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{Solved} How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair?

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Frizziness is one of the most common hair problem faced by girls. And this is more seriously faced by girls with curly hair. This happens mostly during sunny days when humidity levels are high. But before discussing more about this, let us understand what exactly is it?

At times you would notice that hair is becoming dry and develops messy knots. This means your hair is becoming frizzy. And no wants a frizzy hair. The beauty industry data Intelligence Company Poshly came up with the statistics that 31% of the total women population is facing the problem of frizzy hair.

Why do we get frizzy hair?

First of all, how do we get frizzy hair? What causes it? Mostly it happens because of extreme weather conditions. During sunny or humid days, cuticle of our hair will get raised. Cuticle is the protective cellular layer our hair has. Normally all of us have a smooth and flat cuticle layer. But when we are exposed to hot or humid weather conditions, cuticle of our hair starts getting rough due to raising. This is due to dehydration of our hair.

Our hairs are porous in structure. So when there is humidity in air, they absorb moisture. (This happens with hairs that are too dry. You can avoid this by keeping your hair moist all the time.) So when hairs absorb moisture, hydrogen bonds are formed between keratin molecules in your hair and water molecules in your hair. This hydrogen bond formation at a molecular level leads to the swelling of cuticle. Eventually this would lead to a frizzy hair. But by keeping your hair hydrated, you can prevent moisture in air from entering your hair.

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How to Tame Frizzy Hair

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How to fix frizzy hair?

There is no single magical solution to address the problem of frizzy hair. Fixing frizzy hair would be an ongoing process. It depends on how you are taking care of your hair. Even though there are many ways to keep a check on Frizziness in hair, you should be choosing the ones which would suit your hair.

We have already seen that the most critical thing is to keep your hair moist. So using the right products to hydrate hair is the most common method adopted to fix frizzy hair. Avoid using hair care products with high chemical or alcohol content. They could damage the cuticle of your hair. The purpose of hair care products is mainly protection from heat and humidity.

Most of the commonly used frizz fighting hair care products contains silicones. Silicones help in preventing Frizziness by attaching itself to the hair and creating a shield against humidity in the air from getting inside. Other ingredients include various proteins and organic oils like coconut, olive or avocado.

Choose shampoos which are pH balanced as well as containing only organic moistures. Always opt for protein rich conditioners. Also if your hairs are highly porous in nature, deep conditioning is necessary. For deep conditioning, mask your hair with any moisturizing mixture and keep it covered with some soft fabric towel. Leave it like that for about an hour so that your hairs get hydrated. Deep conditioning can be done once in a month.

Now let’s see some tips about how to tame frizzy hair as well as few techniques to control frizzy hair.

How to Control Frizzy Hair (Guide)

Here I am going to talk about some ways in which we can control Frizziness in hairs. These are some easy tips by which you can avoid your hair getting frizzy.

  1. Never brush hairs when they are dry – This is the most important point to be kept in mind if you need to control Frizziness in your hair. Also don’t comb your hairs when they are dry. You can brush your hair immediately after drying it with towel. You can also comb your hair with wet fingers. But avoiding brushing or combing when hairs are completely dry.
  2. Have a good hair cut – If you have a curly hair, then make sure you have haircut from a good stylist. Curly hair should be properly detangled and styled to avoid the risk of Frizziness.
  3. Control the usage of shampoo – It’s well known that too much shampooing can lead to frizzy hairs. Also shampoo with high pH level can also lead to Frizziness. So look for shampoos with ‘pH Balanced’ tag on them. Also don’t avoid shampooing completely. Shampooing can be done 3 times a week with the right shampoo. 

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  1. Use the right conditioner for your hair – The purpose of your conditioner should be to hydrate your hair. The best suggestion would be a conditioner with keratin, protein and preferably also with natural oils. Proteins in the conditioner make your hair smooth and shiny and would protect it from Frizziness.
  2. Keep your showers short and cold – It’s advised not to have long showers or with too much hot water. This is because both of these could lead to the loss of natural oils in your hair. Also if your hairs are highly curly, limit your head bath to 2-3 times a week. Your hairs might lose its natural oils due to too much washing making it prone to Frizziness.
  3. Say no to experiments with hair – Don’t opt for beauty techniques like straightening your hair. This could make your hair brittle and thereby increasing the risk of Frizziness.
  4. Say no to cotton pillow covers – If you are having frizzy hair, then you should replace your cotton pillow covers with that of satin or silk. This would help your hair to slide smoothly and would help hair to retain moisture.
  5. Healthier your diet, stronger will be your hair – A diet comprising of healthy oils, nuts and vitamins would make your stronger. Stronger the hair lesser the breakage. This means no more frizzes in your hair. Also drink lots and lots of water every day.
  6. Stay away from extreme weather conditions – Be careful about the weather outside. Both humid as well as dry weather can contribute to frizz in different ways. In summer, you can apply nourishing serums to the end of hairs. This could prevent your hair from getting dry.
  7. Avoid drying your hair using towels – Allowing hair to dry naturally is one way to control frizzy hair. But this may not be suitable for all. In that case micro fiber towel can be used for drying your hair. Also if you are using a hair dryer to dry your hair, make sure you use it with a diffuser. In this way you can protect your hairs from direct heat.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Naturally

So far we were discussing on various ways in which we can get rid of frizzy hair. But there are more to this. Let’s discuss some natural home remedies for frizzy hair.

We have discussed before that the main reason for Frizziness in hair is due to dehydration. So here we discuss about some natural conditioners that are rich in proteins and would keep your moist. The first thing I would suggest is coconut oil. Coconut oil is good for hair in many ways. It is exceptionally hydrating and would keep hair strands smooth and natural.

For hair treatment with Coconut oil, you would need any Natural shampoo of good quality, a protein rich conditioner, comb with fine tooth and pure organic coconut oil. First apply shampoo on your hair. Wash it away after sometime. After brushing your hair with your fingers, apply conditioner on your hair. Rinse it away after 5 minutes. Now cover your hair with a soft towel and allow your hairs to absorb moisture. After 5-7 minutes, remove the towel and finger comb it to remove any tangles. Then gently apply coconut oil on your hair. Comb your hair using a fine toothed comb and allow it to dry naturally.

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Apart from coconut oil other effective natural ways to get rid of frizzy hair are – rinsing with apple cider vinegar, masking your hair with avocado and olive oil, hot oil massage with olive or coconut oil. There are also few less known but effective ways to tame frizzy hair. Bananas are natural conditioners for your hair. Masking your hair with a mixture of banana, olive oil and little honey can smoothen your hair and protect it from Frizziness. Applying eggs on your hairs is another natural way of nourishing your hairs.

So far we have seen a lot of ways to tame frizzy hairs. And it is to be noted that none of this techniques are overnight solutions for frizzy hair problem. Hairs have to be taken cared on a regular basis to keep a check on Frizziness. Experiment with various hair frizz care products and routines and find out the best way to control Frizziness. In this way choose the techniques which would suit your hair and do it regularly.