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10 Best Hot Air Brush Reviewed

Best Hot Air Brush

If you have spent your life using different curling irons, hair dryers, and straighteners, you must have wondered if there is some way to get everything done without using so many accessories and tools. Well, there is a solution, and that is hot air brush.

Even though hot air brush is not the only tool that could help you style and dry your hair, it stands out because of affordability, versatility, and flexibility. The reason for that is because it is very easy to use, and offers to you different array of styling possibilities.

When you decide to buy hot air brush, you have to consider the barrel size because different brushes have different barrel sizes and therefore, they are meant for different types of hair and different hairstyle methods. Long barrels are made for medium and long sized hair and if you want tighter curls, you should buy small size barrel.

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Best Hot Air Brush

Hot air styler is great home accessories for your hair because it can create a volume to your hair roots, however, everything depends on its length. The main idea is to get the long lasting effect and to make your hair look glamorous even after the next wash. We have compiled a list of hot air brush so consider checking this out before you decide which one you should use.

1. Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler

In order to make your hair great and shiny, we present you classic and best way to do it. It functions similar to a blow dryer, however, much better and efficient. This rotating hair brushes has two-speed settings and three heat. It is very fast and easy to use. With a multi-directional brush, you will have the possibility to brush in both ways, of course, you can also use it only as a blowing brush, without spin function. Infinity pro has tangle-free antistatic bristles, so it could help you dry your hair without any tangles. With this amazing product, you will be able to achieve frizz-free, shiny and smooth hair without any additional damage.

best hot air brush


  • It will add volume to your hair.
  • If you use brush and hairdryer in combination you can get lift at roots.
  • It makes your hair shiny
  • It eliminates every need for straightener


  • It is not good for short hair
  • It will take you more time to stylize your hair than other similar products

Infinity pro is a great solution for customers who want to stylize and dry their hair in just one step. However, you should choose it if you have medium length hair because of the limited drying power. It will make your hair shiny and smooth and it will give it great volume and fabulous hairstyle.

2. Conair Supreme 2-in-1 Hot Air Styling Brush

This hot air brush styler became a classic because Conair has been making this particular tool for many years with a different version. The latest version became popular for a good reason because it is one of the first multi-tasking hair tools available on market. It is designed to dry and curl, and it comes with one inch and 1 ½ inch barrels. That will give you the possibility for a greater range of hair, and each barrel has durable nylon brush that will make your hair smooth and dry at the same time. It transfers the heat evenly, for maximum shine and efficient drying. It could be used on dry or damp hair. The final feature is dual voltage, and in total, this effective tool will make your hair look amazing wherever you are.

hot air brush styler


  • It as adjustable barrel size so that you can have full control of your style
  • Dual voltage so you can use it in other countries
  • It comes with swivel cord


  • If you make direct contact with hair to aluminum it could cause damage
  • It doesn’t have possibility to take advantage of latest technology

This amazing multitasking airbrush is the first choice for many women all around the world, because of its functionality and great performances. If you search something that you can take in your bag with yourself all around the world, you will have accessories that could make your hair have the same shine and volume wherever you are. That is why Conair Supreme is a great product for your everyday.

3. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

This hot brush is slightly larger than other similar products, however, it is perfect for different styles and especially for thicker and little longer hairs. The barrel is made by a combination of ceramic and titanium and that gives you the possibility to heat it instantly and to style your hair perfectly. With anti-static bristles, it will help you eliminate any moisture from your hair, and also it will keep your hair from standing on. It is perfect for medium hair, and it is filled with 500 watts behind it with ionic technology. John Frieda has two separate heat settings for drying and one cool setting for curls. It has the perfect combination of 360 swivel cord, lightweight material, and ergonomic design and it is comfortable to work for hours, but you don’t need to because it is effective, gorgeous and quick.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush


  • It has ionic capabilities counteract flyaway and frizz that will give your hair fullness and shine.
  • The barrel is armed with both titanium and ceramic that can provide you with quick and even heating.
  • With 360-degree swivel cord, it reduces tangles in a hairbrush and hair itself.
  • It has a cool setting for post initial brushing.


  • If you use 1.5-inch barrel you can create only looser and larger curls. It is more efficient if you use thicker and longer manes.
  • Because of 500 watts of power, it decreases functionality for longer and thicker hair.

John Frieda is great accessories for your everyday stylizing, and you should always consider using it because it will not damage your hair like other similar products. It is made with the latest technology and that will provide you great and effective way to get curls, to dry your hair, and even cool setting if you want to brush it afterward without changing hair’s volume.

4. Revlon Perfect Heat 2″ Tourmaline Ceramic Hot Air

There is nothing better than having great hair accessories that could help you style your hair easier without struggling with hair dryers that could damage your hair and to use a brush after that. This is a simplest possibility that you can get, multifunctional on one hand, and great stylizer that could get your hair look like that you were to the hairdresser. It is light and you can wear it in your purse wherever you go. The bristles are not too hard, and they are soft enough to style your hair without damaging and ripping your hair, and also it is firm enough in order to grip well.

Hot Air Spin Brush

It doesn’t tangle, which is a vital feature for your hair health and you can choose whether you want straight or curly hair, you just have to angle the brush accordingly. Revlon Perfect has 900 watts tourmaline hair technology that will eliminate any type of frizz and it will boost the shine because it neutralizes the ions.


  • It is suitable for both short and long hair
  • It is great for making smooth curls
  • It will make your hair shiny and beautiful
  • It is easy to use


  • You cannot use it too long because of 900 watts
  • You have to know how to use it in order to make curls or straighten your hair

This hot air brush is great if you want to style your hair without damaging it, as a result of use you will get soft and shiny hair without any dreaded frizz. The combination of style and dry is great because it has infrared heat technology so it will dry your hair from inside out. Also, the variable heat setting is controllable so you don’t have to worry about burning your hair. Don’t go to hairdresser, you can do everything by yourself.

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

BaBylissPRO Pro Nano is rotating hot air brush that will give you both shiny and healthy look, and it will volumize your hair. It is made with multi-direction feature and 2-inch barrel that rotates in both ways in order to give your hair shine and volume. It is easy to control its movements to reverse or forward by only pushing a button. If you compare it to traditional hot air brush, it is made by ionic technology and anti-static bristles that have the possibility to enhance shine and to reduce frizz.

Rotating Hot Air Brush

This amazing product for hair is made with three temperature settings and you can achieve both wavy looks for straight hair and for your curly hair to settle down and to get a smoother look. However, you should know that the brush has a tendency to tangle curly hair because its barrel is large to handle. You need ten minutes maximum in order to get shiny and smooth hair.


  • Ionic technology that will get your hair more stylized and shiny
  • It has 2-inch barrel that rotates in both directions
  • It reduces frizz and enhances shine


  • It has possibility to tangle curly hair
  • Barrel is slightly larger and hard to handle

6. Revlon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is multi-tasking hair accessories that have the possibility to style and dry your hair. It is made by flexible tangle-free bristles and has ionic conditioning in order to give you more shine and less frizz. If we compare it to other hot air dryers it is easy to use and it is lightweight so that you can get amazing styling comfort. Filled with two heat settings and one cold option in order to set your hairstyle, it has the combination of styling and drying and you can change its features without any problem.

Hair Dryer and Volumizer

It works on 1000 Watts of drying power and has paddle brush which is ideal for smoothing because it covers more surface area that faster styling. Bristles are tangle-free and flexible, so if they glide easily through hair, while at the same time massaging ball tips are very gentle if you want to scalp.


  • Very easy to use and dries your hair very quick
  • It heats even so that your hair could be more stylized and less damaged
  • It is lightweight so it is easy to use


  • It is slightly louder than other similar products
  • You need more than ten minutes to finish your hair, which could be a con for those who are in hurry.

This hair product is perfect for thick hair because it will give you great volume and in the same time, it will control your hairstyle. It useful for using it at your home, every day, because it rarely damages your hair, if we compare it to other hot air brushes. Because of its lightness, you can wear it with yourself, and use it everywhere where you can find electricity. If you want to have light hot air brush with multi-functional features for any occasion, you should purchase this particular one.

7. Helen of Troy 1579 Tangle Free Hot Air Brush

It is considered as one of the best on the market. It is versatile and the barrel is made of both ceramic and tourmaline which is the combination of the best heating elements especially for hair. You can attach two brushes, and when you use it you are not limited to the same hairstyle. Styling brushes come in 1 inch and 1 ½ inch sizes and it is made to handle all types and lengths of hair. It works on amazing 1500 watts of energy, and because of that, you can say goodbye to frizz because the ionic technology is incorporated in Helen of Troy. The ceramic barrel emits negative ions that will dry your hair simultaneously in order to lock your natural moisture.

Tangle Free Hot Air Brush


  • It is very compact so you can wear it with yourself anywhere
  • It has long swiveling cord
  • You can attach two brushes


  • It could get stuck if you use it frequently and long time

Helen of Troy is one of the most popular brands in the world of beauty especially in hairstyles and hair care. This particular model has only ¾” which makes it compact and better than any other model on the market. It is specially made for short to medium sized hair, and it gives you the possibility to brush your hair from any angle. If you want to achieve maximum possibilities, this is a great product that you could purchase.

8. Vidal Sassoon Hot Air Styler

It has the possibility to add volume or to finish off the almost dry hair. It is suited for fine hair types and for short hair, however, it could also handle medium hair too. Vidal Sassoon has 19mm brush and 25mm brush sizes and they are made from plastic in order to be easier to handle and less likely to burn your fingers. If you have a sensitive scalp you should avoid this particular product because its bristles are very hard.

Hot Air Styler


  • It is great for both thin and short hairs
  • It comes with two brush sizes
  • It is lightweight so you can wear it with yourself anywhere you go


  • It contains very hard bristles so it is not recommended for sensitive scalps.
  • It doesn’t rotate

This particular hot air brush is great if you are someone who travels a lot and you want to keep your hair great and stylized. It has numerous features that could help your hair look better, and it is also lightweight so you can wear it in your purse and use it wherever you want. It is great for short hair, and unlike the other products on this list, it is specifically made for this length. You can use it for medium sized hair also, however, be careful because it contains very hard bristles.

9. Revlon Shine Enhancing Hot Air Kit

Revlon Shin is great hot air brush with amazing ionic technology that gives you possibility to dry your hair much faster because it reduces the size of water droplets and by that it infuses moisture into your hair and that prevents it from any kind of damage and in the same time it gives it shiny look and great feel. It is made of all lengths and types of hair and has on/off switch with light. You can choose three heat and three-speed settings and also a cold setting that could style your hair. Barrels are made from interchangeable aluminum that comes in two sizes, 1 inch and 1 ½ inch, and it retains heat and creates large and extra waves and curls.

Hot Air Kit


  • Ionic technology gives you possibility to dry your hair faster
  • It gives you hair a shiny look
  • It is made for all types and lengths of hair


  • You have to be careful because it is hot

10. Vidal Sasson VS433C Tangle-Free Hot Air Brush

If you want to buy a hot air dryer that will serve you for plenty of years, this is the best one. It is in the same time dryer and styler and has a one-inch barrel so it is filled with fine tangle-free bristles that will protect your head and hair from damaging. It is very light so you can use it. It has two different heat settings that you could change with just one push of the button, so it is great for drying and styling your hair anywhere you go.

Hot Air Brush Styler and Dryer


  • It is very durable so you can use it for very long time
  • It is made with a cool tip and that is perfect because it can make your hairstyle without a problem


  • You have to consider that sometimes the hair could get stuck in the barrel
  • It is not easy to use, so check guide before you start using it

Hot Air Brush Buyers Guide

There are different types of brushes, however, this particular product is great because it contains hair dryer and round brush at the same time. Some of them have rotating brushes so that you could style your hair easily.

If you want to straighten your hair, they contain hot irons that could smooth your hair, but in that case, your hair will lose its volume. It could reduce frizz and that is a great thing because it will cause less damage to your hair if you choose it.

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Before you buy a heated brush you should know which one to use and which features to look for. Brush size is important because everything depends on how long your hair is. If it is shorter your brush should be around 20 mm, and for medium length about 30mm and for longer hairs over 40 mm. Also, you need to know how to position it in order to get the volume of your roots.

There is a different possibility for heat options because for the thin hair you should use lower heat settings and for this and medium hair use higher heat settings in order to keep your hair healthy. The power is also important because if you have powerful motor your hair will dry quicker.

There are also different features that could help you stylize your hair, however, be free to explore everything, because different hot air brushes are made for different types of hair, and you don’t want to damage it because you didn’t check out before.

Before you decide to buy hot air brush, you should always consider these features, and features of your hair, so don’t try to do anything on your own. Be careful, however, you should know that these products are great, but use them wisely and smart.