How to Look Younger With Makeup Tutorial

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If you’ve ever watched a reality show, especially one of those Housewives’ programs, you already know how far some women will go to look younger. Those women have had so many procedures, you can’t recognize them in earlier photos.

A lot of famous actresses, too, have undergone radical plastic surgery. Many have spoiled what used to be unique looks and, thus, ruined their ability to take on challenging roles as women in their current age, simply because they couldn’t bear the thought of aging.

Rather than look younger, they look completely different and unnatural, as if they’ve been stretched. They actually look older, and, unfortunately, they can’t ever go back. What was the point?

A few years ago, researchers conducted a study comparing photos of middle-aged women showing various degrees of wrinkle softening and asked a panel of women, aged eighteen and over, to select which photos they liked best.

Sixty-six percent preferred the women with their wrinkles, including the women in the photos. Most commented that the wrinkles and lines made the women look happier and more real.

How to Appear Younger Looking with Makeup

There’s a distinct difference between wanting to look younger than your actual age and wanting to appear younger looking. It might sound like a word game, but it’s not. Wanting to look younger than your actual age entails undergoing invasive procedures in order to deceit and falsify.

When you instead take care of your body and mind, you project health and vibrancy. It shows through your face and you appear younger looking. It’s a natural beauty. There’s a clear distinction. Such women can then work with their natural beauty and make themselves appear even younger looking. Strategically applying makeup is one of those ways.

Makeup Tips that Help You Look Younger

It’s important to apply makeup correctly.  A woman in her teens needs to apply makeup differently than a woman in thirties as a woman in her forties, and so on.  These tips apply to most middle aged women, aged forty and older.


Before you even apply any kind of makeup, you must ready your face.  For most women, that usually means moisturize. As you age, your skin loses moisture and makeup clings to dry areas and causes it to look blotchy.  You should also moisturize your eye area, including your eyelids. Use a product made especially for the eye area, as it is delicate and to lessen eye irritation

How to Look Younger With Makeup


Primers are silky, smooth gels and creams made specifically to use under foundation. They’re not an absolute must, but they’re excellent for filling in fine lines, evening out texture, perfecting foundation application and keeping it looking fresh throughout the day. Pros use them and highly recommend them.

Apply primer as you would moisturizer.  With your fingertips or a sponge, begin in the middle of your face and apply outward. Apply lightly. Wait until primer is dry prior to applying foundation.

Pros like the following primers:

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Concealer camouflages darkness under the eyes and in the corners.  Such will right away illuminate your whole face and make you look well rested. Even if you forego foundation and any other makeup, you should use concealer in these areas.  It will make that much of a difference.

Always use a liquid concealer. A powder concealer is much too drying.

Pros recommend the following concealers:

Use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. It automatically brightens you.

Dot with your finger or brush in the inner corners of your eye and blend, blend, blend.  For under eye area, outline an upside down triangle and also, blend, blend, blend.

If you need more coverage, apply concealer over foundation. And, apply with a damp makeup sponge. It looks less heavy that way.

Other ways concealer can help you appear younger looking. To apply, dot with your finger or brush and blend, blend, blend:

  • apply it on crow’s feet and other fine lines.
  • make your lips look fuller by lining the outside of your lips with concealer.
  • hide acne scars and blemishes with a dab of concealer.
  • apply it on reddened areas around your nose and cheek.
  • use it to slim your face applying a shade lighter than your skin tone to your brow bones, cheekbones, bridge of your nose.


The older you get, the less foundation you need. Even medium coverage formulas settle into fine lines and often look too heavy and deprive middle-aged and older skin of radiance. Younger skin (30s and less) handles full matte coverage best.

Middle aged skin and older should use sheer foundations and those with dewy and/or luminous coverages.  They should also perfectly match your skin tone, too, if possible. Foundations that have gold tones neutralize redness and counteract gray complexions and make you appear even younger looking.

Anti-aging foundations re-hydrate your skin and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.  Here are some of the highest rated formulas:

To best apply foundation, use a damp makeup sponge or foundation brush (flat or domed).  It makes it look much smoother. Dab some foundation on the back of your hand and then place some on your brush or sponge and apply it to your face, starting from the middle, using downward strokes and work outward (upward will clog pores).

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When you’re done, use your fingers to press the foundation into your skin. Only oily skin needs a finishing dusting of powder.

Contour / Blush

A little bit of blush on the cheeks can brighten up your entire face and give you a pretty, healthy, youthful glow. Again, older skin needs cream or liquid products, never powder.  Make sure to use the right shade as the wrong shade can age you or make you look clownish. Avoid sparkly, shimmery tones, too. Warm rose and pink tones flatter most complexions. Peach shades go well with fair and medium complexions and coral shades go well with medium to dark complexions.

Here are some of the best cream and liquid blushes:

Apply cream or liquid blush with your fingers of a fiber brush (yes, you can apply cream or liquid blush with a brush).  Smile and then apply blush lightly to the apple of your cheeks and sparingly toward your hairline and blend. Avoid the area under your cheekbones.  You want your face to look fuller, not chiseled, as such will make it look older.


Young looking lips are plump and have color.  As you age, your lips lose volume, the outline diminishes, and your lip color fades into lines that develop around your mouth. If you can wear bright, bold colors, do so. The most becoming colors, however, is one shade deeper than your tone.

Some women assume they’re too old for glossy lips, yet such isn’t true.  Gloss actually adds dimension and softness, so women should absolutely wear gloss. Lipsticks that combine color and gloss will make their lips look younger and are ideal.

Pink, however, is the perfect lipstick shade to add brightness and a younger appearance. There are so many pink hues. Here is a basic guide:

  • Fair skin:  bright pink looks really nice on light skin.
  • Beige skin:  neutral rose tints compliment this skin tone.
  • Golden skin:  tulip shades liven up sun kissed skin.
  • Olive skin:  orange corals look go great with olive skin.
  • Dark skin: dark skin can make lips look even thinner.  Don’t be tempted to use deep purples or red shades. Choose magenta, raspberry, and purple-pinks.  Such colors will add volume.

Don’t hesitate to experiment and don’t be afraid to have an assortment of colors.  You can even combine shades and layer them on top of each other. Find what color suits you.  Before you apply, however, moisturize. Vaseline is very moisturizing, as are most lip balms. An excellent product is Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment.  It contains anti-aging ingredients to keep your lips looking young and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Here are some lipsticks that help your lips appear younger looking:

Tracing your lips with a clear lip liner can help keep your lip color from fading and feathering.  You can also outline your lips and give them definition with concealer. And, regularly exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin and encourage the growth of new skin.


Your eyebrows thin over time. Shaping them help you look refreshed. Straight, feathery, soft brows look more youthful than pointy extravagant ones. If you choose to fill in your brows, you don’t need to match your hair color, unless you have really blonde brows. You can go a few shades lighter than your hair.

Pencils work well. Avoid drawing severe lines as such looks fake. Take your time and don’t be concerned if you have difficulty at first.  It takes practice to master. To pinpoint a good starting point, place your brow pencil or applicator at the tip of your nose and go directly up. Such is where your brow should begin. Your brow should finish at the endpoint of your eye.

Here are brow products the pros liked:

How to Make Your Eyes Appear Younger Looking with Makeup

Since there is so much involved with your eyes, they received their own section.

As you age, wrinkles start to set in around your eyes. They are often called laugh lines and crow’s feet. You also start to get dark circles under your eyes, especially if you don’t get enough rest.  Of course, making sure you sleep at least six-eight hours each night would help, but many women simply don’t get that much rest.

Eye Creams

Eye creams were mentioned earlier, but they’re important enough to mention again. Your eye area needs moisture, even when you’re young and in your twenties don’t yet see any signs of aging.  Apply it in the morning, before you put on your makeup, and in the evening, after you wash off your makeup.

Here are some of the best:

You want to make your eyes look larger.  Larger looking eyes make you look more alert, brighter, and younger.


Apply eyeliner to the outer third part of the lower eyelid and smudge lightly to soften it out. When lining the eyelid, draw close to the lash as possible. You can even use eyeshadow to line. Use an eyeliner brush. Liquid eyeliners and gels work well, too. They make nice lines and last long, only you have to practice using them.

Some pros say black is the best color, while others say taupe or brown. Some experts say that older women shouldn’t line their bottom lids at all as it looks unnatural. Experiment and see what looks best on you, with your particular eye color. Remember that you want your eyes to look bright and big.

With regard to lid lining, some pros recommend lining them with brown eyeliner or a jewel tone (emerald, ruby, amethyst) to make your lashes look fuller.

Here are some eyeliners the pros agreed upon:


Neutral shades complimented aging eyelids.  Bold colors would make older women look too heavy and overdone.  If you wanted to look dressy for a special occasion, use a darker shade.

Matte shadows with a hint of shimmer would add brightness to the face. Neutral shades like gold, pewter, rose, and champagne are becoming.

Here are some excellent eyeshadows:

Dab a bit of shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.  It will make them look larger and more awake. Champagne shadow or a shiny shadow on the lids will then give your eyes “pop.”  Nude and brown shades are great anywhere.


Lashes get thinner as you get older, but you don’t need to thicken them.  Focus mostly on lengthening them. And, always use black mascara. It’s the most flattering. Check Out: Hypoallergenic Mascara

Here are some great mascaras:

Before using mascara, always curl your lashes and then apply mascara.  Stroke the wand as close to the lash line as possible and wiggle back and forth.  Apply two or three more coats, while your lashes are still wet. Apply to lower lashes, too.

Some experts believe older women shouldn’t apply mascara to their lower lashes as it looks unnatural.

Tips for Appearing Younger Looking

In addition to makeup, here are some other ways to appear younger looking:

  • Exercise regularly: both cardio and weight training keeps your heart, lungs, muscles, and bones healthy; helps you sleep better; and improves your overall health.
  • Wear a good fitting bra: a good fitting bra elevates your chest and slims your waist, both of which make you look younger. Some bras also smooth your back and sides, too. Get a fitting. Most women aren’t wearing the correct size.
  • Drink water: drinking eight-ten glasses of water flushes your body of bacteria and toxins, which prevents dull, wrinkled dry, blemished skin.
  • Get a new haistyle:  part your hair differently, especially if it’s thinning. Bangs can hide forehead wrinkles. Changing your hair color, too, or add highlights to brighten up your face.
  • Get a manicure: getting a manicure makes your hands look younger and also makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Quit smoking: if you currently smoke, quit. Nicotine inhibits blood vessels and restricts blood and oxygen flow to the skin, which damages elasticity.

makeup to look younger tutorial

  • Sunblock: the sun is the worst culprit when it comes to age.  Always try to select products that contain SFP, a sun protection factor that protects your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.
  • Moisturize:  Yes, this was mentioned preciously, but  it’s so important, it necessitates repeating. Exfoliating your skin removes oils, reduces blemishes and boosts collagen.
  • Whiten your teeth:  discolored teeth can age you. Brush with a whitening toothpaste or make your own toothpaste by combining baking soda and water on your toothbrush. Dentists also offer whitening procedures.
  • Cleanse: at the end of the and before you to sleep, always make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face.  Leaving on makeup and sleeping on it, can clog your pores and damage your skin. Follow-up with toner and moisturizer.
  • Smile: some experts say that smiling makes you look older.  Others say smiling brightens your face and makes you look younger. Choose the latter. A bright face looks younger, no matter how many wrinkles.

There’s no doubt that this advice works. Correctly applied makeup will make you appear younger looking, as will these additional suggestions. Multiple sources make the same suggestions and pros around the world reiterate the same techniques.

But, you also have to feel confident about yourself and know that you are worthy and beautiful to also appear younger looking. Have a good sense of humor and a passion for life. Maybe even a hobby. Do the things you like doing. When you are satisfied and happy, you will, as stated so many times, appear younger looking.

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