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Top 10 Electric Hair Straightening Brush [2018]


When it comes to hair care, the grass always looks greener on the other side. Oh yes, that is true especially when it comes to women. Women with straight hair long for curls while curly hair women yearn for straight manageable hair. Of course, every type of hair always accompanies some problem or other.

How much money did you spend on; rather wasted on professional hair straightening treatments at salon? Just spend a few minutes and calculate approximately! Okay, you may have failed in your attempts in hair straightening at your home or find it too difficult to give a try.

Best Hair Brush Straightener

There is no need to spend hefty or invest in a fortune to get your tresses straight. Go for the salon style sleek straight hair with natural look at home. Here is the list of hair straightener brush to look for. No more hot irons, no more damages to the hair and skin and no more hair problems.

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So, here is the list of hair straightening brush which you can buy:

1. AsaVea Portable Electric Hair Brush

AsaVea straightening brush is a very basic straightening tool but works beautifully to straighten the locks giving the smooth charm. It may sound difficult if we say, this tool straightens the hair in a way that no other device could do. It is a ceramic based compact device, easy to use and carry. It has ultra rapid heating feature which heats up the hair and straightens in a minute. Built with high quality DuPont materials, it is a patented and certified design which prevents burns and scald. The straightening devices come with Anti-scald technology which works great even on the extremely curly and unmanageable hair. While it heats up quickly, it is effectively safe to use on tresses without any damages. It applies constant heat. It prevents your locks, scalp and fingers free from burns.

best hair straightening brush

Size of the tool is comfortable to use. Some brushes are too large to handle while some are too small. This tool is neither big nor small but perfect to handle. The similar rule applies with weight of the straightening tool, literally any cosmetic tool. Being built with high quality plastic material, it has light body and easy to maneuver.

Knots and tangles are the biggest concerns of the curly hair. AsaVea straightening brush comes with rectangular head which effortlessly glide on tangled hair and detangles with ease. It glides smoothly on the tresses and removes the knots without causing you pain. Gives you smooth and soft ends rather than sharp ones which looks odd. Color of this straightening brush looks classy in the combination of red and black.


  • Very light in weight, easy to carry, use, handy, travel friendly
  • Slim design and looks attractive
  • Instant heat up in a minute
  • It serves dual purpose, can be used both for straightening and curling
  • Makes the best brush for tangled tresses
  • Economical and consumes about 33 watts
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Patented product
  • Doesn’t hurt the scalp or hair
  • Gives soft and smooth finishing at the ends
  • Professional style made easy at home


  • Cable don’t swivel easily
  • Works only on 110V
  • For extremely thick hair, it may look a bit unfinished even after using the brush
  • Novice may find it a bit time-consuming
  • The effects don’t last longer for more than a day or two.

AsaVea is a next generation hair straightening tool which saves a lot of time, money and of course you can stay cool and composed. Asavea portable electric brush 3.0 makes the best alternative for the damaging flat irons. You can use this straightening tool to create a solid base for your curly hair to create a bun or put on a classy braid.

2. FemJolie Hair Straightening Brush

While curly hair is a problem, long and thick curls make it more intense. Apparently, it is hard to find a brush or even a comb for dense curly locks. Now, you have got this FemJolie hair brush, which can replace your existing hair grooming tools. Something that immediately catches the attention about FemJolie brush is ‘anti-frizz and anti-static’ feature. FemJolie hair straightener brush is trio-combo. It is a best hair straightener brush, a comb as well as a massager. The straightener makes an ideal brush for long and curly hair. It is literally easy to work on voluminous hair.

straightening brush

FemJolie is built with scald protection, anti frizz and anti static technology. It performs in dual voltage. The brush has a swivel cord and a hanging hook, which makes it easy to use on long tresses.

The brush is light in weight and easy to maneuver than using a traditional hair brush straightener. The bristles and body of the brush is made of biodegradable plastic. It is built with instant heating and automatic turn off option. This is a pure bliss for women who had bad experience in burning down a whole apartment just they forgot to turn off the straightener. Just kidding, but there is a dark truth behind it. Turning off the hair straightener at precise point is critical to save from damages. Besides, it also cools down quickly.

FemJolie comes in three colors, purple, black and white and needless to say, they are attractive.


  • Instant heat up, upto 450 degrees in a minute
  • Effective to use on lengthy, dense and curly hair
  • Takes less than 2 minutes to straighten hair
  • Automatic turn off and instant cooling
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Multipurpose brush straightener
  • Safe to use on thicker tresses without worrying about hair loss
  • Ceramic heating spreads evenly


  • Novice may find it difficult to handle effectively due to lack of experience
  • Since it heats up instantly, quick action is expected
  • Cannot straighten the wet hair and should wait until the hair dries

Built with high-end technology and supreme quality materials, FemJolie hair brush makes one of the best electric hair brush in the market place, giving ultimate value for money. Straighten your tresses in no time.

3. MiroPure 2 in 1 Ionic Brush

Is it really possible to make your curly tresses glossy, softy and healthy in no time with minimal efforts? No no, this is not about getting any professional salon treatments. Get the best hair straightener brush and pro hair treatment at your home. No wastage of time, no fatigue, no burns, no hurt and no pain. MiroPure makes your all dream come true. Experience the gorgeous tresses just like salon style treatment, at home or other place, every day and every time you need. This Brush that straightens hair is designed with advanced ionic technology, which creates required ionic strength to your tresses. In other terms, it makes your hair healthy, softer, smoother and straight.

brush that straightens hair

It comes with inbuilt massaging effect which stimulates the scalp and increases circulation, which enhances hair health. The high density nano comb brush makes it very easy to glide on the frizzy, knotted and curly locks. In a few minutes, transform your tangled locks into voluminous glossy frizz free tresses.

Metal Ceramic Heater is relatively a new technology for the hair tools. Being the best straightening hair brush, MiroPure heats up faster in a few seconds. It eventually reduces the response time, reduces the time spent on styling your hair and gives you beautiful tresses in no time. Unlike other brush available in the market place, the effects of MiroPure hair brush lasts longer. Thanks to Ionic technology. It comes with five different temperature settings to use on different types of hair, from thin dry hair to thick, curly hair.


  • Saves lot of energy and time
  • Three times better performance, effectiveness and ease of use than traditional brush
  • Ceramic heating and Ionic technology
  • Feeds health to the tresses
  • Comes with heat resistant glow
  • Salon style sleek treatment at home
  • Reduces frizz, split ends and knots
  • Adds health and volume to the straight locks


  • Read the instruction manual thoroughly before applying
  • Should be familiar with temperature adjustments according to the hair type (Although it comes with temperature lock function)
  • Heats up in a few seconds and just make sure there are no disturbances
  • Not to use on wet hair

MiroPure 2 in 1 ionic brush comes with a heat resistant glow and temperature lock function. Tame the wildest, tangled and frizzy curls with this ultra stylish hair brush.

4. DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

This is about Dafni, the original hair straightening ceramic brush. The word ‘original ceramic brush’ catches the attention. Dafni hair brush is an eye-catching hair straightening tool that looks ultra sleek. You will find it too hard to get your eyes off the brush. The brush is made of plastic with low matte finish which features the classy outlook. It provides a solid grip to hold and use the hair brush.

Hair Straightening Brush

The shape of the head is oval, just like any standard hair brush. However, the bristles of Dafni make it stand out from the rest of the hair brush from the competitors. Dafni, original hair straightening ceramic brush uses the 3D design, which is awaiting patent. The design is not only unique, but also functional. It spreads the heat evenly across different point of contact. THe bristles contour compliments the contour of the user’s hair.

Although it looks sleek and modern, it is very easy to use. Comes with a single on/off button with no additional items in the box. The heating bristles are made of ceramic, which is the best conductor of heat. It carries itself as the consistent surface to distribute the temperature evenly. Consistency of a hair brush gives best results. The heating body work swiftly. The temperature increases from room temperature to heating temperature in a minute or less.


  • Ceramic technology, constant and consistent heating
  • Ceramic bristles
  • Looks stylish
  • Light in weight, easy to carry and compact
  • Solid grip
  • Heats up instantly and automated on / off feature
  • No frills and easy to operate


  • Only one temperature setting is available.
  • No ionizer
  • No control lock
  • No instructions manual on how to operate
  • It comes in a box without any case
  • Low mobility in terms of rotating cord, which is a letdown

DAFNI, The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush carries an aesthetic and pleasing appeal. You can effortlessly use it on the extremely frizzy and tangled hair.

5. InStyler STRAIGHT UP  Brush

This is one of the finest hair straightener brush available in the market place. It has very sleek Ultra modern and beautiful outlook carrying smooth and soft gentle curves all over the body with soft bristles. It’s actually quite cool to see this straightening brush looks very light and interesting. h The Instyler Straight up consists of LCD display with is very unique feature of one of the best straightening brush available. The body of the hair brush is made of plastic on the heating plates on made of ceramic and just like any other straightening brush the head is oval in shape which is quite comfortable to use.


This feature clearly indicates that the temperature is adjustable according to the type of hair. Adjustable temperature is one of the biggest positives of any hair styling tools because one temperature does not suit with all hair types. Since the basic heating element is made of ceramic it spreads uniformity across the total heating surface. The product box comes with only the hair straightener there is no other additional tool you can see.

The brush comes with three options, on-off button, temperature up and temperature down button. The brush heats up very quickly it moves from the normal room temperature to the maximum operating temperature in 30 seconds which is very quick. The rotating option makes it very comfortable to roll out the way you want why you use it on your hair.


  • Looks uber cool in white and purple color (no more black body)
  • LCD Display
  • Easy to use – the outlook of the straightening brush depicts it clearly
  • Heats up in 30 seconds, faster than any straightening hair brush
  • Temperature control
  • Brush works well with all types of hair, volume and length
  • Consistent heating and cools down quickly
  • Automatic shut off
  • Flexible cord


  • No instruction manual
  • Has single voltage
  • The box contain only the hair brush
  • Brush doesn’t have a hanging hook

InStyler STRAIGHT UP Ceramic hair straightening brush breaks the typical outlook of a hair brush. With easy to use layout, this makes one of the best straightening hair brush, for those who struggle with voluminous curls.

6. Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

Apalus is one of the most versatile hair brush available in the market place. No matter how hard is your hair frizzy it is how dry it is you can always use this hair brush. Those who decided not to use the hair styling projects will definitely change the decision once they use Apalus hair brush. It is built with numerous advanced features from Led temperature display to insulated inner sleeve. LCD screen is fit on the back of the brush which shows the temperature settings of course this has straightening brush comes with quick heating operating temperature settings.

Apalus Hair Straightening Brush

The brush looks like it is heavy to carry and used but in reality it is very compact and light in weight. The body of the brush and the bristles are made of plastic. The best heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit but the bristles or covered with brush head which prevents use skin Hand or scalp some getting burn. In spite of having such a higher temperature the brush doesn’t give any burning order even on thin hair.

Generally, women would have made several passes to get the hair straightened with flat irons. However with Apalus hair straightener brush, it is possible to straighten your hair in a single roll. The court of the brushes very long and rotates even tho 360° which is very comfortable to use on long hair.  Usage of this Hair brush does not create any creases online. The look Street but carries a natural bounce which gives a quite natural look.


  • Hottest hair brush available in the market place
  • Easily glides on knotted hair
  • Works with dual voltage
  • Looks cool and stylish, comes in two colors – Pink and black
  • Bristles are covered and it prevents getting burn
  • Fairly lengthy cord, which makes application easy
  • Works 10X better than flat iron
  • Comes with LCD display
  • Multiple temperature setting
  • Anti-winding cable
  • Hair looks straight but not flat, and there is a difference


  • 450 degree Fahrenheit is highest temperature for any hair brush
  • Doesn’t look like straightener (Looks like magnetic comb)

Transform your curls into straight tresses, without making it look flat. Get the natural tresses with Apalus straightener hair brush.

7. Magicfly Hair Straightener

Finding a good habit straightener is one of the difficult tasks rather a daunting task. There are plenty of hair brushes available in the market place that offers good value for money.  Among the best hot brush straightener Magicfly brush cannot be excluded. This is one of the best ceramic heating brushes which is built with anti scald feature. One of the interesting features of this brush is it displays the temperature in Celsius degree. Of course it also comes with a conversion table to set the temperature for different hair types different hair length and volume.

Magicfly Hair Straightening Brush

Magic fly looks sleek and stylish. Very compact and light in weight. The body of the brushes made of high quality plastic which is free from Dangerous Chemicals as well parabens. Apparently the brushes and bristles feel very light. The oval head of the hair brush measures 5.5 inches and the handle measures 5.5 inches.

The brush has LCD screen that displays the temperature located at the back of the handle which is one of the unique features. The straightening brush comes with the user manual that details about setting temperature for different types of hair. The ultimate aim of any straightening brush is ease of use and effectiveness on straightening the curly hair. Magicfly hair brush remains one of the coolest straightening tools you can ever find. It has 360 degree rotating table with on and off switch facilitating ease of use. The length of the chord is flexible enough remove the brush around while straightening your hair without any hassle.


  • Very economical and effective
  • Looks sleek and stylish
  • Temperature configuration is easy
  • Automatic turn off feature
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Easy to carry and travel friendly
  • Ceramic heating element, which evenly and consistently heats the hair
  • Bristles are covered with a tiny cap to prevent damage to scalp


  • First time users may find it difficult to get difficult results (Brushing the hair is recommended before using hair brush straightener)
  • Does not glide easily on tangled hair (it might stuck in tangles)

8. Gideon Heated Hair Brush Straightener

If you have been using traditional straightener or hair irons, time to switch to Gideon heated hair brush straightener. It works 10 times faster and effective than the traditional hair brush. In other terms, Gideon heated hair brush straightener is nothing but a hair brush that straightens your hair. You just need a few minutes, no more than two minutes to brush your hair, which in turn remains straight all through the day. Yes, brush your hair, you are free from knots and curls.

brush straightener

Since the brush work as straightening tool, it is very easy to use. It hair brush creates sleek straight hairstyle which is easy and quick. It also creates a very soft and smooth outlook. The brush is built with 3D ceramic plates, which makes it unique and highly functional. It allows the large volume of hair to get straightened in no time. There is no need to section your locks, put on some clips and indulge in any kind of mess. Easy to use, very effective, and also provides excellent results.

The temperature of the hair brush range from 176 degree to 440 degree. It comes with frizz control feature, which controls and makes your hair frizz free. The ceramic technology uniformly spreads the heat without any blocks and locks. It tame the knotted, tangled and unruly hair without causing you pain. Besides, there is no need to put on any conditioner or detangler spray on the tresses to straighten the hair.


  • Very effective and faster than traditional straighteners
  • Do not straight your hair, just brush it
  • Creates sleek, soft and smooth locks
  • Multiple temperature options
  • Easy to use and glide on frizzy hair
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Uses ceramic technology
  • Comes with auto shutoff feature


  • Not to use on wet hair
  • May not give desired results for tightly coiled tresses
  • Lasts for a day, not more than that

Buy the Gideon heated hair brush, use it as straightener. Gideon heated hair brush straightener is very safe to use on all types of hair from normal densly curled hair to chemically treated hair and colored hair.

9. PrettyQueen Professional Detangling Hair Brush

PrettyQueen professional detangling hair brush, just as the name of the brush indicates is a detangler, hair brush, and hair straightener. There is more to come. This is a multipurpose hair tool that serves different purpose. Style your hair at home just like a pro. This is one of the fastest hair straightener in the market place.

Hair Styling Comb

Built with ceramic technology, it spreads the heat evenly. It can be used as the iron straightener and a hair massager. The hair straightener features LED screen, which displays the temperature of the brush when heated up. There is an option which facilitates conversion of degrees from Centigrade to Fahrenheit.

This straightener also takes care of hair problems. Yes, be it knotted hair or extremely curly hair which is broken / damaged, the hair brush clears the knots without causing pain. And yes, it is named detangling hair brush. The anion head massager massages the scalp and strengthens the hair follicles. It increases circulation and improves elasticity of the hair. Comes with three different temperature setting to adjust for different categories of hair, for curly hair, for normal hair and for thin hair.


  • Looks ultra stylish and sleek design
  • Infused with ceramic technology and can be used as ceramic iron
  • Multifunctional hair brush
  • Easy to use and gives promising results
  • Comes with adjustable temperature setting
  • Automated on / off option
  • Prevents damage to scalp and skin
  • Enhances the hair health and improves circulation to the scalp


  • Should not use on wet hair
  • Should take care of proper socket
  • There is a requirement to apply styling lotion / moisturizer for longer results
  • Do not clip too much hair at one to straighten the hair

All we need is a good straightening brush which is easy to use and doesn’t need much maintenance. Buy PrettyQueen hair detangler, multipurpose hair brush, straighten your with ease carrying a natural look.

10. Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontec Hair Brush

Braun satin hair 7 Iontec hair brush is one of the stylish, unique and highly functional brush for hair straightening, you can rely on. This is one of the very few hair straightener (or may be just one) designed with active ions. It gives extra shine and softness to the tresses instantly. Braun iontec hair brush is designed with active ion jets. It releases millions of active ions which creates halo around your tresses. Ions give healthy shines to your tresses. Just imagine about the extremely twisted hair or tangled hair!

Braun Satin

The brush is incredible gentle and glides easily on the twisted curls. The brush comes with an attractive pouch. The results are instant and you can easily find the difference, in fact a lot of difference when you straighten your hair with Braun iontec hair brush. The head of the brush comes with detachable head which makes it easy to clean. It is cordless hair brush and runs on battery. The cordless brush is apparently a travel buddy.


  • Curly hair gets attractive layers and healthy shine
  • Comes with active ions
  • Heats up faster and spreads uniformly
  • Glides effortlessly on knotted and tangled hair
  • Prevents damage to cuticles and skin
  • Frizz free hair
  • Long lasting results
  • Creates instant shine on your hair
  • Travel size pouch makes it travel friendly and easily fits into your purse / bag


  • This a straightener brush that adds more shine and volume to the curly hair. Those who try this hair brush mere to get the healthy shine on straight hair will get disappointed.
  • The results may not last longer
  • Ions may drain  out anytime

Need not worry about knots and tangles. Just with one stroke of the brush on your tangles and knots, you will get smooth straight hair anytime, anywhere. Each hair brush comes with promising features delivering awesome results. Women with curly hair, get straight tresses at your home, equivalent to salon treatment. Turn your curls and tangles into gorgeous tresses in a few minutes.