How to Remove Fake Eyelashes

How to Remove Fake Eyelashes Fast & Easy

One of the features on the human body that enhances our facial appearance is the eyelash. Though naturally almost not noticeable, it’s absence is quite “an announcer”.

The eyelash doesn’t just beautify your face, it protects it from dusts and other floating particles. And it flutters as a warning sign when something gets too close to it. As beautiful as the natural eyelash is, it doesn’t grow past a certain length, falls off naturally and takes several weeks before it grows back.

Turning to fake lashes to make your natural eyelash look thicker, longer or curlier, eases your stress and provides fun ways to change your look without having to go above and beyond.

However, taking off fake eyelashes can be another issue you would have to deal with, especially with the different type of adhesives being used nowadays. Nevertheless, whichever type of fake eyelash you decide to go for, either synthetic lashes or mink lashes, we got you on how to remove them. But first, let’s talk about these eyelashes

Synthetic lashes

These are lashes made from plastic fibres, they are more affordable than other lashes, they have stubbier ends and add more volume to your natural lashes than other types. Although, they aren’t most peoples favorite because they can be easily pointed out, they are more malleable for “Do-It-Yourself” and for folks who are new to eyelash installation.

Mink lashes

Mink lashes are softer to touch, more expensive, and are to be used occasionally, as you might not want to wear them often due to price, unlike the synthetic lashes that you can wear to any of your casual outings.

Installation of both the mink and synthetic eyelash require simple skills like; using the mascara, cutting to fit the length of your eye and using adhesive to attach them above your natural lashes.

How to Remove fake Eyelashes

Removing your eyelash yourself guarantees you a safe, comfortable and painless removal. These lashes have been attached to your own lashes with adhesives that are meant to work for hours or weeks even, but you are tired and you just want them off your face. So, here’s an easy way to removing it in the comfort of your home.

Removal of lashes with steam

Steam softens the adhesive hold of the glue. First, you need to remove any form of make up on your face. Then, you bring a certain amount of water to boil, place in a bowl then put your face over it with a thick towel wrapped around your head.

  • You have to be careful not to let the water pour on you, pour away or come in contact with your face.
  • You hold your face over this bowl for as long as you can, with about 2 to 3 trials.
  • Once you begin to feel the adhesive soften, you can then pull on the extension as gently as possible to avoid pulling out your own lash.

If you feel any resistance, you can re-steam and then pull again, till you get it out. You could also use facial steamers instead of the steaming bowl of water.

Remove lashes with wipes

There are different types of wipes. Baby wipes, simple Kleenex and make up wipes. Whichever type of makeup wipe you want to use, first clean the makeup on your face then concentrate on your lashes, be careful in rubbing it against your lash line, as they are very fragile.

Although, if you would like to keep your lashes for future use, make sure you’re not using an oil-based wipe. If it’s oil based, it guarantees to remove the lashes quicker but you would not be able to re-use your lashes as they have become soaked in oil, and oil plus adhesives aren’t friends at all. So, if you want to keep your lashes, do not use an oil based makeup wipe.

Remove lashes with Vaseline

Vaseline is one of the products you must have grown up with, used as remedies for lots of home accidents, especially burns. Vaseline can also be your go-to for eyelash removal. You put a little Vaseline on your cotton wool, or you wrap it around an ear bud and then you rub it against your eye line.

You do this repeatedly, but be careful not to get the petroleum jelly into your eye because it’s going to cause more discomfort than the eyelash you are trying to remove. It’s going to stay in your eye, make it tear up and blur your vision.

So, be careful. After you’ve rubbed the Vaseline against your lash line, you’ll need to wait for a few minutes to let the jelly soften the adhesive and then, you can gently pull on it or wash off with warm water.

Remove lashes with baby shampoo

You should ask; if you can use baby shampoo, why not soap, right? Well, if you would try to use soap to remove your stubborn eyelash, you’re going to be trying for a very long time. And soaps easily dry out your skin and irritate delicate places as you would want to rub against your eye.

So, opt for a standardized baby shampoo instead. You could insert your ear bud or a small piece of cotton or cotton swab in the shampoo and rub against your lash line. You would begin to feel the adhesive detach from your eyelash, give a few more tries, the wash off with warm water.

Remove fake lashes with oils

Still using your home easy to get home products, oils can be your escape route. As said earlier that oils and adhesives do not work well together, you can be rest assured that your eyelash would come off once you begin to apply an “anti-adhesive”.

Usually, any one of these oils; Coconut oil, Olive oil, baby oil and almond oil can be used. You put a few drops on your cotton swab and rub on your lash line as usually. It’s going to see to it that the glue holding your extensions in place remove completely and the lashes fall off easily. Using oils also protect your natural eyelash as they add nutrients to keep these dead cells functioning and easily make it grow out.

Remove fake eyelashes with a pinch

Now, this sounds funny but it works, especially if you have been carrying your lashes for a few weeks. What you want to do is pinch the skin above your lashes as gently as you can. Especially if you have more volume on your eyelash.

The pinch would allow the lashes to pop off your eye line a little. Once you notice the opening, you can then use your tweezers to hold the lash away from your natural eye lash, take a cotton swab and then gently remove the eyelash.

Use Adhesive removal

The major problem you have isn’t the extension on your face, but the adhesive that’s refusing to come off. So, one easy way to getting the eye lash off is by getting special adhesive removal meant for human use. You can easily get them from your salons, make up or cosmetic store.

Although, you have to be careful in deciding which products to use. Real the ingredients, ask the store owner for advice, ask your makeup artist for instructions. So you do not end up using a product you would react to or one that might not work as effectively as you want it to.

Use eyelash gel removal

Gel removal helps you remove your lashes without having to pull them off. You want to apply the gel to the base of your eye lash while gently avoiding the skin above it.

The gel would take a few minutes before kicking into action by dissolving the glue on your eyelash. After the glue gets detached, you can then brush off the eyelashes without pulling on them. yes, it’s that easy. Another advantage to using the gel removal is that you get to keep it at home for future use.

Remove eyelash with the banana peel method

This method works best if you applies the adhesive in small amount instead of dipping and swiping at the base of the eyelash before attaching the fake lashes. Well, with this method, you basically make use of your tweezers.

You make sure to hold your natural lash in place while you gently pull on the fake lashes. You might want to ask for help if you want to use this method or just make sure you have a very good source of illumination. Although, it’s more advisable you do it yourself so that your natural eye lash doesn’t get yanked off.

With All the methods mentioned above, be sure to note that you can combine two methods, just as long as you get the lashes removed as painless as possible and you don’t get to spend extra fee just so you can get them off your face.

Are there other hacks that you’ve tried and it worked? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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