number of plus points, it can create major issues in the long run.

On the other hand, a foundation takes care that it absorbs every kind of shine on your skin.   It is best to use a foundation if you are possessing a problem skin that tends to be oily fast and needs coverage while staying intact for long hours.


Both foundation and BB creams are powerful agents of skin treatment. However, the satisfaction and success rate of the product totally depends upon how much wise a decision you take while you choose your product keeping the conditions in mind for which you are buying the product for.

BB cream is definitely a boon to the skincare regime of beauties around the globe. However, it cannot really set off the trend of using foundations and its effectiveness. The former products are multi-taskers while the following products are specialists.

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