How to Wax Eyebrows at Home: Easy Guide

How to Wax Eyebrows at Home

When it comes to their eyebrows, women either wax them off or tweeze them. This is entirely based on your preference, and you can do whatever method suits you the best. However, waxing does have its perks.

For instance, you can achieve long lasting results and not worry about any unwanted hair for the 2 week period, while plucking demands redoing your brows every day or so. If you want to achieve long-lasting results on your own, without investing a lot of money or actually leaving the house, you are in the right place!

How To Wax Eyebrows With Wax Strips

Type Of Wax

When waxing your brows, the best idea is to use a cream wax which you will heat up in a pot. This wax is the best idea once compared to hard or cold wax since it is very thin and gentle, perfect for your eye area. Make sure you go in with hot instead of cold wax if you want to achieve better and smoother results.

Your Shopping List

If you don’t own some of these items, you might want to go out to the nearest store and purchase them. You will be needing:

  • Wax warmer
  • Cream Wax
  • Baby wipes and baby powder
  • Strips
  • Small wooden applicator
  • Tweezers
  • Soothing cream gel

Make Sure You Have Enough Hair

You can’t really wax your eyebrow hair off if there is not a lot of material to work with. Your hair needs to be a quarter inch long (at least). If it is not as long, then you should wait another week and then consider redoing the process.

How To Wax And Shape Your Eyebrows

This is the only ”scary” part about waxing because if you don’t get it right the outcome will end up looking scary. Before you proceed further, you have to make sure you know the shape that you are going for. Try drawing them on or fill them up with some brow powder, just so you know what you are working with. This way you can follow your own guide and not overwax them. When shaping them, make sure you brush all of your brow hairs upwards since this is crucial.

Mark Your Brow Hair

  • Once you have your own guideline, apply some of your previously warmed up wax to the edges of the brows.
  • You only need to remove the strains that are not colored or filled in.
  • Remove your hair from your face just so you can see clearly what you are working with, and make sure you don’t mess up your hair with wax.

Wax Them

Make sure your wax is not boiling hot, but warm enough. Its consistency should be creamy and not oil like. When applying your wax, make sure you apply it in the direction of the hair growth. You should apply it above and underneath your brows, and your hand needs to be really steady when you do this.

This procedure might be a bit time-consuming, but the better you place the strip-the more you will love the outcome. Use your strip and place it in the direction of your hair growth, but make sure you have some extra space at the end of the strip just so you can pull on it. Apply some pressure on top of your strip so you secure all the hair.

Tip: You can also cut your strips with scissors if they are too big and adjust them per your wanted size and area.

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Will It Hurt?

You will pull onto the strip as fast as you can without hurting yourself. Redo the entire process over and over again until all of your unwanted hair is gone. Pain wise, this is entirely different for every person. Some women experience a small pinch while others have highly sensitive skin. However, since it is a smaller area you probably won’t experience as much pain as you would if you were doing a bikini wax.

The Clean-up

Once you are done take your baby wipes or any type of oil and remove any unwanted wax residue. Once you clean the area up, you will also be able to tell whether you need some additional tweezing. Take your tweezers and wax smaller hairs until you don’t end up with your wanted shape.

After you are done with that, you can apply some soothing lotion on top of your face just so you don’t end up with unwanted redness or irritations.

How To Wax Eyebrows

How To Wax Eyebrows At Home Without Wax

Some women might not want to wax their hair with wax, or they simply don’t own one. This is completely fine as well, and you can go around this waxing rule. In fact, there are some at home remedies and recipes that you should know if you want to proceed further.

Homemade Sugar Wax

You’ve probably heard about sugaring at one point, right? This is exactly the same thing that you’ll be doing. Homemade sugar is a thick coat and a substance which you will be using to pull the hair out from the root. This mixture does not adhere to your skin so it won’t irritate or pull it once you wax your hair off.

Your Needed Ingredients

  • – Brown sugar
  • – Honey
  • – Water
  • – A bowl
  • – Spatula
  • – Purchased strips or made ones from sheets or clothes

How To Do It?

Add all of your brown sugar into a bowl, and add honey as well as some water. You will only need one tablespoon for each of these substances. Place your bowl into the microwave and let it warm up for 30 seconds. Once the mixture starts to bubble and it turns completely brown, you’ll know that it is ready. Take the bowl and let it cool down for a second.

Apply It

Take your homemade wax and add it on your spatula, as previously mentioned in the first waxing method. Apply an even layer of this mixture onto your unwanted brow area.

Then, use a cloth strip or your already purchased wax strips and place them in the place where you’ve applied the wax. Press down the wax just so you lock it all into the strips, and then pull in the opposite direction of the growth of your brow hair.

Homemade Sugar and Lemon Wax

If you have a bit more sugar and lemon laying around your house and not as much honey, then this might be your better option. If you go for this method make sure you have:

  • – White sugar
  • – Lemon juice
  • – Water
  • – A bowl
  • – Spoon
  • – Spatula
  • – Cloth pieces

How To Do It?

Gather all of your supplies and add them to your bowl. For this mixture, you will be needing two tablespoons of water and lemon juice, and only one cup of sugar. Stir the mixture and let it warm up for 10 minutes. As always, make sure your paste is thick and honey like. Once you achieve that turn off the stove and let the mixture cool down.

The Application

The process is the same as it is with the first two methods. Apply your wanted amount of wax to your brow area, and work in little sections. Take your cotton cloth piece and place it over, then pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This method is highly used because the lemon juice has anti-microbial agents which can prevent any bacteria from occurring, and it has a lot of vitamin C which will penetrate into your skin.

Wax Eyebrows Professionally Step By Step

Not every beauty technician follows the same rule when it comes to brow shaping and waxing. If you want to achieve your high end and salon-like results in the shortest time possible, you need to follow specific rules, such as these:

Clean Skin

In a lot of salons, professionals start off by cleaning your skin. They want to make sure that they are working with a clean area before applying anything on top of your skin. If you’re going to do your brows as a professional, clean your skin with some mild face wash. Some salons even add a numbing cream to your face.

This depends on the pain level of the client, their preference, as well as the area that they are going to wax. For instance, the most painful part when it comes to facial hair waxing are the cheeks and the chin, not the brows (luckily).

Application of The Wax

Salons are highly equipped, and they always have those wax heaters which they use to heat up the hard wax. They work slow and steady, and then apply an even amount of the mixture over your hairs. Pretty much everything else is the same as it is with the previously mentioned methods.

The main difference between a professional and yourself is in a possession of highly advanced items, numbing creams, equipment, and the fact that they can achieve visible results in the shortest time possible, while you might need some encouragements.

Q & A Section: All You Need To Know About Waxing

Q: Why Is Waxing More Efficient Than Tweezing?

A: First off it is a lot less time-consuming. Waxing is a 10-minute process with a possibility of getting all of your hairs out in one try. On the other hand, tweezing takes a lot of time. You need to pull out each strand individually, and not miss a spot. Not only that it is a time-consuming process, but it is also painful as well. Waxing hurts for 10 seconds, but you will get all of your hair out in one try. On the other hand, tweezing can hurt for minutes and minutes since you are working one smaller section at a time. There is also a possibility of breaking your hair when tweezing it since you might not get it from the root as easy.

Q: How To Achieve The Best Brow Shape?

A: Always always always follow the natural shape of your brow when waxing it. This means that you should follow its arch and only wax the unwanted lower and upper excess.

Q: How To Cover Redness?

A: You can use any aloe vera based gels and cover the signs of redness, or you can use water-based creams. In some salons, technicians apply a medical powder that can cover up the redness and soothe your skin. However, makeup-wise, you should wait at least an hour before proceeding with any makeup application since it might cause breakouts.

Q: Is Brow Waxing Expensive?

A: This depends on whether you are going to do it at the salon, or at home. When done at the salon, brow waxing can range from $10-25. You will have to redo it every 2-3 weeks approximately. This adds up to $600 per year.

However, if you are doing it at home, it will cost you a lot less in the long run. How? Well, when purchasing your waxing equipment it might cost you a bit over $25, but it will last you for months and months to come. For instance:

  • Wax strips – $5 for a total of 20 pieces
  • Wooden stick – $2 at a drugstore or any pharmacy
  • Hard wax- $12 for 400 grams a bottle
  • Oil or wipes – $2
  • Tweezers – $5

So it will cost you a little over $25, but you will reuse these products over and over again. Approximately, these items will cost you about $200 throughout the entire year.

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