How to Apply Cream, Liquid and Powder Highlighter

Have you seen the celebrities with their flawless and glowing skin and wondered how to get that look? It is definitely not all just the magic of a rigorous skincare routine. It involves carefully applied makeup and a most importantly, a highlighter. The use of highlighter has gone on from […]


How to Tint Your Eyebrows At Home (DIY Guide)

Big brows are trending! If you are a girl, who takes her makeup seriously, you would know about the positive aspects of eyebrow tinting. It gives your brows the fuller look in just a few minutes. In fact, it is the best way to get the appealing brows even after […]

Best Airbrush Makeup

10 Best Airbrush Makeup System Kit

Airbrush make up systems are the biggest craze in the beauty industry. Most make up gurus won’t stop raving about it. Airbrush makeup has also gained recognition from makeup bloggers and internet makeup gurus. You can find many promotional videos promoting airbrush makeup online. One reason for the popularity is […]