How to Make Lipstick Matte: DIY Tips

how to make lipstick matte

Do you know how to make lipstick matte? You are probably here because the answer is a No or you feel that there is room for improvement. That is as far as what you get after trying it out is concerned. When it comes to lipsticks, the matte-look is undoubtedly familiar. That is no surprise because it is undeniably impressive. The natural look without the shiny or reflective particles is incredible.

What else would one expect from a blend of lipstick shades that are not only deep but also opaque? For those with ‘big’ lips, the matte lipstick does the trick of making them look relatively thin. Equally important, it will last for a long time. Before embarking on a discussion of the DIY tips to make lipstick matte, we should look at some basics.

Various types of Lipstick

It is good to know that lipstick is more of a general word. Under the topic, there are multiple types. Each of them has its purpose as illustrated below.

  1. Moisturizing lipsticks: As the name suggests, they ensure that dry lips remain not only smooth but also soft. They contain the likes of glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe. The result is wet as well as shiny lips.
  2. The Pearl * Frosted lipstick can complement the above with its shiny effect. The lips will sparkle as well as glisten after that.
  3. Satin & Sheer lipsticks: They will not only moisturize but also nourish your lips. That is all thanks to the high level of oily ingredients. What you get are glossy and shiny lips.
  4. Cream lipsticks: Do you have small lips? I wouldn’t imagine a better lipstick. Since they contain wax, they will protect your lips. Ironically, the repercussion once used on dry lips will leave a lot to be desired. Apply a lip gloss layer later for smooth and shy lips.
  5. Gloss lipstick: It is ideal for those with thin and small lips.
  6. Matte lipstick: Last but not least, we have the matte lipstick. They offer you a vibrant and charming shade. In addition to that, you get other benefits. Continue reading to learn more about this particular kind of lipstick.

Why go for the Lipstick Matte

With all the types above, one would wonder why the lipstick matte is the way to go. Besides that, learning is not a hobby when it comes to many people. If you fall into the category of the majority, here is a motivation as to why you should read on. Below are the benefits that you stand to reap when you shift to matte lipstick.

1. The solution to a natural look: As much as many people wear makeup, they aim to look elegant, not flashy. Matte lipstick, as much as it is bold, will help you achieve the look. That will not be the case with the gloss type.

2. Say goodbye lipstick stains on your clothes: Lipstick stains could be one of the reasons why it is no longer possible for you to wear one, two or more of your favorite outfits. If you learn how to make lipstick matte, that will be a thing of the past.

3. It is the best option for summer: Sweating is prevalent during that season. It does not stand a chance of destroying your lipstick if it is matte.

4. Expect no smudge: That means that it will not spread no matter how long the occasion stays. Neither does it require you to keep wiping it.

5. Longevity: It saves you from reapplying lipstick now and then. Apply once, and that is enough to last you all day long. That is regardless of whether you take a drink eat.

6. It is one of the few faceless makeups: Irrespective of the shape of your face, matte will be relevant and compelling. It is ideal for everyone.

7. Regardless of whether it is the only makeup, you will love the look: That makes it the ultimate choice when you are running out of time.

8. Even a DIY can pull out the look: It is one of the best things about lipstick. Whether you are an expert or a novice, it will not disappoint. That gain is our Talking point today. We will inform you about the DIY tips of making lipstick matte.

How to Make any Lipstick Matte

There are many things that people believe when it comes to how to make lipstick matte. Some are wrong while others are right. Let me highlight facts about the same. You do need to invest too much to achieve it. There is no need to buy many lipstick shades for that either. You can even use those lipsticks that lost their elegance after some time. Instead of throwing them away, you can change their texture by making them matte. What if I told you that you don’t even require an expert for the same? Why? The reason is that there are many DIY tips to make lipstick matte. We will discuss them in details to ensure that you get it right next time. Continue reading to learn how to make lipstick matte and much more.

diy matte lipstick

Tips to Make DIY Matte Lipstick

There are many ways of killing a cat as far as this talking point. We will look at the various ways to achieve that. In each case, we will look into details how to go about it. Continue reading for easy to follow DIY tips to make lipstick matte.

Option #1. You can Use a Tissue and Translucent Powder

  1. Apply your lipstick the same way you normally do. Do it evenly to ensure that the result will not demand touch-ups.
  2. Then, blot the excess lip color using the tissue paper. How do you achieve that? First, open your lips and place the paper between them. Secondly, press them onto the paper. Eventually, open the lips and remove it.
  3. For some people, the step above is usually the last. However, if that does not happen in your case, here is something that will do the trick. Using your makeup brush or sponge, apply little translucent powder.
  4. Once your lips have powder on them, press them together to distribute the powder evenly. You should do the above until your lips get the matte look.
  5. If you notice that it is still shiny, you should repeat step three and four. Repeat the two until you like what you see.

Option #2. Use Blotting Papers

Let us start with the basics. What is the work of a blotting sheet?  It absorbs not only excess oil but also shines. Isn’t that what lipstick matte is all about? Here is a quick summary of the guidelines.

  1. Apply your lipstick as you do on regular occasions.
  2. Put a blotting paper on your lips.
  3. Remove it after some time.

Option #3. Use a mattifying lip serum

I would also refer it as a lipstick transformer. Its purpose is to transform any lipstick matte. The amazing part about it is that it does the magic instantly. How do you go about it? Check it out!

  1. Select your lip color and apply it as usual.
  2. After that, apply the lipstick transformer for the matte-look that you wanted in the first place.

Option #4. Use Eyeshadow

This one follows steps similar to those of the first option. This one does not require the translucent powder. On the contrary, you will use eyeshadow. It should have the same color as that of your lipstick.

Option #5. Use a Mattifying Primer

You probably own a mattifying face primer. Did you know that it can also bring an effect when using lipstick? Let me explain to you how to go about it.

  1. Apply your lipstick lightly
  2. Go ahead and apply the mattifying primer on your lips

Option #6: Use Baby Powder

It is an option that you can try out if you do not have the translucent powder. It will also do if you do not want to use the powder as we. Below are the guidelines if you select this choice.

  1. Put baby powder on a tissue paper.
  2. Shake it a little to remove excess powder
  3. Open your lips and put the tissue between them
  4. Press the paper with the lips to blot away excess oil and shine

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When to and not to select the options listed above

  • Do not settle for the mattifying lip serum if you do not intend to use regular lipsticks. Unless you are lucky, it won’t work well with glosses as well as balms. You should also not go for it if an event demands that you stay with the look for a relatively long time.
  • Before settling for a mattifying primer, heed the following advice. See to it that what you intend to use is safe for your lip. Its primary ingredient should be a silicone by the name dimethicone. The mattifying effect it will bring if it has the component will not only be lens blur but also impressive. If you decide to go for it eventually, you should see to it that you apply the lipstick lightly.
  • For the eyeshadow method, make sure that its color and that of the lipstick match perfectly. If you want a vampy tone, I wouldn’t imagine a better option.
  • If time is of the essence, go for blotting paper option.
  • The ultimate method is that which requires you to use translucent powder and the tissue paper. It is the best if you are working on lighter shades.

Tips on how to Enhance the Matte Lipstick Look

1. Ensure that you exfoliate your lips: The reason as to why this is important is because matte lipsticks often make your flaws relatively pronounced and screaming. There is the best thing about it is. It is the fact that you can create something to do so. How do you make the product? Mix a teaspoon of sugar with another one of olive oil. You are at liberty to choose honey over the last ingredient. Once you create it, rub the concoction. That will help eliminate the lips’ dead skin. Once you feel that it is better than before, rinse it away.

2. Moisturization of your lips could also help: If you work on moisturized lips, the color will hold for a relatively extended period. In addition to that, the look will be better than that of the other scenario. That is the reason why it is advisable that you apply lip balm before going for the lipstick. If you follow the recommendation, then the results will be incredible.

3. Use a Concealer on your lips: Before applying any color, see to it that you apply concealer to your lips. Ensure that it covers the lips entirely and evenly. That will result in a long-lasting matte look. You will also fall in love with the vibrancy of the color of your choice.

4. Lips lining: Since it will mark the boundary lips and the skin of your face, the results will be surprising. It will eliminate the chances of smearing lipstick on the surface. Do the same on the inner edges of the lips. Otherwise, the lip color may bleed into the skin surrounding your lips.

5. Apply multiple layers: From the above discussion, all the options demand that you apply lipstick as the initial step. When doing so, use more than one coat preferably two or three. If you do that, you stand to reap two benefits. The color will last for an extended period. Additionally, it will be incredibly vibrant.

Final Words

As I conclude, no stone has been left unturned as far as matte lipsticks are concerned. About how to make lipstick matte, you have not one but many options. In addition to that, you know which method suits a particular occasion and scenario. Now that you have the DIY tips to make lipstick matte, your lip glooming will take a turn. The good thing is that it is for the better.